One Plus Concept One Concept Mobile Phone Release: It Adopts Color Changing Glass Back Shell, Which

Earlier this year, Yijia demonstrated the concept one concept phone: a smartphone with an "invisible" camera. The electrochromic glass back plate of the machine can change from transparent to opaque by changing current and voltage. Electrochromic glass is not a new concept, but this mobile phone is the first mobile phone to apply it to smartphone camera lens. Now Yijia has launched a new concept mobile phone, called Yijia 8t concept phone, which adopts the same technology, but now the whole back uses this color changing glass.

The one plus 8t concept machine has been upgraded on the basis of one plus 8t, and the streamlined design pattern is adopted on the back, which is more cool. Yijia said that they got inspiration from the multicolor water in the hot spring in pamukale, Turkey, and designed the back of the concept mobile phone.

According to Yijia, this discoloration effect is achieved through a thin film containing metal oxide, which is located below the back of the glass of the mobile phone. When different voltages are applied to it, it will change the color. As a result, every time you receive a call, the back of the phone will "breathe" like a notification led, which also opens the door to many other creative applications.

Another highlight of the one plus 8t concept aircraft is the rear radar module. This module is built in the convex part of the camera on the back of the mobile phone. It uses millimeter wave radar to reflect electromagnetic waves into the surrounding environment, so that the mobile phone can "perceive, image, locate and track objects". Although Yijia said that this millimeter wave technology is "drawing on 5g", it added that the radar module is separate from the millimeter wave communication module in the mobile phone.

Functionally, it sounds similar to the radar function motion sensing technology of pixel 4. You can slide over it with your hand to skip music tracks or mute. It can also detect your presence and show you the time and notification. This feature is very interesting, but Google did not add this feature to subsequent phones.

The concept phone can also use the motion tracker to do some simple things, such as answering the phone with gestures, or provide more advanced functions, such as sensing the user's breathing. This can be combined with its discolored back to provide some interesting use cases. For example, its back can change color to represent an incoming call, and then you can accept or reject it with gestures without touching the phone itself. Alternatively, the radar can sense your breath and then change the color of your back with your breath, "effectively making the mobile phone a biofeedback device," Yijia said.

This feature is very interesting, but there is no guarantee that it will appear on consumer devices. It home learned that, like the previous concept one, Yijia said it did not plan to commercially sell Yijia 8t concept machine.

One Plus Concept One Concept Mobile Phone Release: It Adopts Color Changing Glass Back Shell, Which  1

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