POLL : Which Eye Color Is Most Attractive ?

ღ POLL : Which eye color is most attractive ღ?

POLL : Which Eye Color Is Most Attractive ? 1

hi!! I love blue and green!! kiss Bella

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Questions On Eye Make Up?

The smoke eye doesnt work for all not sure of the eye color but go online they show u how to create several different looks plus the correct colors to wear for eye color. you r putting to much on not allowing first coat to dry. They sell applicator comb to keep this from happening its like. 99 cent.

POLL : Which Eye Color Is Most Attractive ? 2

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I have an eye color question?

Brown is a dominant gene. Blue and Green are recessive. Its likely your baby could have brown eyes, as there is a chance they could be green and an even lesser chance they could be blue. I on the other hand have green eyes. My mother has blue eyes, and my father has brown. Boyfriend and brown eyes as does his father, but his mother and grandfather both have blue.My baby has the brightest blue eyes ever.

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Eye color for characters in a story?

I like Dark Purple. But you can also do two colors. Like around the pupil, have it be a fiery gold that immediately grabs your attention and then the eye color be crystal, tinted blue. That way her eyes look unique and powerful. Or dark purple with the gold around the pupil. Idk, I like the idea of two colors.

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Question About My Private area :/?

That's just what you got. Eye color, hair color, your thing size, etc. You are fine

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What should I draw Anime-wise?

Well if you want something sorta simple, maybe Rukia from Bleach. Or Kyo from Fruits Basket. If you want a challenge, Ichigo or Toshiro from Bleach. And if you wanna try to be original create your own characters and draw them, like describe their age, height, blood type, hair style/color, eye color, hobbies, normal style/outfit, a short biography, anyone she is related to, friends with, enemies with, etc. fave food/drink, what he/she does in their spare time, you know, stuff like that, and if you feel up to it, even write a comic or a story about them. Hoped my answer helped! :)

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Teen girls: Beauty survey...and some non-beauty q's (answer only if you have time)?

Hair color: Dark brown. Eye color: Dark brown. Ethnicity: Singaporean (Asian) Hair length: Medium-long Pants or skirts: Pants. Favorite color: Black, white, grey. Makeup or no makeup: Natural-looking make up. Is your hair natural or dyed: Natural. Straight or curly hair: Used to be straight, but somewhat wavy now :/ Height: Around 160cm Do you play sports: Nah Do you have a boyfriend: Used to. Favorite makeup item: EYELINER! Age: Going 15. Body spray or lotion: Lotion Big group of friends or one best friend: Big group of bestfriends. Are you happy with the way you look: Not at all.

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What eye color will my kids have?

There is probably a higher chance they will have brown eyes than blue because brown eyes has the stronger jean

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which bikini should i get?

It all depends on your figure, hair & eye color, the length of your legs and torso to which one you would look better in. Difficult decision to make without seeing you first.

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POLL: Another one because most people said they could go for more :)?

1. Do you like pickles? yes 2. Do you think the world will end in 2012? No, not really. 3. What is something random that you like? warm Chocolate chip cookies 4. Who is your favorite singer/band? I love Stromae. :D 5. What time are you getting up tomorrow? oh gosh, probably about 12 pm 6. What is your hair color? Dark Brown 7. Eye color? Green/Hazel (changes) 8. Diamonds, or pearls? Diamonds ftw. 9. Favorite Disney Pixar movie? ratatouille 10. Books, or movies? Movies 11. Writing, or typing? both? 12. Who's your favorite YouTuber? I do not have one 13. What Y.A section are you in the most? (Not including P&S) lol, i am in alot of different ones 14. Do you like drinking out of a straw, or no? no. 15. iTouch, or iPad? iPad 16. Do you have any pets? Yes, a puppy :D (poodle) 17. Favorite color to wear? Black/white 18. Favorite TV show? "what not to wear" 19. Have you ever been to Disney World? Yes 20. Pen, or pencil? Pen

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