Sensors Will Clear the Four Obstacles on the Road to Intelligent Transportation!

Nowadays, traffic congestion, traffic pollution, traffic violations and frequent traffic accidents have become the bottlenecks hindering the further development of the city. The transportation department urgently needs a more advanced and intelligent data analysis means to conduct efficient and real-time analysis of the massive data in the transportation industry, provide real-time and accurate traffic information services for travelers, provide reference for the traffic management department to quickly deal with emergencies and traffic violations.

The construction of intelligent transportation is a socialized system engineering, involving all aspects. Among them, intelligent transportation system is a real-time, accurate and efficient comprehensive transportation management system that effectively integrates advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology into the whole ground traffic management system.

In the whole intelligent transportation system, sensors, like human facial features, play an irreplaceable and important role, and are widely used in various fields of transportation. For example, the sensor network composed of wireless sensors has excellent characteristics, which can provide an effective means for information collection of intelligent transportation system, and can detect vehicles in all directions at the intersection, improve simplification, improve signal control algorithm and improve traffic efficiency according to the monitoring results. In addition, wireless sensor networks can also be applied to the control subsystem and guidance subsystem in the implementation subsystem, such as improving the signal controller to realize the bus priority function of intelligent transportation system; The position sensor can help to achieve energy saving, emission reduction and other functions.

Looking at China's transportation status and future demand, fuel efficiency, emission regulations, production efficiency and regional infrastructure will become the four driving forces of China's intelligent transportation industry, and sensors will also play an important role in these four fields to help the construction of intelligent transportation industry.

First, fuel efficiency

With the increasing oil price, how to improve the energy efficiency of fuel and achieve the effect of saving and energy saving is an increasingly serious problem faced by enterprises or institutions. To improve fuel efficiency, in addition to the efforts of oil manufacturing and transportation enterprises, optimizing powertrain, engine or gearbox is also an important direction, and there will be a lot of room for development. For example, the new generation of intelligent hydraulic pump uses a position sensor to detect the position of the hydraulic pump baffle, which saves 15% fuel than the traditional pump.

Second, emission regulations

As China's haze weather becomes more and more extensive and lasting, how to reduce PM2.5 to improve the city's atmospheric and environmental health index is a top priority. Therefore, the state has issued a series of policies, including dealing with automobile exhaust emission. In fact, in cities, the emission of construction machinery may be more severe than that of cars. At present, China has about 3.3 million construction machinery, including excavators, bulldozers, cranes and cranes at construction sites in cities. The emission of one excavator is equivalent to that of 30 cars. This year, China will promulgate the national three emission standard equivalent to Euro three, which will be upgraded to national four in the next few years. In order to meet the requirements of the new generation of emission regulations, the electronic control system of relevant construction machinery engines needs to be controlled more accurately, which requires the use of more sensors, such as Honeywell camshaft and crankshaft, which can play an important role in the engine, so as to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

Third, production efficiency

When the market situation is not very stable and the growth is not very fast, every enterprise is thinking about how to improve production efficiency. Today, with the increasing popularity of mechanization, the power of machines is either electricity or fuel. Intelligent transportation will make a big fuss on improving efficiency. Therefore, the intelligent position sensor which can help improve the production efficiency of vehicles will have broad development prospects.

Fourth, regional infrastructure construction

The demand for regional infrastructure construction is a force that can not be ignored to drive the growth of sensors. Although China's economy is in a period of moderate development, with the acceleration of urbanization, domestic transportation and other infrastructure construction will spring up, which will promote the rapid growth of automation products and solutions. Especially in the era of developing smart cities, sensors, as a part of automation products, will have a very broad market.

The development of sensor technology presents the characteristics of high precision, miniaturization, integration, digitization, surface acoustic wave sensor, micromachining technology and so on. At the same time, it will also develop in the direction of accelerating the development of new materials, high reliability, wide temperature range, micro power consumption and passivity. Multisensor information fusion; Further development of MEMS technology; Application of sensitive materials and intelligent material systems; With the continuous emergence of new sensors such as nano mechanical devices, sensors and chemical sensors, the sensor industry will eventually become a networked sensor trend in the future.

Sensors Will Clear the Four Obstacles on the Road to Intelligent Transportation! 1

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