What Is a Black and White Milkshake?

Get it right,,,,,it s Chocolate and vanilla ice cream in one shake thick thick is more icecream less milk

What Is a Black and White Milkshake? 1

1. Should you NOT wear black and white to a wedding?

Solid white is a no. Black & white prints/designs are fine White blouse black pants/skirt is fine-black or color accesories Black dress/skirt /pants & white jacket-pushing it unless the jacket has black detailing.Wear black or colored accesories. Black jacket/top/blouse & white skirt/pants-fine just make sure your accesories are black or a color Black dress with white collar and cuffs-fine. Okay?

2. Black and white model photography?

It rubs the lotion on it's skin, or else it get the hose again

What Is a Black and White Milkshake? 2

3. In regards to religion, is everything "black-and-white".....?

it's gray! dismal and gloomy

4. Make a very "white” black and white picture?

These are sometimes called "high key" black and white images. The look starts in the camera by exposing for the foreground subject, but with a much brighter background, post processing can help the effect. For a quality result, you can not really do this with any image. You have to start with a suitable image. There are lots of photography tutorials and tips out there for high key work. If you google "high key photography" it will get you started

5. If black people are black, are they not white?

No, unless they are.

6. are black and white colors?

My art teacher says theyre not... But i think thats a load of ****...Ofcourse theyre colours. Both are my favourite COLOURS

7. Question for biracial (black/white) girls?

maximum biracial ladies finally end up with Black adult males. I each and every now and then see them with White adult males and have yet to work out them with biracial adult males. and that they "look proper" with whoever makes them happiest. ..that's a extraordinary question.

8. Is ok to wear a black and white dress to a wedding?

Sound fine if you are going to an American wedding. Hindu weddings say women cannot wear white or black

9. What color goes with black & white damask?

My boss just did her beach house in black and white and she had the assistance of a decorator who suggested a pale yellow

10. atheists are black and white thinkers?

Thats not true at all, im not even gonna go into explaining it


well first make sure your hair is ini the best condition possible. like say if your doing it this time next week i would recommend no heat tools and wash your hair with shampoos and conditioner that promise it to be soft and silky, like head and shoulders. i always use it after i bleach mine nad my hair well stay soft. for the bleaaching part its the same thing as dye. since its black you can go white all in two to three trys at first or take it slow to not be damaging, or just do it 40v twice in a week and itll be mostly white blonde then you use manic panics virgin snow to tone it to white

12. Abortion in Black and White?

I agree with you. If someone has a few minutes to read and then a few minutes to think, the whole thing is logical. (If someone supposes he or she is logical, rational person, then should try to think that way in all cases.) My opinion is that human beings are continuously developing beings from conception. There is a process of their development, and the DNA in each of their cells as an unchanged basic plan means unity throughout the process. Because of DNA - and this DNA-directed process - a human being is a human being, and because of DNA a human being is essentially the same human being in every period of his or her development (the same being with the same DNA, the same plan, the same process). She or he is the same human being a few days after conception, a few weeks after conception, a few months after conception, a few years after conception. I think that neither actual consciousness, nor actual intellectual ability decides if someone is a human being or not. When someone is asleep, then he or she is not conscious, and has no intellectual capacity, either. Unborn children should be seen as human beings being asleep, who wake up after their births. (Otherways they are most of the time really asleep in the womb.) But in their first weeks after conception, in the very first period of their development they absolutely should be seen like this, no matter what they actually do or have. Other examples like war or capital punishment are about different cases. Criminals or agressors are victims in them, not innocent babies. And one small correction for you: 'Homo sapiens' is the right way, how the Latin form of the name of human specie should be written.

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