Who Knows How to Raise Koi Fry?

Who knows how to raise koi fry?

Who Knows How to Raise Koi Fry? 1

i suggest going to a pet store and buying frozen brine shrimp. petsmart has them. A frys stomach cant really digest the koi food properly ,they need higher protein as babys. Live plants such as egeria densa or other pond varieties will also keep them healthier. Also a 5 gallon bucket just isnt going to cut it. they need space to grow. In a small bucket they will just stunt or die. Swish the shrimp in water before feeding to defrost.

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Can Plecos be put into ponds with Koi?

yes, as long as the temperature is stable. for winter, keep a heater in there

Who Knows How to Raise Koi Fry? 2

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What kind of lights do you use for koi to keep their color?

each and every Goldfish desires 10 Gallons, each and every added Goldfish desires 20 Gallons. Dojo Loaches, Minnows, Pond Snails, Cory Cats, Hillstream Loach, Rubbernose/Rubberlip Pleco, Bristlenose Pleco

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What does my koi fish dream mean?

Fish in general are great symbols of abundance and prosperity, but a Koi is especially a symbol of lucky and abundance. In the dream, you keep casting it out to catch a bigger one. Perhaps in waking life you need to stop and think more about how lucky you and to be grateful for what you have. Stop and smell the roses. What was inside its head when you looked?

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What to do about Koi?

koi need much more space than goldfish they grow up to 4 feet in lenght,they need to be in ponds or giant tanks

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How do I care for my koi fish?

first buy a filter second do partial water changes used a settled water for couple of days. kOi keeper & goldfish keeper

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When do I stop feeding my Koy?

when they get fat u should stop feeding them

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I need help concerning a koi that has laid eggs!?

Congratulations Raina! I do not know a lot about fry but I can help clear up the mystery of what type of fish you have. Look at the corners of her mouth-if she's a Koi there will be long whiskers called barbels clearly showing, one each side. Goldfish also have barbels but are less well developed & only show as small bumps-not really noticeable unless you know what to look for.

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what is the key elements in taking care of a koi pond?

A good filter Most people use a combination of mechanical and biological filters, you can built them yourself (which is cheaper but you have a lot of work on it) or buy them as large plastic containers You need at least 3 filter chambers, but the more, the better Some examples of filter chambers: -Brushes -(Japanese) mats -Moving bed -Sieve screen These are the ones we are gonna use in our filter chambers (idk in which order, my dad is the koi expert here :) ) Also, a koi pond should be 1.80-2.00 meters deep, especially when you live in a colder region where it freezes during the winter to prevent that the water cools off too much, and the koi rest on the bottom during the winter (when its less than 10°C, they wo not eat anymore and have a wintersleep/rest) There are many other things you should know before building the pond Like every koi needs at least 2.000 liters (about 530 gallon) because, just like goldfish, they produce a lot of waste and also grow very big We have a 15.000 gallon pond (10.000 in the pond, 5.000 in the filter chambers and plant filter) and have 25 koi in it The costs of building a koi pond are véry high. We've built a new one last year (upgraded from 3.500 to 15.000 gallon) and it has costed over 12.000€ (15.500$) already and its not finished yet, we made a guess that when its finished, it would have costed between 15.000€ and 20.000€ (20.000$ - 25.000$) and we made almost everything on our own, if you are not that handy and have to hire people, it will cost much more of course I would advice you to go to koi events, all well-known stores of koi pond stuff (like material for the filter chambers, pumps, .) are there, ask for information there (and enjoy the many beautiful koi there.) And sign up onto a koi forum, they can help you with all your questions there, there also usually is a 'pond blog' where every user thats building a pond can update on what he has done that day/week, you can get many tips from there on how to lay all the pipes and so

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