How to Transform Lithium Battery of Electric Vehicle into Flashlight

This transformation will be based on the principle of being the simplest, the most practical and the easiest to realize. Only the tools and parts easy to find at hand will be used to teach you to transform a lithium battery of an electric vehicle into a super flashlight with strong endurance. I wish you a little light and hope in the coming dark century.

Technical focus:

1. LED constant current drive circuit selection, this transformation only uses the simplest one

2. In order to light up for a long time, the heat dissipation of high-power LED and driving IC must be solved

3. The switch position and structure transformation shall be beautiful and easy to use.

Required parts:

1. LM317 low dropout adjustable regulator (TO-220 package)

2. 1 to 3 ohm 1W resistance

3. TO-220 device insulator

4. 32V (10 strings) high power eutectic encapsulated LED chip (1200Ma / 50W is selected this time)

5. Several of heat shrinkable tubes

6. Various tools, such as file, glue, electric hand drill, etc

Desired objectives:

1. To achieve the ultimate brightness, 1500 lumens , try whether it can exceed sst-90

2. To reach the endurance of three days and three nights, kill all 18650 flashlights in seconds

LM317 constant current principle: LM317 low voltage linear voltage regulator connects the output terminal Vout and the detection terminal adj with a current sampling resistance to maintain the 1.25V voltage on the sampling resistance. IOUT = 1.25/r can be obtained from Ohm's law I = u / R. if r = 1 ohm, the constant current is 1250ma. In this modification, the low brightness gear is set as R = 3 ohm IOUT = 420mA, and the high brightness is r = 1 ohm IOUT = 1250ma.

Practice summary:


1. The endurance can kill all artificial flashlights. (my good child's battery is Lishen 36v10ah, containing 80 18650 manganese lithium batteries)

2. Don't worry about the charger. (provided by the original vehicle)

3. The heat dissipation problem is solved perfectly. (the shell of lithium battery is aluminum, and the shell is warm after several hours of highlighting)


1. The portable type is too poor, and the battery weighs 4.5kg.

2. Simple DIY products are difficult to focus, so they can't shoot far.

3. At my current level, I can't dive yet.

How to Transform Lithium Battery of Electric Vehicle into Flashlight 1

Bellum omnium contra
Flashlight Bulbs Use with Alkaline Batteries Only Why?
Flashlight Bulbs Use with Alkaline Batteries Only Why?
Light bulb is good at home for continues used during night time wherein flashlight is good outside to see your way or to look someone or something in dark area or in the night even inside the house where there is no light. It is obviously the two is very important depending on where you will use it1. can i use flashlight or a lamp to candle the budgie eggs?Here is how you do it: Get a torch, and, while the eggs are sitting in the nest ( DO NOT HANDLE ) hold the torch to one egg at a time. If the egg is about 5 - 6 days or a bit older, you should see a red web of veins, if it is a bit older than that still, it will show a little shadow. This is a FERTILE egg. Remove infertile eggs as long as you know they are infertile. Remember: Do not handle the eggs. Handling them will damage them, and I do not mean on the outside, I mean on the inside. The eggs have to be older than 5 - 6 days or else your results will be incorrect. Remove infertile eggs as those will only make incubation time last longer. You can not do it with a light bulb, you can not handle the eggs and a light bulb does not work without being wired up to something. Oh, and when opening the nest box, gently tap on the side of the nest box first and let the female exit. If she refuses to exit and instead starts screaming her head off, ignore her and slowly open the nest box. Then, lift her bottom of the eggs and she should move off them and you can candle them. You may already know this, but just to make sure. :)2. On what website do you see a flashlight?I do not care, thanks for two points though ! :D3. the sun burns your eyes. but fire does not. why is it that a phone flashlight does?Well to make this short the sun has its UV rays that can damage you eye. These rays are very intense where fire is not very intense mostly because the sun is magnified by the atmosphere and the fact that the gas on the sun burns rather bright. And your phone burns your eye cause it is most likely white which is the. Mix of all color and it is More intense than fire and its waaay closer.4. A flashlight's lifetimeAn alternative approach is to consider the lifetime of the flashlight to be the lifetime of any 2 of the batteries. The rationale is that the flashlight can only operate with 2 working batteries. Let X and Y be the random variables corresponding to the life of 2 of the batteries. Let T = X Y. Then T represents the combined life of 2 of the batteries. Since T is the convolution of 2 exponential variables the p.d.f. is $f_T(t) = lambda^2 t e^-lambda t$. This corresponds to the $Gamma(n, lambda)$ distribution which is defined as $$fraclambda^n t^n-1 e^-lambda t(n-1)!$$ where since $n-1$ is the number of spare batteries, $n=2$ in this case. So, since $f_T(t)$ is the gamma distribution, my understanding is that $F_T(t) = int_0^t f_T(t) dt$ should be the distribution function. However, this not give the same answer as the original answer to this post. So, I am obviously missing something. Could someone clarify where my approach went wrong?5. What extra items do you have in your car that you swear by?Dash cam, snow brush, spray-on ice melt for my mirrors, extra washer fluid, extra light bulbs, everything I need to change a tire, safety vest, chem-lights, fire extinguisher ( a burning human in a traffic collision is a terrible thing), first aid kit, flashlight, spare change. Et al6. how come a Faraday flashlight isn't as bright as a maglite or even an ordinary flashlight?It has to do with the amount of charge that you can generate through the 'shaking'. They can be as bright as you want to design them but with such a low charge rate you would have to shake them for hours to store enough 'charge'. That is also the restriction on size since the size of the 'coils' determine the rate of charge. They are an engineering compromise large enough to be useful but small enough to 'shake'
How About Chinese Tank007 Flashlight ?
How About Chinese Tank007 Flashlight ?
I am a distributor of Tank007,they are trustworthy factory,,they never crook customers1. Can you live without a food waste disposer in a kitchen?Yes, and probably should if your house is on a septic tank. We have one, cook a lot and use the disposer MAYBE once a week, if that. There is really no need for a disposer.Food waste is probably the best thing that you should be sending to the landfill. It's all that other stuff in the waste stream that really causes the problems; plastic items, inorganic chemicals, disposable diapers, motor oil, electronics, and flashlight batteries. If food waste was the only thing at the landfill our problem would be what to do with all the methane it produces for free.Can you live without a food waste disposer in a kitchen?.2. Who makes a professional LED flashlight the same size as a 6 C cell Maglight?Any store that provides uniforms and other equipment for law-enforcement officers. I've also see these type of flashlights sold at "Pilot" truck stops3. Can you get the flashlight app on the huawei ascend g300?Yes you can. And if not I am sure you will find one in a website that I usually use. As long as the phone has flash then you can add flashlight. Go to the link I provided in the source and you can get any apps for free including widgets! All you have to do is search for what you want!.4. My guy friend is thinking working as security in a Hotel, do they give you just a flashlight?Nothing too unusual. Just rounds every couple hours. I am sure they give you a flashlight5. Am I allowed to bring a small metal flashlight onto an airplane?yes. i believe so6. Has anyone mounted the GLOCK brand flashlight on a non-Glock handgun?Yes it will fit on most guns with a rail with the exception of some HK pistols like the USP. I've had several Glocks and they are great guns7. How come the LED Flashlight App won't work on my iPod 4G?The iPod Touch 4G (or any iPod Touch for that matter) does not have a LED flashlight, so it is most likely going to max the brightness on the display, and display a white screen8. Has anyone used the new Elzetta ZFH1500 flashlight mount for night varmint hunting with an AR15 or M4?Just what kind of varmints are you hunting with an AR15? Humans? Deer? It's a little overkill would not you say? Try using a .22 cal. Is night hunting legal in you state, it's illegal in mine?9. What size of batteries does your flashlight take?Which flashlight? Hand crank led flashlight 10 million candle power spotlight key chain flashlight camping flashlight car trunk flashlight crawl space flashlight AA's, AAA's, D's, C's, rechargeables,10. I'm wanting to mount a flashlight to the barrel of my Mossberg 500 shotgun?Flashlight in basic terms. something is for coach and not for circulate. All that stuff does is seem 'cool,' capture on clothing and sluggish deployment in a severe rigidity subject. Edit: i did no longer say long weapons get caught in clothing. What catches are the extra like pistol grips and forearm grips and lasers and crimson dots, etc. Leaving the gun with the aid of fact the producer geared up this is the terrific thank you to ensure reliability and all the aftermarket bling you upload wo not help once you are confronted via an interloper. like all different answer states, it is your gun, do what you like with it and seem cool.11. My LED flashlight's light is really weak now. What happened?The LEDs were overdriven, and consequently had a short life before they suffered loss of light output.I have one of those early LED flashlights, and the LEDs are connected right to the batteries with no provision for current regulation. This is cheaper and provides high output, but that the cost of LED lifetime. The "50,000 hours" lifetime claim you see touted everywhere only applies if it is driven properly and adequately heatsinked.LEDs run on current, not voltage. So a proper drive circuit limits the current either by a dissipative element like a resistor or regulator chip, or a high efficiency switching regulator that uses a storage element, usually an inductor.The more efficient circuits are more expensive, of course. So for a short-term use flashlight, it is more cost-effective to rely on the battery internal resistance plus the lead resistance of the circuit to limit the current (somewhat).You can replace the LED and get some more hours out of the flashlight.My LED flashlight's light is really weak now. What happened?.
How Much Is a Decent Black Light Flashlight Typically? What Do Cheap Ones Typically Cost?
I bought a bulb from Wal-Mart or Lowes or check the internet for black light bulb near by. It was 7 years ago I used it to find where the dog had peed on the house we eventually bought. It was a HUD house when we went into the house smells were enough to knock your socks off. The realtor told us "You do not want this house" but we had a secret weapon that was super cheap and could not be bought at a store. (I had written about this before). We used the black light to determine where the dog had peed on the walls. Sometimes it would take two or three times to eliminate the odor. 1. Does light push back against the flashlight, in accordance with Old Newton's law?Yes it does. The force in newtons=P/c where P= power in watts of the light beam and c= speed of light, 300 000 000 metres per sec. So for a force of 1 newton, which is like a weight of 100 grams, you would need a 300 megawatt light beam, which is the total output of a medium-size power station2. Blinking flashlight infalling into the black hole, as frequency → ∞The coordinate acceleration by proper time for a radially infalling observer is simply the Newtonian expression$$ ddotr = fracm d^2 rm d tau^2 = -fracG Mr^2$$which integrates to$$ dotr = fracm d rm d tau = -sqrtfrac2 G M (r_1-r)r_1 r $$so if you start at rest at $r_1$ and freely fall to $r_2$ the elapsed proper time is$$ tau = int_r_1^r_2 frac1sqrt2 G M left(frac1r-frac1r_2ight) , textdr$$The time dilation relative to the coordinate bookkeeper far away from the black hole is$$ dott = fracm d tm d tau =sqrtfracc^2 r-c^2 r_s r dotr^2c (r- r_s ) (1-r_s/r) $$For example let's plug in some numbers; if you fall from the photon sphere at $r_1=1.5 r_s$ you reach the horizon at $r_2=r_s=2G M/c^2$ when your proper time is $tau=3.993468$ so if you set the intervall of your flashlight to give $100$ pulses per $1GM/c^3$ proper time, the last received pulse is that given at $tau=3. 99 G M/c^3$ when the flash light is at $r=2.001999 G M/c^2$, which is at coordinate time $t=18.43309 G M/c^3$. If you want to know when this last pulse of light is observed you have to add the light travel time; the shapirodelayed coordinate velocity of a radially outgoing light ray is$$ r' = fracm d rm d t = c-frac2 G Mr c $$so the light travel coordinate time from where that signal was emmitted to the observer at $r_1=3 G M/c^2$ is $t_m light = 13. 42798 G M/c^3$, so the last signal which is emmitted outside of the horizon will be received at $t_m obs=tt_m light=31.86107 G M/c^3$, or in terms of the proper time of the stationary shell observer at $r=r_1$ that $399 m th$ and last signal would be received at $_T_m obs=t_m obs sqrt1-r_s/r_1=18.395 G M/c^3$.If you set the frequency of your flashlight to the limit of infinitely many pulses per unit proper time, the last received signal will also be seen only after an infinite coordinate- or shell-time.3. Is there an app with which I can use my LED as a flashlight that has a dimmer?LED Flashlight. You can dim it and turn it into a strobe light4. What is the best work flashlight?ANYTHING MagLite is the best. You must be doing something --- wrong -- to your light. MiniMags are not meant for continuous use. FOr this, you need a D cell light. If you are not smacking kids, rats, or big dogs, then you do not need a 5D, but a 2 or 3D will work fine. Put the light, the mini or the full size in a rubber boot. They make neopreme covers. Also, consider replacing the old lamp with a super LED replacement. EITHER THAT (Mag is the BEST!) or buy the LED lights they sell at Harbor Freight. 9LED super bright, disposable, they cost $2.99 on sale, come with the batteries.
How Many White 9-LED's Flashlight (1.5vx3) Can I Run Off a Solar Panel Generating 60w Storing in a C
you need the current specification for the LEDs. Break even, you can take the power used by the light, say 5 watts, and divide 45/5 to get 9. The battery does not get you any more energy, it just allows you to store it for a while. So once the battery is charged, which could take a long time, you can operate more LEDs from it, but at the expense of long recharge time. .1. Using a solar panel to charge a 6 V. electric childs car battery?Electric Childs Car2. Are we slowly creating our demise by building nuclear power plants instead of investing the money in clean...?Nuclear energy IS clean power. Check out the environmental impact of nuclear energy vs. coal/oil/gas. Then calculate in the financial cost and nuclear energy is one of our best options right now, Sure, a wind turbine and solar panel for every house would be great but not realistic3. Can u use regular light bulbs to power a solar panel?incandescent light bulbs have the proper emission spectrum as to the efficiency a 1000W light will give about 0.5W of electricity! Anita4. How to predict the output of a solar panel depending upon weather conditions for real time hardware simulation?Short term prediction of solar irradiation can be tricky, especially in cloudy days.For daily average based on a year there are software like PVSyst which is probably the most advanced solar plant forecasting software out there, used by major banks for plant forecast.Running a simulation with this software will give you a very good starting point but wo not account for daily climate, which I guess you could use weather forecast and refine the daily power simulation given by the software, with empiric method or why not some machine learning.5. Is there some way to shield items from an EMP blast? Laptop, batteries, charger, maybe even a small solar panel?Wrap them completely in aluminum foil and put them in a metal box a spare fridge is often near the aluminum foil a metal saucepan and lid will work for a mobile phone6. I'm Thinking Of Getting This Solar Panel Kit, Is It Feasible?That type of solar cell is typically more expensive. Amorphous solar cells are the cheapest, and those kind are not gridded and have a different hue to them. I would get more details.7. Solar panel with grid tie question?for 5 panel if there is serial connection, the total volts will be 5x18v if there is parallel connection, the total current will be 5 multiply current of one panel. so parallel connection is better for you.8. How to measure energy of a battery charging thru solar panel using dc energymeter?NO INSTRUMENT CALL DC ENERGY METER. IT WAS A DC WATT METER. Hook it between the charging path and read the watt unit display directly shows on meter screen pointer.Simple task !9. Help with getting low amp reading with my solar panel array?properly, severe as I continually am on the subject of the BNP's mix of sinister and nonsensical Fascistic policies, they do tend to make the appropriate noises approximately green themes. strangely for a social gathering on the some distance suitable, they do seem to settle for that worldwide warming is a vital difficulty which must be addressed. Being very cynical approximately their reasons, besides the incontrovertible fact that, I actual tend to think of their apparently green environmental policies are merely a ploy to spice up their probabilities of taking votes from the fairway social gathering. properly this green supporter is not falling for it besides. so some distance as how they might pay for their can provide related to photograph voltaic Panels fairly, properly in the no longer likely journey that they ever got here to place of work they only could no longer, based on their cutting-edge financial policies. The BNP's financial policies are an entire shambles. case in point, they have the desire to make extensive cuts in earnings tax on one hand, yet in addition say they are going to extremely strengthen the investment of public centers. they say they might save money by utilising ending Britain's distant places help to 3rd worldwide international places, yet in addition desire to bribe immigrants and their descendants (i.e. non-white human beings) with thousands and thousands of kilos properly worth of "incentives" to bypass away the united kingdom and "return to their united states of commencing place". Their sums merely do no longer upload up. they only recommend policies they think of could be familiar with the ill-counseled and gullible components of society, in an attempt to mask their genuine racist time table. How can a social gathering who merely approximately bankrupted themselves with the aid of incompetent dealing with of their very own money, be relied directly to deal with the united kingdom financial device?.
Have You Ever Used Tape Storage
Have You Ever Used Tape Storage
As long as it is related to technology, "never say impossible" to technologies that seem to be outdated. When one day there is a "change of Dynasty", it may "make a comeback", or even become more usable or attractive, and become a good way to solve new problems.It can't be true? Are we stepping into the time machine now? Everyone knows that "tape" is... "Antique" technology! Don't all storage applications now use solid state disk (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) memory?The answer is not exactly right. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal - "companies look to an old technology to protect against new threats", it is mentioned that many companies store data on tape again in case. This is not just an anecdote: there are some powerful data certificates in the market, the unit shipment of tape has increased, and more and more data is stored on tape.Although tape is not as easy to access as SSD or HDD memory, this attribute is also an advantage, especially when the "worst" situation occurs, it can show its strong and slow recovery mechanism. In addition, because tapes cannot be "online", hackers are unlikely to access them. The Wall Street Journal article pointed out that "the government, financial services companies, medical insurance companies and other regulated industries still use tape as a backup system for digital records. Now, some companies are turning back to tape technology because hackers are becoming more and more powerful in penetrating their preventive measures."If you still stick to the old idea that tape is a large volume of disk, it is really out of date; In fact, there are only some archive disks left, and we are lucky to find the playback device. At present, the tape industry has standardized on the easy-to-use tape cartridge, so that it can play and rewind through the manipulator under the large array configuration of the tape drive "field", as shown in the table. Even with the assistance of the international tape storage Council, some standards began to appear, focusing on defining overall dimensions and formats, etc. Tape storage Council is an industry organization established in 2012 to promote the technological innovation and application of tape storage industry.Modern tape drives (lto-7) can be equipped with backup and restore performance up to 750mb / S (2.7tb / HR), and each cartridge can support 15tb of data (source: quantum Corp.)Two key criteria: ltfs and LTOThe two key standards of tape technology are linear tape file system (ltfs) - which can make tape "almost" like HDD; And the linear tape open (LTO) standard developed in the late 1990s as an alternative to the then proprietary tape format. In the "technology advances promote tape to new markets" report recently published by the tape storage Council, it briefly describes the latest progress and application of tape technology.The comparison of tape with SDD or HDD is not limited to security; The tape storage Council believes that reliability and bit error rate (BER) also deserve attention. As shown in the figure below, the quantum lto-7 has an error every 1019 bits, while the HDD of the top gauge has an average error of 1016 bits. The difference of up to three orders of magnitude is really impressive. Other performance comparisons between tape and HDD are also noteworthy, and may even break the traditional myth.Comparing different data storage media shows that high-performance tape provides the lowest bit error rate, even 1000 times better than other technologies (source: tape storage Council)The tape system is also a miniature analog signal and wireless transmission link, even if the stored data is digital. In many ways, it is similar to RF channel, except that RF is replaced by magnetic field for energy transmission. In addition, it also has all the problems that affect the RF "wireless" link, such as jitter, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), inter symbol interference, signal strength change and so on.Of course, the reading channel starts with the analog preamplifier (installed as close to the reading head itself as possible) and the variable gain amplifier (VGA). But that is only the beginning of analog signal processing, because advanced tape systems use read channels with partial response, maximum likelihood (PRML) signal detection circuits to maximize the chance of successful and zero error data restoration (although the channel is irregular). Although the physical scale may be much smaller than the RF link, the signal path blocks are similar.There seems to be a development element contrary to "going back to the future". Tape is not only the first high-density data storage mechanism (much earlier than HDD), but also an early "amateur" - personal computers (PCS) use Philips Consumer audio tape cartridges as low-cost storage media (of course, low-speed and low-capacity), load the operating system and store programs and data through the "boot loader". Today, tape is not cost-effective for hobbies and business applications, especially high-density HDDs, which are more affordable and random access, but potential tape technology still plays a vital role - and even the trend of "comeback".As usual, I would like to reiterate once again: as long as it is related to technology, it is "never impossible" to say what seems to be outdated technology. When one day the "dynasty changes", it may "reappear in the Jianghu", or even become more usable or attractive, and become a good way to solve new problems.Have you used advanced LTO / ltfs tape technology? Or have you ever used tape storage before?
What Can Smart Parking Cloud Platform Bring Us
What Can Smart Parking Cloud Platform Bring Us
From the perspective of competent government departments, the problem of difficult parking focuses on many management departments, diverse property ownership, concentrated travel of citizens, normal traffic congestion and serious environmental pollution. From the perspective of citizens and car owners, parking resources are difficult to find and seriously parked. From the perspective of owners and suppliers, it is difficult for them to survive alone.Where is the way out? Administrative support will guide the market to form a multi-party joint, coordinated development and problem-solving model. Parking has the attribute of public welfare, but most of the parking resources belong to various market subjects. It is social resources rather than administrative resources, which is difficult to monopolize. Therefore, co construction, sharing and win-win are not only our slogan, but also our code of conduct. Under the guidance of the competent department of the industry, work together with various market subjects to provide good services to the citizens and open up development space for the urban parking industry.Policy guidance to promote the construction of smart parking cloud platformIn order to solve the parking problem in Shenzhen, the government issued a series of documents, including the 2017 government investment project plan of Shenzhen issued in 2017, the notice of the national development and Reform Commission on carrying out the pilot demonstration of urban parking lot issued in March 2017, the implementation opinions of Shenzhen on strengthening the construction of parking facilities issued in September 2017, and January 2018 The 201 year implementation plan for the construction of Shenzhen smart city, the special plan for the construction of parking facilities in Shenzhen was issued in June 2018, and the "six ones" implementation plan for the new smart city in Shenzhen was issued in September 2018.According to the above requirements, the smart parking cloud platform has four tasks as a whole: the first is the construction project of smart parking cloud platform (phase I); the second is the construction of relevant standards; the third is supporting the operation transformation of three parking lots (influential in Shenzhen: North railway station, Shenzhen Airport and laboratory building); the fourth is the construction of cloud platform management center.The construction of cloud platform involves a wide range of aspects, and basically mobilized the strength of the whole industry in Shenzhen. From government departments to relevant market subjects, including parking technology enterprises and industry associations, they are deeply involved in the construction process of cloud platform and played a positive role. Through joint efforts and multi-party cooperation, the goal is to serve the citizens, relevant government departments and participants Provide high-quality service.All-round intelligent service platformSmart service platform includes large screen display system, mobile app, management background and website.In the large screen display system, at present, the data displayed in the whole system includes the static data of 11224 parking lots in the city. In addition, with the support of the traffic police and Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, the dynamic data of 4621 parking lots and 476 on-road parking sections have been obtained. Through sharing and cooperation with social market subjects, the transfer payment of more than 800 parking lots has been obtained, and the total amount of data per day exceeds 8 million Article.In mobile phone mobile phone official account (APP) and public address, the main functions of mobile APP include search of destination, intelligent car park and navigation. It can be achieved through our APP, and the perfect service is our goal.In the management background, it provides a more comprehensive system management function. The management background opens some applications, provides special services for relevant government departments through the management background, and some external services.Relying on new technology to create a new world of intelligent parkingThe orientation and thinking of developing parking industry has a core goal, to create a service window for Shenzhen parking industry, to provide an open and shared platform through co construction, sharing and win-win, to directly control resources, make good use of government funds and strengthen their own capabilities. The medium-term meeting will coordinate the use of government resources, join the platform, attract external funds and introduce advanced technology. Far away We should attract social resources, leverage social capital, intervene in this work in various ways and incubate the power of innovation. This is a phased planning.Advantages of service cooperation mode: less damage to the current situation, fast construction speed, more resources, high service standards, wide user selection, strong collaboration ability, more flexible cooperation and less market competition.Recently, under the leadership of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Children's hospital has been taken as a pilot to build an appointment parking service platform for the hospital. This platform has also mobilized the strength of health and Family Planning Commission, special zone construction and development group, children's Hospital, health 160 and Jieshun technology. Coupled with the leadership of Traffic Police Bureau, the six parties have jointly promoted it and made progress smoothly. Contact the second municipal hospital and Peking University Hospital, We are ready to start their hospital appointment, welcome enterprises in the industry to join us, and sincerely invite them to join us to participate in this work.In the medium term, we plan to promote the reserved parking service on the basis of hospital reservation, and carry out parking space sharing and peak shifting parking. We also have some other ideas, including senseless payment, electronic coupons, government entrusted project work, government consultation and the management of some resources, which are gradually being realized.As a vision, we hope to grasp the general trend of technology development, rely on blockchain technology and 5g technology, provide a pilot platform for the implementation of new technologies in the parking industry, and create a new world for the cause of intelligent parking.
Which Is a Good Collar Bluetooth Headset? Easy to Use Collar Bluetooth Headset Recommended
Which Is a Good Collar Bluetooth Headset? Easy to Use Collar Bluetooth Headset Recommended
Which is a good collar Bluetooth headset? Easy to use collar Bluetooth headset recommendedAt this stage, earphones have become a must-have for everyone. With more and more earphone styles and brands, there must be many friends who want to start earphones but are troubled by many earphones,According to different wearing methods, there are different types of headphones: split type (which can be divided into flat head and in ear type), neck hanging type (which can also be divided into flat head and in ear type) and head wearing type. Today, I recommend several neck hanging Bluetooth headphonesRecommendation 1: Nank Nanka S2 game Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 249 yuanBluetooth protocol: aptx ll, aptx HD, aptx, AAC, SBCWaterproof grade: IP55Endurance: 12hOne sentence comment: Nank Nanka S2 Bluetooth headset not only pursues the ultimate cost performance, but also takes into account the comfort and appearance. It is a high-quality and high-performance sports Bluetooth headset that is "easy-to-use, practical and durable". It is produced in full accordance with military standards, which will be loved by a group of sports enthusiasts. With the increase of brand exposure and the spread of users' word-of-mouth, now many ordinary donkey users begin to choose Nank Nanka S2 Bluetooth headset. Nanka S2 is the first Bluetooth headset supporting aptx ll protocol in the industry. The official delay is as low as 0.04s, while Apple's airpods score is 0.2S, and the hanging neck headset of a meter is about 0.3s. In the professional game Bluetooth headset, Nank Nanka S2 not only has built-in Qualcomm qcc3034 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, but also is the first in the industry to support aptx-ll low delay mode, combined with aptx-hd decoding and AAC high-speed transmission. By shortening the data cache time, it speeds up the data transmission speed, and the full link delay of the mobile phone from sound generation to sound reception is as low as 0.04 seconds, Compared with ordinary Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the delay rate is reduced by 42.9%, and compared with ordinary Bluetooth 4.2 chip, the delay rate is reduced by 81.8%, which further improves the connection stability and absolutely reaches the leading level in the game Bluetooth headset industry. After all, the cost performance is the strongest below 1000 yuan.Recommendation 2: B & oearset Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 780 yuanBluetooth protocol: AAC, SBC, LDACWaterproof grade: unknownEndurance: 5hOne sentence comment: just for wearing, the weight of the headset does not cause a bad experience. The ear hook with adjustable angle is very convenient to wear, and the headset is very stylish. And it's not like watching movies with in ear headphones. After wearing them for 1-2 hours, the ears often feel hot and painful in the ear canal. From this point of view, earphones are very suitable for medium and long distance travel.Interface: the charging port of earset is a type-C interface, and the use time of one charge is about 5 hours. This endurance time is not long, but it is enough for a long trip. Bluetooth version is 4.2, which is relatively stable and is not easy to cut off. The wire control and microphone of the earphone wire part, and the shape of the wire controller are also very implicit and elegant. The shell is anodized aluminum, and there is no printed logo on the keys, which also presents a simple aesthetic feeling.Recommendation 3: ath-ckr35bt iron triangle Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 348 yuanBluetooth protocol: AAC, SBC, LDACWaterproof grade: unknownEndurance: 7hIn a word: the earphone cavity flashes under the light, which feels like bulingbuling, but the material here is not metal, but plastic treated by high gloss electroplating process. Compared with black and white traditional colors, blue is undoubtedly more eye-catching. Although it is not as popular as some fashionable headphones, it is very suitable for some people who are a little sulky.Recommendation 4: libratone (Bird headset) track wireless Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 498 yuanBluetooth protocol: AAC, SBC, LDACWaterproof grade: IPx4Endurance time: 16hOne sentence comment: it is comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off. Other features: it can only be paired by downloading the app. The manual has an electronic graphic version in the app, and there is no paper manual in the package. Sound effect: noise reduction is very good. Appearance material: the material is indistinguishable, and the weight is really light. Satisfied with the appearance. The appearance is explosive and light. Compared with similar products, it feels very comfortable to wear. The material in contact with the skin can fit the outer ear well.
How to Eliminate the Fault of Electronic Connecting Wire
How to Eliminate the Fault of Electronic Connecting Wire
The failure of the electronic connecting wire may be caused by the short circuit between the electronic harness and the terminal or the internal short circuit of the switch. Because the fault of breaking through the electronic wire in the middle is very rare, most of them are disconnected at the electronic connector.From the above conclusion, if there is a fault, the staff should focus on checking whether the sensor and the connecting wire are loose and poor contact. Before inspection, first check whether the external terminal is firmly fixed, and then test according to the following steps. It should also be noted that for most wire connectors, the back-end should adhere to the connector insertion, but it is impossible to insert the back-end for the waterproof connector column, because it will be modified when you make a mistake accidentally.The joint fracture fault caused by poor contact of terminal connector is often caused by the corrosion of connector end. External dirt enters the terminal or connecting socket, resulting in the reduction of contact pressure. The open circuit fault of wires and connectors may be caused by the use of broken wires and loose connector terminals.First remove the wiring terminals on both sides of the control computer ECU and the sensor, and then measure the resistance between the corresponding terminals. If the resistance value is not more than 1 ohm, the wire is normal for the next inspection. At this time, just remove the connector and re insert it to change its connection status and restore its normal contact. It should be noted that when measuring the conductor resistance, it is best to gently shake the conductor in both vertical and horizontal directions to improve the accuracy of measurement.Remove the wiring terminals on both sides of the controller and sensor, and then measure the resistance between each terminal block of connectors on both sides and the body. During measurement, one end of the gauge rod is connected to the body with iron, and the other end is measured on both sides of the conductor joint. If the resistance is greater than 0.5 ohm, there is no short circuit between the wire and the body.
My School Got Rid of Our Gay Club and Added a Bible Club...?
My School Got Rid of Our Gay Club and Added a Bible Club...?
That's really ignorant of your school. That's the only reason? WHAT AN EXCUSE..1. Club soda and vodka... hydration?Yes club soda is essentially SALTY carbonated water. It is a mixer used to add flavor/carbonation to your drink. If you want to stay hydrated, while you drink, you need to drink a glass of plain water after every drink. That's the only way to counter the dehydration effect of alcohol2. Cheap drinks to buy at a club?Your best bet would probably be to drink more beer than mixed drinks when you are out at a bar of club because beer is always cheaper than liquor. Also draft beer is cheaper than bottled beer and often bars and clubs will have special prices on draft beers at various times during the evening or maybe even for the entire evening. If you must drink liquor then obviously lower quality or "rail liquor" will be much cheaper than top shelf. And the less ingredients a drink has the cheaper it will be. For example a vodka and orange juice or a rum and coke will be cheaper than a long island iced tea. Hope this helps you out3. The Bad Girls Club Question?Did not see last episode....but I do know that Ty beat Aimee up fair and square. Did not see anyone holding her. OH Well never liked her anyway....Am I the only one who is sad that Ty and Ripsi left? The show wo not be the same4. Are Celtic a bigger club than Newcastle?Celtic is the bigger club5. United club or Amex Platinum?I am a million miler on American, so fly that almost exclusively (or did... can not stay US Airways, we are going to have to see how this works out). I upgraded to the AMEX Platinum for the club lounges when American joined. - I know I've used Continental lounges with the card, but you are correct, looks like they have removed that features with the United change... BUMMER. = on the platinum benefits airline lounges page there is a link to all the lounges they serve I am use AMEX for almost everything - Platinum card, business card, & hilton honors. - if you are looking at the the personal AMEX card = I do not think the companion ticket is included. I do not see it on their site and got a call the other day about that being a business card benefit - I've used the concierge service but have never been overly pleased with the results - $200 credit towards airline fees = I believe this is only when the ticket is purchased then AMEX. I do not purchase tickets there and have never used this benefit. - I've gotten LOTS of great event seats and other things from the card When I had the AA lounge pass, it was only a pass to the lounges and did not include any extras I know this do not really answer your questions, but thought knowing how other people use the car might help.6. What should a guy wear to the club?Okay here is what I would sugget you to wear: Jeans White or Gray tee White sneakers and a black hat That would look really HOT7. Are Barcelona the best football club in the world?Real Madrid is! also the richest8. Who else is in the 27 club?Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Brian Jones Those are the only ones i can think of right now9. Is a Greatclub a club in regards to the Shillelagh spell?After all, like with the quarterstaff the spell does not actually boost a greatclub statswise so using one would only be flavor, so excluding greatclubs does not really make sense. Yes, exactly.Since the Shileligh spell only increases a club to 1d8, and a greatclub already has that damage die, there is literally no risk of imbalance if a multiclass druid, who is proficient in the greatclub, wishes to use it as the target of said spell in lieu of a common club or quarterstaff.The only benefit you gain is a few extra lbs of encumberance, from not having to lug around a club just in case you want to fight something magical. (On the other hand, since shileligh is a canptrip you also do not gain any real benefit from lugging around a greatclub when a club or staff would do just as much damage.)
Smart Lighting Has Undoubtedly Become the most Important Development Trend of LED Lighting Industry
Smart Lighting Has Undoubtedly Become the most Important Development Trend of LED Lighting Industry
The rise of the Internet of things has pushed the development of science and technology industry to another new level. The intelligent system that collects user, environment and other information through various sensors, analyzes data and adjusts equipment brings new development opportunities for the traditional LED lighting industry.After low-cost competition and industrial integration in recent years, the LED lighting industry has gradually moved to a mature stage. In order to get rid of bargain competition and improve added value, many large LED lighting manufacturers have actively arranged "smart", which will not only be practiced in industrial, government led urban lighting, but also be integrated with personalization, With people-oriented as the development axis, smart lighting has undoubtedly become the most important development trend of LED lighting industry in 2018.This year, the theme of the biennial important lighting exhibition - Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition (light building 2018) has also selected the safe, convenient and networked smart lighting as its exhibition theme. Ledinside will not only bring readers the first-hand exhibition and report of this important exhibition, but also take the lead in launching it this month For the topic of "full analysis of new led business opportunities and smart lighting", we will start from the smart lighting market, and deeply analyze the development of LED smart lighting technology, application cases, potential market analysis, as well as the development of competitor OLED lighting.First of all, let's start with the smart lighting market. With the development of technology, the maturity of products, the active promotion of manufacturers and the popularization of smart lighting related concepts, the global smart lighting market has entered a stage of rapid development. According to ledinside's estimation, the market size will be close to US $4.6 billion in 2017, with an annual growth rate of 95%. It is expected that the market will continue to grow in the next few years, and the global smart lighting market will reach the standard by 2020 It can reach $13.4 billion.In addition to the LED component technology, the development of communication technology plays a key role in the mature development of intelligent lighting. At the present stage of the development of the Internet of things and intelligent lighting, a variety of communication technologies such as Dali, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi Fi, Lora, Nb IOT, sigfox, Z-Wave and enocean have emerged in the market. What is the current development of these technology camps, and we can't help it Relevant chapters are also added to this topic. Please refer to ledinside: development of LED intelligent lighting market and transformation trend of communication technology from 2017 to 2020.After reading the technological development, what fields does smart lighting develop fastest? Which markets have the most potential for smart lighting? We also bring readers an introduction and analysis of the application market - smart lighting application scenarios - Industry and commerce are the largest applications, and the residential field is the fastest growing.It is undeniable that smart lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, work efficiency and management level. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart home lighting will become more and more common and will become a new outlet for the development of lighting industry. In addition, with apple and Amazon also cutting into the smart home market, it will undoubtedly drive the overall market to have a faster development For the development of smart lighting, we also discuss the business opportunities brought by smart home for smart lighting in an independent article. For more, see: upgrading the demand of smart home and leading the accelerated development of smart lighting.In addition, the dynamic layout of large factories leading the lighting industry is also a message you should not know. The factors behind the strategy of large factories include making lighting intelligent and creating an energy-saving living environment, and planning to develop smart lighting as the basis for the networking of all things in the future. How do these large factories layout and what important partners do they work with? We are developing in networked lighting and smart city The key manufacturers under the wave have a detailed analysis.In addition to LED lighting, the competitive relationship between OLED and led in the past few years is also an important message of concern in the industry. Does OLED still have opportunities in the lighting industry? What is the development of OLED lighting? What impact will its development bring to the LED industry? We also bring a special article Analysis: opportunities and challenges in the OLED lighting market.
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