What Is Difference Between Red,yellow and Green Apples?

color, and sometimes sweetness...ex: granny smiths are kind of bitter and best for pies, while red delicious are sweet and great for munching

What Is Difference Between Red,yellow and Green Apples? 1

1. Dont you think that red, yellow and black are ugly wedding colors? Red bridesmaid dresses and yellow flowers!?

Unless it was chosen for cultural reasons ...GOD YES those colors are ugly LoL

2. red or yellow card soccer/football?

Being a referee myself, I would have given a yellow card, only because the kids are young and although the tackle was careless, it did not seem to have any malicious intent. The kid came in and tried to get the ball, it is not like he was coming from behind and obviously purposely clipped the kid to stop him from scoring. In a FIFA match, it probably would have been a red card, as a grown man would know the rules better and would be stopping a player from an obvious goal scoring opportunity.

What Is Difference Between Red,yellow and Green Apples? 2

3. what are the differences between red, yellow and green curry paste?

They are different colours

4. How many calories in chicken breast fajitas with green,red,and yellow peppers and onions?

This is a site that I use to track calories, it's not 100% accurate but it is a very helpful guide. You can also scan or put in the bar code off of products and it will tell you the information per serving. Hope this helps.

5. gba link cable pokemon red to yellow?

yes it can. In firered/leafgreen, you need to get the sapphire and ruby (seriously) on two of the islands. There is also a Gba/GBC cable that would work fine

6. If a ps3 is plugged into a television with just the standard cable (Red,Yellow,White) can it be viewed in hd?

You need an HDMI or r/g/b component cable to pass an HD signal. You are right

7. Are red and yellow potatoes of the same species?

No they are not.How To Pick a PotatoThere is a lot of confusion over potatoes. With hundreds of varieties available to growers and dozens if you shop at a farmers' market, you might feel like you need a cheat sheet to navigate your way through which varieties are best for which dish.Yesterday I started us on a potato journey with a post about how to select the right kind of potato. Today I am going to show you the loot I picked up from the farmers' market last week: sixteen varieties of potatoes. Some are common varieties and available from farmers in many potato-growing regions. Others are rare varieties. Take it as a loose guide, and a colorful tour of the spuds of the NYC area. Remember that potatoes fall into three basic categories: starchy, waxy, and those in-between which are referred to as all-purpose.Starchy potatoes are great for baking and frying. Because of their starch, they do not hold together very well when cooked, but they are are fluffy and absorbent, perfect for butter on a baked potato or the oil in a fryer. They are decent mashed, but care must be taken not to over work them, else you will have a gluey mess.Waxy potatoes have a smoother, more waxy texture so they hold their shape while cooking. They work well in dishes like soups, stews, potato salad and scalloped potatoes where you would need to boil, slice, or roast. All-purpose potatoes have a less starch than starchy potatoes, but not so much that they completely fall apart when cooked. They will work for most potato dishes.A note on potato safety: avoid potatoes with a green-tint to the skin. These have been exposed to too much light and have developed the toxin 'solanine' which can cause some nasty conditions like cramping, headaches, diarrhea, and fever. Such a potato also will have a bitter flavor.Potato Types - YouTubePersonal choice may affect results and create unhealthy environment.Are red and yellow potatoes of the same species?.

8. Why should you not use blue, red, or yellow ink in paper chromatography?

Paper chromatography could artwork to boot as common chromatography. except you are doing length exclusion chromatography the compounds separate in line with their polarity no longer their molecular weight

9. I own a 2003 red accord coupe. I am looking to paint the calipers. Should I go with red or yellow?

do yellow, then put a yellow strip down the side and write iron man on the trunk, sweet

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