Straight Guy, but Turned on by Muscles?

I think it's called macrophillia. Sounds like you are bisexual with a preference for women, and a size fetish. It's up to you if you want to keep identifying yourself as heterosexual though... if you feel more comfortable that way. by furry things... do you mean people dressed as animals? or do you mean some hairy body part on men? Furries are people who have a fetish for dressing as animals and having sex.

Straight Guy, but Turned on by Muscles? 1

1. From stick straight to wavy?

hot iron and curl activator by TREsemme will get u the look u want with a professional touch. finish with a spray to hold the curls in place

2. curly to straight to curly again (hair)..??

i have curly-ish hair so i just put some curl-activating spray/creme into my hair after i wash it and then let it dry naturally (like no blow drying)....usually i go to bed when its still damp and then in the morning my hair is fairly curly...if i dont want it really super curly i will take my straightener and just straighten bits and pieces of my hair. ...............that way its not curly but its not straight. i think these might be the soft curls your looking for? hope i helped!!

Straight Guy, but Turned on by Muscles? 2

3. Gay, Lesbian, and Straight songs?

whitney houston and I will always love you janet jackson again they say she in the first line but in refrence to a friend.

4. Is it possible for straight guys to.....?

Of course it's possible to be straight and like all that. What you watch on tv has nothing to do with your sexuality

5. who are the Torres Straight Islanders?

They are the people from Torres Strait Islands. I know some of theme who live in West Australia. Beautiful people

6. Why can't straight men have close friendships? (...from a straight male)?

Wow a man that thinks that way =] Anyway,i agree with you i mean women have very close relationships but it does not mean we are lesbian,and if someone says we are? then who cares,their judging a book by it's cover. I think men should be alble to put aside their fears and go and hug their male friend,have a coffee together and talk about life. What is so bad about that?. =S

7. How to make hair perfectly straight?

You could try using a perm instead of a relaxer as it's less harsh, just comb your hair straight while it's on instead of using perming rods. Try it on a small strand of hair first to see if it makes any difference at all (bear in mind that you might need to leave it on for longer than it says on the box, but be careful) and to make sure you are not allergic. It might straighten your hair a little and together with a flat iron there's a chance that you will get the effect you are after:).

8. Is anyone else just happy to be straight?

I am happy too! I love being a straight woman

9. i have trouble driving straight on the road and following the tracks, what is a way to drive straight ??

run with 10 km/h... sure u can drve straight

10. In love witth my straight friend?

from the way this sounds i would give him the letter, you have nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain... good luck ;-)

11. Is it OK to drink Vodka straight?

why you wanted to drink while you are working anyway? sound not very Professional, But if you like to drink vodka without a smell. Mix it with cranberry juice, taste nice and no smell

12. my pinky is not straight help!!?

Go to a local store and get a finger brace. They are straight and typically have Velcro to hold them tight. You simple slip your finger into it and tighten it. Do not use it in the shower but DO were it while sleeping and doing activities that you would use your pinkie for. NOTE: if you cant afford a brace or cant find one then you can use two Popsicle sticks and tape to keep it "prone" and possibly straighten it back out. Hope this helps!

13. Is all of BTS gay or straight?

None of the member is gay. As if u are talking about ships like Namjin,Taekook or Vmin.They are not real.They are only ships that the army ships because of their closeness.Armys ship them as friends. so to the answer of ur question "None of the bts members are gay".

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