My Hair After Its Relaxed?

just stop relaxing your hair........easy

My Hair After Its Relaxed? 1

1. how long before i can wash my hair after dying it?

It wo not wash right out if you use normal shampoo but it will fade a lot faster. You should be fine to wash it on Monday, but I would get a shampoo for color treated hair

2. is it really bad to bleach your hair after a perm?

Do not do it, bc if the perm is overprocessed and you use peroxide lighteners afterwards, it will really rough up the cuticle. Hair Boutique has some good info on it. (see their website).

My Hair After Its Relaxed? 2

3. Can i dye my hair after using Hydrogen Peroxide?


4. Would it be weird to ask to keep my hair after getting it cut?

Not weird at all. A lot of women keep their hair for various reasons: to donate, as a keepsake for themselves, or as a gift to a boyfriend or husband who (probably) loved their long hair. Since you plan to shave (or if you were to go super short), the way to maximize the length of your donation will be to have the stylist make many small ponytails that can be cut close to the scalp like in the picture. This takes more time than a simple single or double ponytail cut, which occasionally can make it more traumatic for the client. You will also want to tip your stylist well. Good luck.

5. can i lighten my hair after it has been dyed black a few weeks ago?

yes, use a filler then apply two to three shades lighter. black washes out pretty fast so you can apply highlights threw out if you just want some lighter appearances,(foiling would do well) or just do an all over color, but make sure to use a filler or it will not grab.. do not use bleach all will dry your hair out find a nice color to soften it up.

6. How is your hair after Brazilian blowout?

Relaxers Warning: they are not permanent, that's $300 - $500 each time you get them done. One I responded, she had hers done in March and this is now May when she posted it? It is a billion dollar business, and they do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to 'abuse', in this case, cancer. Google Permanently straightening hair warning, about 7,410,000 results (0.08 seconds) , more warnings during the last months. I've been posting about them since 2009. Canada had issued a public health warning regarding Brazilian Blowout and has stopped the distribution of their salon products; Ireland has also issued a recall. Also published in Vogue Feb. 2011. Despite this federal government warning and months of negative news reports, many salon owners admit they still use Brazilian Blowout and demand for the $200 to $700 labor intensive treatment remains high. Fox news May 30, 2011 Examples of what one suffering severe hair loss after Japanese Hair Straightening from YA HAIR: I got my hair rebonded back in March and have lost more than a third of it since then. Everytime I run my hands through my hair, I lose 7-10 strands on average! In the shower I lose clumps after shampooing and conditioning. Bald spots are showing up in my hair. I used to have beautiful thick hair, ho can I get it back? Another ex: I used to have very curly, beautiful hair..and then i got it chemically straightened..DONT DO IT! when it started growing out, it was mess and even more difficult to work with than before. and once it was completely grown out, my hair was no longer is now this aweful wavy mess, and only certain spots are still curly. Another example: I do not recommend it. Hair went back to normal even before 4 months (it stated that the Keratin would stay on for 4months). Soft rebonding would be the better choice. I think the KeraStraight was a scam. Even the KeraStraight shampoo/conditioner did no contribution. It was a complete waste of money :/ However it was straight for awhile. But not very long. This one sums it all up: I got a keratin treatment and followed the three day instructions, now my hair is falling out in clumps i have bald spots! Will the salon do anything I am calling them tomorrow but what can i do?! Will they give me my money back i paid 400 dollars and im sitting here with my mom as she is trying to help me she even used protein because that seems to be a common problem with most keratin treatments. We looked it up, I do not know what to do? TREATMENT FROM HAIR RELAXERS: Shampoo & condition the hair as usual, every 4-7 days, but continue to trim off the damaged hair, allowing new growth to take over. Use GENTLE shampoo. Applying a small drop amount of oil to wet hair can also act as a leave-in conditioner and provides excellent conditioning in preparation for the next shampooing. The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to 'abuse'.

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