What Is Your Favorite Search Engine?

What is your favorite search engine?

What Is Your Favorite Search Engine? 1

My favorite search engine is Google

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How can I join the KAS exams, in Bangalore, what is the proceedure to be followed, which is best KAS coaching?

very confusing issue. query with search engines like google. it may help!

What Is Your Favorite Search Engine? 2

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Best internet search engine and why?

you mean browser.The best browser is google chrome. It is really fast and has lots of themes and apps such as angry birds an cut the rope

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How do you delete a search engine?

In Internet Explorer 7 or 8: Select Tools > Manage Add-Ons Click the name of the unwanted toolbar Click disable. on the next browser restart it will not be there annoying you anymore. If you cannot find it there, select the tab on the left entitled "search providers" then select and "remove" the unwanted search provider. Firefox and other browsers will likely have a very similar add-on interface so following the same instructions should get the desired result.

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Why is yahoo my default search engine?

Hey guys not sure if this is still an issue, but if you have a Mac its quite simple to switch back. Go to Safari>Preferences>Extensions>Search tech>Default

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What are some suggestions and feedbacks about my website www.giftfinder.in?

So…I looked at your page. It appears to be a Shopify page. 1. your product descriptions need to be more detailed . 1 sentence is not enough to garnish search engine attention. 2. I examined the page source, or what search engines "see" your description in the meta tags reads "List of gift finder for men. " That needs to be longer and more descriptive. I would recommend an outside webpage which has better descriptions of your products and more photo's which when clicked on take you to the Shopify sales page. Or a notice to click the image for more information on each product. people often times need to be told what to do. For instance Peora Silver Plated Metal Solitaire Couple Ring for Men and Women Love Gift for Valentine "Please Click photo for more detailed information". I also would list your prices in different currencies, the world can be your market. But only when it's easy ;) . Hope I've been helpful-Gary.

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What's the difference between search engine and SEO?

search engine is the engine the search results (web sites) appear on, example, search Google for Manhattan internet marketing, and the first one that comes up is advernation.com , seo is the search engine optimization done to the web site in question (advernation.com)

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how to covert webpage content to fresh content that search engines can read?

search engines will filter out duplicate content. In the case that duplicate content is found, the site with the highest page rank and most accountability will be the one that gains any benefit from it - which is usually the site not being a content thief... To make your content fresh, write it yourself or hire a copywriter.

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How do I index a website in a search engine?

Add your URL - Submit your website for inclusion in Google's index.App crawling - Get your app indexed by Google.Search Console - Submit a Sitemap of your website to Google. Structured data - Label your structured content to help users find pages relevant to their search

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Are 4 gear cars better then 5?

complex step. try searching in search engines like google. just that could help!

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how much can i sell this drum set?

extremely tough issue check out with search engines like google that will may help

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Is there a competitor to Google's search engine?

Microsoft's Bing is a decent second best. Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and others use Bing results with some additions or modifications.Yippy is interesting because it clusters results.Gigablast has a smaller index, but has the interesting property of being independent of Google or Bing. It formerly clustered results, but no more.Various other sites are still up: Dogpile, Lycos, Ask, Refseek, etc. etc. Some of them used to have their own algorithms which surfaced different results from Google or Bing, but I doubt any of them do that any more. I doubt that any of them are doing anything interesting. But I have not tested them systematically

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What are some theory problems in Information Retrieval and Search Engines which are not yet solved or can be bettered?

Speed RelevenceThese are two big problems that search engines have. Relivence is easy to explane. The search Engine is not a Neuro Interface yet, but it could be, there is your awnser, if a search engine such as google was operated by neuro-interface, with the write programing and the web cam to read the enviroment the search engine could bring back much more relivent results instead of 500 results of nonsense for the next spider.Speed ou type the querry in, goes wizzing of across thosands of miles of fiber optic and possably up to satilites on its journey. Finaly it arives at Google Data Center, one of the largest Computer clusters in the world and a very secret location. that querry is sent around all those computers and when it comes out the other side it has gotten a bit larger because it now has the response to your origonal search term, and so it starts its return journey across thosands of miles of fiber optic, coper and those two satilites. Than you get your results. Now this only takes a between 3 seconds to 2 miniutes your but while your waiting it is chuging your bandwidth and up your broadband bill. Wouldent it be faster to lay a global network of Fiber optic cable with repeaters ? Than Broadband would run at close to the speed of light.Thats my take on the Speed part of the Question.

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