Selena Gomez: Black Hair Or Brown?

Selena Gomez: Black Hair Or Brown? 1

black hair

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Black hair, natural or relaxed???

Having a relaxer is not necessarily damaging. You just have to make sure that you wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and deep cpndition it once a week. You will have more options when styling. Wrapping it at night gets easier and easier as you do it. The hair just has to be trained to moving in that direction. The only way relaxers damage your hair is if you have the wrong person apply it, aslo you must make sure that you only relax the new growth from here on out and not any of the hair that has already been relaxed. Thats one of the biggest mistakes people make causing their hair to fall out. You will get the hang of it. It would be hard to go natural now since you already have the relaxer. I think you will grow to like it. Good Luck

Selena Gomez: Black Hair Or Brown? 2

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What type of White people naturally have Black hair?

None. "Black" hair is actually a high concentration of "brown" pigments

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Will henna wax work on Black hair?

i think heena wax is the best way to color your hair.thank you

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How can I dye my Dark Black Hair to Jet-Black Hair?

you have to go and have a look around eventually you will find the perfect Color and if it is any good at the back it will say if it has a reaction if i does not do not use it will bot be a certified company

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Really cute styles for Black hair?

try doing a loose curly hair style, like big curls but dont go over the top try jlovesmac1's video's she has great style hair tutorials on youtube good luck.^.^

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Black hair or dark red ?

ummmm.. I had dark red hair over the summer but I think I look better with black/brown hair

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Black hair and light eyes?

Yeah dark hair and light eyed girls can be really pretty. Not her though, she looks kinda weird

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Black hair and blue eyes?

Just get a little tan. You are cute

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Black Hair && Blue eyes?

lol wow, how many times did you post this?

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How do I get my hair from black to blonde?

Most people would tell you to use a color stripper, but I had to bleach out my black dye, and all I used was bleach. Black hair is really hard to get out, whether or not it's a cheap dye. Unless it's faded a little bit, (even if it is faded), it's going to take a bit of bleaching. Just use regular bleach, but I would highly recommend not bleaching it twice in one day. I bleached it twice in one day and I was safe, but that's my hair, I do not know about yours. Just to be safe, bleach it once a day. But if you want to take the risk, go for it. Here is everything you will need: - Bleach: I used the kind of bleach that comes in the tub, not in the packets. Typically, they cost around $4-$25 depending on the size and the brand of the tub. I did not even use a full tub of bleach, though, and my hair is pretty long. I would go with the cheapest tub of bleach that you want to go. Bleach is bleach, and it all works the same. - Developer: I used Salon Care developer in 30 vol. to get my hair from black to blonde. I did not go all the way blonde though. But if you want BRIGHT pink, you are going to want to go blonde. 30 vol. works just fine. I would not use a 40 vol. because that's even more damaging than 30 vol. Even then, 30 vol. gives you a nice lift. It will go to brown at the first bleach, and then gradually go to a blonder color the more you bleach it. Just read the directions on the tub of bleach of how much developer you mix in with the bleach, because that's really important. - Toner: I did not use toner in my hair at all, and I got a nice color. But if you would like to use a toner, it would be about $5-$10 I am guessing. But I do not know much about toner because I've never used it at all. I got a bright red without it. - Pink dye: If you want a vibrant pink use Manic Panic. However, I do not recommend Manic Panic because it does not last long at all, and it fades into a gross color. Most people would recommend Splat, but I've never used it, so I can not give you my opinion on it. I would Google what kinds of pink hair dyes are available, or look at the Sally's website (where I get all my hair products), and see what they have. Typically, I would plan on spending $10 per dye, depending on the brand. You might want to get two, depending on the length of your hair. If you do not have them, I would get a mixing bowl and application brushes. They help A LOT if you do not have them. I did not have them the first time I dyed my hair red, and I wish I did.

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