The Myth of the Ice Cream

Instructions: Arrange the ice cream sticks on a solid base and see that they are aligned properly and are along the same horizontal axis. Now tape them together. Now paint this coaster. You can even draw a figurine and paint using fabric colors as these are waterproof. Your coasters are ready.

The Myth of the Ice Cream 1

whats your favorite ice cream?

Vannilla flavour is good

What is your favorite flavored ice-cream?

Mint Chocolate at the moment. Some kind of alcohol-infused ice cream would be good...

The Myth of the Ice Cream 2

What kind of ice cream is Ben and Jerry's "Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road"?

I think it's called "the hershey highway" if it has anything to do with Elton John. Hope this helps

What is your favorite ice cream that you like to get from coldstone?

I like my ice cream the same way I like my women... chocolate. Actually, I hate chocolate ice cream, I like cookies and cream.

What in the name of jumpin Jesus was i at buying a tub of ice cream?

Wrap your own damn presents...I've been wrapping all evening and I have no Christmas spirit left! How do I wrap a 50" plasma?

Where can I find really good ice cream in Jakarta?

You know what? You need to go to Singapore and try their "Turkish" Ice Cream. SO GOOD!

most popular ice cream question?

not if its cheap

What is the oddest ice cream flavour that exists?

There was this one flavor I saw on t.v. once where this resturant took avacados and blended it with something else. So think about that. Avacado Icecream. Sounds Gross

Ice cream containers for a water dish for a dog?

Just use the your own cereal bowls. :) Put a bit of duct tape on them that says "DOG" in big letters so you accidentally do not use it. If you are really repulsed by letting the dogs use it, just wash it in the dishwasher 2 times or just let him keep them.

Which is your favorite ice cream, junk food and dessert?

Favorite Ice cream...Breyer's Chocolate Chip Junk Food...Nachos Dessert...Homemade Apple Pie

In the movie Cars, when Mater ate that pistachio ice cream why didnt he like it?

Yes it was pistachio ice cream. The reason Mater threw up was because he is allergic to nuts. If you pay very close attention to the first scene in the movie it shows Mater and Lightning McQueen falling off a bridge and Mater whispers "McQueen i have to tell you a secret. I am a psychic and I am allergic to nuts. " McQueen says "What!?" and Mater says "I am allergic to nuts!" 10 points please

What can my daughter have for a dessert for her 13th b-day party? She hates cake or ice cream or chocolate.?

Twinkies w/ strawberry sauce

What type of water is best to use for homemade ice cream?

Usually, water is used in sorbets, not ice creams. ice creams are generally dairy based. as for the water, i personally would suggest fresh water because you can control the sodium levels more accurately, where as with salt water, the flavor of the salt would be strong. i responded earlier, and have been thinking about your question for a few hours. if you are not going for flavor, or quality, im wondering if salt water would not be better. salt brings the temperature lower, and at a fairly rapid pace. for example, the 2nd fastest way to chill beer thoroughly is to put it in ice that has salt sprinkled on it.(the fastest is a fire extinguisher). and when making pasta, you put salt in the water when it is boiling, and it brings it down to a simmer.

Do any ice cream parlors in the greater los angeles area serve non-dairy or soy ice cream? Valley preferred.?

There's Scoops ice cream parlor, but it's not in the Valley. It's on Heliotrope Dr in L.A., just north of Melrose and between Vermont and the 101. Mashti Malone's makes traditional American ice creams, as well as Persian ice creams. They make a non-dairy rosewater ice cream. I have not tasted theirs, but I've had Persian rosewater ice cream before, and it's heavenly. Mashti Malone's is on La Brea, just north of Sunset Bl. Again, not in the Valley, but this is what I did find. There are two stores on Foothill in Tujunga... a Von's and an Albertson's. Both sell Turtle Mountain non-dairy ice cream. I just now read that my own grocery store carries it. OMG, I WANT IT! Hope this helps.

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