What Can Smart Parking Cloud Platform Bring Us

From the perspective of competent government departments, the problem of difficult parking focuses on many management departments, diverse property ownership, concentrated travel of citizens, normal traffic congestion and serious environmental pollution. From the perspective of citizens and car owners, parking resources are difficult to find and seriously parked. From the perspective of owners and suppliers, it is difficult for them to survive alone.

Where is the way out? Administrative support will guide the market to form a multi-party joint, coordinated development and problem-solving model. Parking has the attribute of public welfare, but most of the parking resources belong to various market subjects. It is social resources rather than administrative resources, which is difficult to monopolize. Therefore, co construction, sharing and win-win are not only our slogan, but also our code of conduct. Under the guidance of the competent department of the industry, work together with various market subjects to provide good services to the citizens and open up development space for the urban parking industry.

Policy guidance to promote the construction of smart parking cloud platform

In order to solve the parking problem in Shenzhen, the government issued a series of documents, including the 2017 government investment project plan of Shenzhen issued in 2017, the notice of the national development and Reform Commission on carrying out the pilot demonstration of urban parking lot issued in March 2017, the implementation opinions of Shenzhen on strengthening the construction of parking facilities issued in September 2017, and January 2018 The 201 year implementation plan for the construction of Shenzhen smart city, the special plan for the construction of parking facilities in Shenzhen was issued in June 2018, and the "six ones" implementation plan for the new smart city in Shenzhen was issued in September 2018.

According to the above requirements, the smart parking cloud platform has four tasks as a whole: the first is the construction project of smart parking cloud platform (phase I); the second is the construction of relevant standards; the third is supporting the operation transformation of three parking lots (influential in Shenzhen: North railway station, Shenzhen Airport and laboratory building); the fourth is the construction of cloud platform management center.

The construction of cloud platform involves a wide range of aspects, and basically mobilized the strength of the whole industry in Shenzhen. From government departments to relevant market subjects, including parking technology enterprises and industry associations, they are deeply involved in the construction process of cloud platform and played a positive role. Through joint efforts and multi-party cooperation, the goal is to serve the citizens, relevant government departments and participants Provide high-quality service.

All-round intelligent service platform

Smart service platform includes large screen display system, mobile app, management background and website.

In the large screen display system, at present, the data displayed in the whole system includes the static data of 11224 parking lots in the city. In addition, with the support of the traffic police and Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, the dynamic data of 4621 parking lots and 476 on-road parking sections have been obtained. Through sharing and cooperation with social market subjects, the transfer payment of more than 800 parking lots has been obtained, and the total amount of data per day exceeds 8 million Article.

In mobile phone mobile phone official account (APP) and public address, the main functions of mobile APP include search of destination, intelligent car park and navigation. It can be achieved through our APP, and the perfect service is our goal.

In the management background, it provides a more comprehensive system management function. The management background opens some applications, provides special services for relevant government departments through the management background, and some external services.

Relying on new technology to create a new world of intelligent parking

The orientation and thinking of developing parking industry has a core goal, to create a service window for Shenzhen parking industry, to provide an open and shared platform through co construction, sharing and win-win, to directly control resources, make good use of government funds and strengthen their own capabilities. The medium-term meeting will coordinate the use of government resources, join the platform, attract external funds and introduce advanced technology. Far away We should attract social resources, leverage social capital, intervene in this work in various ways and incubate the power of innovation. This is a phased planning.

Advantages of service cooperation mode: less damage to the current situation, fast construction speed, more resources, high service standards, wide user selection, strong collaboration ability, more flexible cooperation and less market competition.

Recently, under the leadership of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Children's hospital has been taken as a pilot to build an appointment parking service platform for the hospital. This platform has also mobilized the strength of health and Family Planning Commission, special zone construction and development group, children's Hospital, health 160 and Jieshun technology. Coupled with the leadership of Traffic Police Bureau, the six parties have jointly promoted it and made progress smoothly. Contact the second municipal hospital and Peking University Hospital, We are ready to start their hospital appointment, welcome enterprises in the industry to join us, and sincerely invite them to join us to participate in this work.

In the medium term, we plan to promote the reserved parking service on the basis of hospital reservation, and carry out parking space sharing and peak shifting parking. We also have some other ideas, including senseless payment, electronic coupons, government entrusted project work, government consultation and the management of some resources, which are gradually being realized.

As a vision, we hope to grasp the general trend of technology development, rely on blockchain technology and 5g technology, provide a pilot platform for the implementation of new technologies in the parking industry, and create a new world for the cause of intelligent parking.

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