How Can I Switch My Ps3 From Hdmi to Rca (red/yellow/white) Cables?

Try holding down the power button untill it beeps twice that should reset the settings You need to make sure that the PS3 is off when you do this. Turn the PS3 off, then hold down the power button. The PS3 will turn on, keep the power button pressed down and it should change.

How Can I Switch My Ps3 From Hdmi to Rca (red/yellow/white) Cables? 1

1. I have a car dvd which has 3 power wires, red yellow and black, how do i get to a battery wire(yellow) tie in?

black is ground. red makes it turn on when you turn on the key. yellow is constant power supply.

2. is there a meaning behind a dream that involves a red and yellow snake?

Sounds like the person the snake was has alot of issues that you may be unconciously aware of. If the person showed up in the bathroom...while you were cleaning yourself... there may be some privacy issues. Has the person forced his way into your life or something? He may in the future. Red means Anger Yellow means caution Black means change is soon to come Snake means dishonesty Shower means cleaning up own problems Hope this helps. This is according to my dream book.

How Can I Switch My Ps3 From Hdmi to Rca (red/yellow/white) Cables? 2

3. What's orange, red, yellow, purple, black and white? (read on)?

i do not know! give us another hint!

4. What do you think is more nutritious a red or yellow crayon?

green is the most nutritious but after that yellow, however red tastes the best.... so you decide

5. Why is the sky blue? Why not red or yellow or anything else?

Because blue light from the sun strikes the air molecules and scatters and our eyes see it as blue

6. I'm planning a wedding that i think the colors are going to be red and yellow?

Red and yellow is the worst color combination ever. Just think of all the yucky red and yellow tulip gardens you've seen. They do not go at all. How about mint and brown or pink and brown?

7. Why the huge spread in the cost of green, red and yellow bell peppers?.?

I've wondered too. I think it's a rip off. I buy the .99c only. If I am looking to color my salad I use other vegetables of various colors.

8. I'm trying to get organized with red, yellow, blue and green folders...what stuff should go in which color?

Edit! Green=Something that has to be done,but not for a while.. This is the things you finish last. Red=Something that has to be done,right away.. This is the things you finish first. Yellow=Something that has to be done,not in a while,but not right away.Should be done second. Blue=Finished work. I THINK YOU NEED ANOTHER FOLDER. SAY PURPLE. Purple=fUN THINGS Examples; Red=Bills do soon, (for shool)-Reports needing to be finish. (for work)-Reports needed to be finish. checkbook. Yellow=Bills that came in after the red. for school-reports or hw not needed to soon.. for work-reports not needed to soon.. Green- Bills that just came in. For school-ideas for reports(same as work i geuss ideas for ur job) Blue- Finished work,you could bring this one to scho0ol/work. when you finished your report you put it in this then leave it somewhere u will see it,so you know you need to bring ur work to work or school. Purple- Mail.magazines,letters,poems or something you done in free time... PURPLE ISNT REQUIRED IT JUST HELPS ORGANIZE STUFF so things arnt all ova ur desk

9. What is that game with Red, Yellow, And Green Dice?

Toss Up Dice Game

10. Poll-Red, yellow or green apples?

Love green Granny Smith apples

11. What does a round red and yellow TSA Cleared sticker on my luggage tag mean? ?

It means they opened your suitcase and went through it. either it was chosen randomely or something looked funny on the x-ray

12. Dont you think that red, yellow and black are ugly wedding colors? Red bridesmaid dresses and yellow flowers!?

Why not try white instead of yellow?

13. do red and yellow go good together?

no. try red tank under white shirt

14. Red and yellow checkered slip on vans?

just get some red and white ones and then color them in

15. Green, Red, and Yellow Bell Peppers?

im not much of a pepper person but green

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