Will the Antenna From One Service Provider and the Set Top Box From Another Company Work Together?

yes you can use antenna for one service provider and STB from another service provider but you have to use LNB(low Noise Block) of same company whose STB is been used. STB is only required to decrypt the signal. Everything in STB setup is standard equipment.

Will the Antenna From One Service Provider and the Set Top Box From Another Company Work Together? 1

1. Why won't Yahoo update the Top Movies next to the Top Box Office page?

go to imdb.com for the top box office thing, that's a great site for anything movies, they update the weekend box office every sunday past 10:00 AM

2. How do I get Xbox Live to work through the Ethernet jack on my set top box?

I was going to tell you but I didnt like you nick name srry D:

Will the Antenna From One Service Provider and the Set Top Box From Another Company Work Together? 2

3. how do i get the full hd experience for a sony bravia?

To get an HD experience from your TV you need to feed it HD. So you need HD television for starters. To get that you need an HD antenna or a cable/satellite HD set top box. That will allow you to at least get HD channels. Even with basic programming, if you have an HD box, you get the major networks in HD (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc.). Just remember that they have HD and SD channels. So say right now Fox is channel 28 for you, HD Fox is a completely different channel, like maybe 208. With broadcast television you will get 720p and 1080i signals primarily. The Dish Network claims it now has 1080p movies, but I kind of question how real that is (the fine print vanishes pretty quick in the commercial). Next, for movies, you need an device to up-convert DVDs for you. You can get a regular DVD player with up-conversion abilities (it will have an HDMI port) - also called "Up Converting DVD player." Or you can get a BluRay player (all BluRay players are also up-converting DVD players). With the BluRay player you happen to also get access to BluRay discs then. BluRay is realistically where you will find 1080p sources. This is when you TV will say "1080p" on the screen. But not all BluRay discs are 1080p. So again, do not get panicked if you get one that says something else. To maximize image quality yes you need an HDMI cable. But DO NOT pay a lot of money for one. Loads of consumer groups have shown that the cheap cables work 100% as well as the expensive ones. $10-15 should cover you. Look to computer stores first, as they often have no-name brand options (some of the big box stores try to push name brand cables). You can also look online at places like amazon.com, monoprice.com, bluejeanscable.com, newegg.com, or tigerdirect.com.

4. Optional set-top box required for high-definition cable or satellite programming?

it is an optional box the cable/satellite company will give you when you sign up for the HD channel package. (just cause you have an HDTV, does not mean you can watch tv in HD...you have to pay for the HD signal from the cable/satellite company).

5. How do I unblock my IPTV Set Top Box?

Call your provider. Pretty self-explanatory.

6. Which TV tuner for laptop with Comcast Digital Set Top Box?

try hdmi

7. Connecting multiple systems (TV/Media Player/Set Top Box etc) to a home theater -?

I have a simple remedy for this. See the pic below you will have an idea. Just buy a connector in as mentioned below: Connect the TV's AV out to this as input and the output to your home theatre. But you can play only one at a time.

8. I am having a really hard time getting all the way on top of the box in my pointes?

You may have to break in your pointe shoes a bit more. If you continue to have problems with the pointe shoes, then maybe you should consider a different brand. Good beginner shoes are sonata blochs and chacotts. I would also recommend doing theraband exercises to strengthen your ankles. Maybe you should ask your teacher about how to break in your shoes and how to get up, they always have valuable information that they can share with you

9. Why doesn't Yahoo! make a set top box?

The world of consumer electronics is littered with failed set-top boxes or digital media receivers (HP, Logitech, and many others), even from companies that do consumer boxes for a living. Yahoo never made a consumer product. They need logistics for design, testing, support, manufacturing, distribution, and retail sales

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