Will the Black Lives Matter Campaign Make a Difference?

Will the Black Lives Matter campaign make a difference?

Will the Black Lives Matter Campaign Make a Difference? 1

Hard to say but it seems like the truth genie is out of the bottle and will be staying out

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How different would the Black Lives Matter movement be if it had a President?

A2A......Candacey D has answered this quite eloquently and I agree with her wholeheartedly. Not much would change for the movement, per se, however the President would have cameras sitting in front of their homes 24/7, they would be forced to answer questions from Colin Kaepernick's silent protest, the 2016 election, and asked why Black people like fishtanks, BBQ, and playing Spades so damn much. (sarcasm...but we do like Spades and fishtanks is a "inside joke" **winks**)Liberals would flock to having this President at their events to show just how racist they are not . Conservatives would paint a huge target on their backs and make them responsible for failing schools, Lil' Leroy robbing the bank up the street, the Baltimore riots, Marxism, and global warming.This poor man/woman would not get a blink of sleep due to the lights of the media into their homes. Their personal life to their medical records and who they were dating would be fair game. Even more of a distraction, especially if they decide to date a Kardashian for goodness sakes.In fact, it would be such a distraction from the movement, that every time this person would speak, they would become the de facto voice of Black people in this country period. Since the media and many non-Black people treat BLM as if they are the voice of Black America instead of just #BlackLivesMatter, anything they say would be taken as an endorsement from all Black people. It would continue to marginalize and paint us all with the same brush. Forget ALL OF THE OTHER groups that help combat and challenge the ills within our community, INCLUDING "black on black crime". People only want to talk about how they believe that Black Lives Matter was built on a lie...Michael Brown did not have his hands up.... blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... .missing the point that the movement was not not about that case. It's about ALL THE CASES. But let's not get into that....right now.The leadership could possibly change hands many times due to people calling for them to resign over any possible gaffe they may make, because this person would have to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. No criminal record, five college degrees, and never even had a speeding ticket. Two parents, straight A's, and at least twenty witnesses that would swear to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that they were born in America and not some Godless Communist hell hole. Oh and you would better not have any overdue library books either.Many people had their minds made up already when they heard Black Lives Matter. Those that just do not think that Black lives matter, would not care if they had a president or not. They scream all lives matter when they do not mean that. What they mean is "All Ya will Get Lives" and "Quit your complaining!" The only lives that matter to people like this are their own. They do not have a cause but they sure do not like yours. Having a President would not make anyone that is against the movement give a damn. But having a President would surely distract from the movement and that would be a bad thing. It would not be all bad though. You would get on Jimmy Kimmel and the Daily Show a lot. Bill O'Reilly would be ranting about you every third day, just as the Bible states. And you would gain the enmity of Fox News forever. But then you would have Jesse Watters stalking your house and pissing in your rose garden. They would get invited to the coolest liberal Hollywood parties and everyone knows that the liberals are the best party people....It's all the homosexual, communist loving, America hating, drug and booze filled sex that goes on while we burn flags afterwards for shits and giggles...... and Satan. **rolls eyes**.

Will the Black Lives Matter Campaign Make a Difference? 2

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why is this Black Lives Matter movement having so much power? why it is not only being allowed but promoted by politicians worldwide?

Because they are black. The elites are working to destroy white people. Pro-black, anti-white causes do that

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