Which Color of This Dress Should I Get?

Which color of this dress should I get?

Which Color of This Dress Should I Get? 1

I think you should go for a black dress, keep it simple, especially if you are going with those shoes. Maybe wear a contrasting belt around your waist or maybe a cardigan or smart blazer. Keep all accessories to a minimum, you could get something that matches the shoes. If you really do not want to go for the black, go for the dark blue maybe? Hope I helped in someway! :)

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What color dress should I get?

Both colors would like very chic and minimalistic on you, you just need to accent in different ways. White- I suggest using sliver as you other color. Sliver heels, sliver eye shadow, sliver clutch etc. White would also create a very nice contrast with your hair if lift down, or if it was pulled into one of those chic ponytails all slimmed back and straight :) Black- I would accent using red, it creates a very dramatic effect. Black could also bring out other shades in your hair, since alot of people I have seen with black hair have like purple or blue undertones. Plum would also be a good accent color. For a black dress I would suggest a smokey eye using greys, blacks, and slivers.

Which Color of This Dress Should I Get? 2

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Makeup Ideas for Black Dress?

I think that a white eye shadow or silver smokey eye would look great. A little bit of blush and a red lipstick with a nice gloss would defiantly be a nice bright touch and would be great with a light skin tone. I would also do thick eye liner with a bit of a wing at the end.

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Simple Halloween costume for a teenage girl?

A dead angel,simpss;) just need a black dress, black tights or socks and some wings you can get from clairs accessories,then batter it kinda(:xx

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I'm going to a party what do I wear?

if you have a black dress, you could find a gold waist belt girls always look good in those,

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Should I wear black at a wedding?

It does not matter much what the guests wear to a wedding. I have worn a black dress with a colorful scarf. There is no reason that black would be inappropriate. In some cultures this is actually the custom to wear black to a wedding and white to a funeral. Do not allow others to tell you what is or what is not OK to wear, I have seen people in blue jeans at a wedding for Pete's sake. If you know the bride or at least her colors, try to use something that compliments her colors. It would be more inappropriate to wear a bright red or something loud to a funeral. Rule of thumb, just never wear anything that would outshine the bride. Remember younger people are not the prudes that older generations were about this.

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Torn Between ???

Congrats on your wedding. I would not pair a black dress with anything that's too dark or the overall effect will be a little too gothy. Rather, I would pick a lighter color or combo of colors to create contrast with the dresses. You could even go so far as to throw some white in. The more you contrast against the black dress, the better it will look in your wedding photos as well.

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A semi-formal goth dress that will look right on a black chick?

black girl with a black dress you may blend in to the blackground. I found white is a nice contrast on dark skinned girls. at least I am assuming you are a girl..

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What would i wear with this?

the possiblities are endless. you could wear a black dress any solid color dress, black shoes (never wear white shoes with it) , any color pencil skrt, with a white top and coordinating shoes, ok, lets say a turqouise pencil skirt white button down, and turquoise and black shoes and a yellow clutch. :o)

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i have an even to go to this friday it says attire cocktail...what exactly is that?

You can never go wrong with a black dress and heels

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Black dress to a wedding?

Very cute and since it's not all black, I would wear it to a wedding

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Silver heels with a black dress?

Yes, they will look great

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