I Have White Coat Syndrome. so, Can I still Become an Airline Pilot?

I have white coat syndrome. So, can I still become an airline pilot?

I Have White Coat Syndrome. so, Can I still Become an Airline Pilot? 1

Well, old buddy, you've come to the right man here.......I flew professionally for over 40 years and I had white coat syndrome...used to drive the doctors crazy..but there are a number of tricks that good, caring flight surgeons use to relax you..they understand the situation. But here's the thing: first, you have to get through the company's employment physical and they are usually pretty fussy at that point. However, most government aeromed licensing agencies allow you, legally, nowadays to take blood pressure medicine and still qualify for a Class 1 medical certificate...so, getting your license will not be a problem if the medicine gets your pressure under control, but you will have to let the airline doctors know about it at the time of your pre-employment physical.....if they accept you or not, at that point, will depend on individual company Medical Department policy. The airline doctors know all about white coat syndrome...after all, the outcome of the medical exam affects a pilot's livelihood, his family and future...so there IS a lot of stress associated with the exam. One tip I can give you I learned from that prince of medicine, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the Aerobics pioneer...(he is also an FAA Certified Aeromed Senior Examiner)....I was based with my airline in Dallas Texas at the time Dr.Cooper moved his Aerobics Clinic and Fitness Center there and it was the best thing that ever happened to me......as it turned out, HE had white coat syndrome also and when HE was an Air Force Flight Surgeon, he had to pass the same flight physicals as the pilots because he had to fly too. He was really in great shape, being a marathon runner and that's where this tip comes in for you......as part of my blood pressure problems I had to take a stress cardiogram every 6 months during my medical exam, and Dr. Cooper used to put me on a treadmill, hook me up to the blood pressure and cardiogram sensors, and LITERALLY run me on that treadmill until I was so physically exhausted I needed help to get off it without falling over.....NOW, he started to take my pressure again...every minute or so....when I first got off the treadmill, my heart rate was up around 200 and with it, so was my blood pressure...but that was normal and was to be expected....then as I started to wind down, the pressure started dropping....and dropping...and dropping.....what had happened was that during my run I burned up every bit of the accursed adrenalin in my body...the same adrenalin that makes YOUR pressure go up----and mine---and everybody else's who has white coat syndrome.....after that treadmill, Dr. Cooper saw exactly what my normal pressure was and it was quite low...as your's probably is......so.......what can you get out of this?......first of all, start running!...get into the best physical condition you possibly can....THEN... before you go in for your exam, go run 10 miles....you will be so relaxed and tired afterwards, the doc will just boot you right out the office with your medical certificate in your hand. PS: Doctor Cooper DID wear a white coat!

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White coat Blue eyes = Deaf cat?

My White Male Cat has 1 Blue eye and 1 yellow eye...He's deaf. When I take a picture of him with my cell phone using the flash, the pic glows making his eyes Red and Green!

I Have White Coat Syndrome. so, Can I still Become an Airline Pilot? 2

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Why do both doctors and scientists always seem to be wearing white coats?

It's an advertising and media trope to lend authority to someone.If doctors are surgeons they wear scrubs or G.P.s wear everyday clothes. The only time some scientists wear lab coats is in the laboratory to protect their clothes and skin from chemicals. Considering how many types of scientists exist, some would have never owned a lab coat, like in the formal sciences - maths, computer, etc

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Why do the guys in the Walmart meat department wear white coats?

They wear the white coats to deceive the customers into believing they actually cut meat there. Nothing could be further from the truth, because the meat all comes in PREPACKAGED!

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Is there anything libbies won't do as long as the Govt and white coats tell them it's ok?

Why do not you take a break and come back later when you can talk like a mature adult instead of a little child with petty childish insults

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