Will Black Hair Dye Over Green?

Will Black Hair Dye Over Green? 1

I know someone who dyed their hair blue. It was neon blue. He tried to cover it with black, you can still see the blue, especially in the sun. I am thinking it's going to have the same effect. It probably depends on how bright the green is though. But based on that, I would say you would still be able to see the green. I would just cut the green off if I were you

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bleaching natural black hair?

Seriouslyyyy, I would get my money back too! Salons are suppose to be educated enough to never bleach dark hair! Going from 2 ends of the spectrum in never going to happen in one visit. You should of dyed your hair once a month & kept going maybe one to two shades lighter till your preferable shade. Do not buy black hair dye unless you know for sure you want black hair for a long, long time. I've always done dark brown hair dye but after a month & a half it starts washing out returning to my natural color. But about to 2 months ago I box-dyed it black. & it seriously has never faded or changed since. It's good for me, but bad for a person how ends up hating the color on themselves. If you are really stuck on being a blonde one day. I learned a little trick. If the inside of your wrist is pink, you can look decent with golden/ash blonde. If it's yellow tinted, an icy blonde would look better. [: But I say stick with the darker shades. They are more in

Will Black Hair Dye Over Green? 2

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Is black hair considered "brunette," or in a category of its own?

Im thinking black hair because black hair is considered its own thing when u ask ppl what color hair they have they dont say brunette they would say black

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if I have black hair, does it matter or not if I wear a black hat?


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How come Michael Jackson's daughter is white even though he is black?

They are actually pretty tan, and if you look at blanket he has black hair. My best friend is Jamaican & Austrian but she looks more white than anything so I guess it just depends. His kid's mother, Debbie Rowe, was white so I guess that's where they got their skin color from :p Cute kids though, I was crying when Paris spoke at the memorial.

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Iu2019m going to a formal event soon and I need a dress. What color would suit me if I have black hair and black eyes, with light brown skin?

Based on your description, I will recommend clean white dress. It gives contrast to your skin color. Also you might want to decorate your hair with white accessories. The contrast of the colors will complement each other. That's about the colors, but you might want to consider the designs too.I hope it helps you and good luck for the event.I'm going to a formal event soon and I need a dress. What color would suit me if I have black hair and black eyes, with light brown skin?

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Why can't they make black hair dye that looks natural?

i wish i knew! i love black hair -- but if you use a dye to achieve it, it just looks like flat shoe polish. awful. I use Garnier Dark Brown

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Is Black Hair In Style?

I never knew there was a hair color style. People die there hair whatever color they want and whenever they want. Look at christina, shes been blond forever. . . im sure its only cuz she likes it that way. If you look good with black hair and you like it then YES its in style. lol

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what is better for black hair?

well if u get ur hair relaxed ur still going to have to flat iron it...but wen u get it relaxed u don;t have to worry about ur roots getting nappy or sticking up...i suggest a relaxer...but if get a relaxer make sure u get it ever 6 weeks or wlse it would break off if u get it every 2 weeks or so.

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