How to Accessorize This Dress?

I would wear gold jewelry with it...just do not pile it on. Maybe small dangly earrings and one big cuff bracelet. I would also add some color to it with a clutch...If you are wearing it with a black cardigan, black leggins and black heels then try an unexpected color like a hot pink, purple or teal clutch. I would also suggest putting your hair up so the earrings and the pretty neckline of the dress stand out

How to Accessorize This Dress? 1

1. Do you like silver or gold jewelry more?

Silver, Gold just always just looks really cheap and trashy to me

2. What would go well with these boots?

You can go with a black pencil skirt, a nice black dress shirt or sweater/long-sleeved blouse and gold jewelry or white jewelry - maybe pearls. You could also try to find a black, close-fitting sweater dress. The best possible place I can think of to find sexy but classy dress shirts and dresses is Victoria's Secret. Hope I helped!!.

How to Accessorize This Dress? 2

3. why do us jewelers sell only 14K gold jewelry?

I knew this guy that made custom jewelry, and he told me that the 14k gold is much better to work with than the 18 or 22k gold. It's stronger for gem settings and such. But, that's just what I heard

4. Which boots look the best? Picking best answer?

Perssonally, I prefer the theird one. It seems very high-edge and stylish, with a very elegant heel, and because it's black it will go with almost anyhitng, to make you look great. Also, if you decide to wear gold jewelry while wearing the boots, you will look fabulous and completly color coordenated and possibly even knowledgabe in the high end fassion buisness - the key to having a great outfit. The first and seccond ones personally remind me of something like snakeskin or the old west, two things that in my persnal opionion i would not prefer. However, they do look very durable, with nice heels as well, and they are by a top designer, anne klein, wich prettymuch screams durability and authenticity. However, the final cut really comes down to what you like best, what looks best, and how it fits/feels, not what other peipole think of you. If its not comfterable your not going to wear them. If it does not match anyhting else in your wordrobe, or other accessories you own, it wo not make you look as 'well strung'. personally, I would make a list of all the attributes you would want in a shoe (price, designer, quality, comfort, durability, style, color, etc etc) and give a 'point' to each shoe that matches the category. wichever has the most tallies by you should probally be the one you decide on. Hope this helps ya out, so have fun shopping, and Good Luck! :]

5. is gold jewelry a compound or a mixture...?

Neither. the gold in your jewelery is not pure, (pure gold is 24 karats) it is mixed with copper. and by looking at gold, you can tell that the two elements are distributed evenly. This means the answer to your question is that Jewelers' Gold is a SOLUTION, not a mixture or a compound. (a compound is two or more ionically bonded elements, such as NaCl, or table salt.)

6. Can I wear gold jewelry with my white wedding dress that has silver threading on it?

nnnnnnnooooooooo it will clash and look tacky

7. Where can II purchase gold for jewelry making? Like, gold bars that can be melted down or something?

It seems NOT ebay ... I would buy scrap gold jewelry and practice repairing and re-using it. Advertise for it or ask jewelers to sell you what customers have brought in. Learn about hallmarks, get an eyeglass and some scales.

8. if i bring some unwanted gold jewelry to a jeweler?

Do not expect much. They really take advantage of you

9. Why does gold jewelry turn your fingers funny colors?

If you wear too much makeup,perfune,hairspray,hand lotion this can happen with some people. Also have a jeweler acid test it to make sure it is gold . Last in some rare people a sugar disorder such as hypoglacimia or hyperglocimia(hope I spelled that right) may be a problem and can be a sign of becoming one or the other. Check with a doctor and get tested for both. If you have any more questions go to 360 and search for Jewelry Man

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