Hotel Banquet Furniture - What Are the Characteristics of Chinese Style Hotel Banquet Furniture?

What are the characteristics of Chinese style hotel banquet furniture? In a certain period, every nation will recall the ancient culture, and the Chinese decoration style is the best performance of this recall. The Chinese style is not only the memory of Chinese traditional art, but also a recovery of Chinese classical culture.

Chinese style decoration has inherited China's culture for thousands of years and become a classic of decoration. The Millennium ancient charm is integrated into it. Chinese style decoration has precipitated the ancient charm of Chinese culture for thousands of years. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has gradually formed into a Chinese traditional decoration style.

1. The origin and rise of Chinese style: at the end of the 20th century, with the continuous recovery of China's economy, various design concepts emerged, which can be said to repeat the various design trends in Europe and America again.

Later, with the rise of Sinology, Chinese people began to examine things around them from a cultural perspective. The resulting Chinese style design was also integrated into its design concept for many designs. Chinese decoration at the beginning of the 21st century has a trend of revival and popularity of Chinese style design.

The gradual popularity of Chinese style is mixed with many factors.

First of all, in the modern society where European and American culture is everywhere, Chinese people will naturally have psychological needs with Chinese traditional culture as the internal core element. Chinese style is one of the supports. Of course, it is not a simple superposition of traditional cultural elements. In the eyes of designers, Chinese style is no longer equal to old and rigid, Instead, it is close to nature, simple, friendly, simple but rich in connotation.

Secondly, as the second largest economic entity in the world, the new era needs a design concept to express, so the Chinese style came into being.

At the same time, in a society where material desires flow and various contradictions emerge one after another, the harmony and calm of Chinese traditional culture itself has been valued again. Combined with the aesthetic needs of contemporary people, the traditional style has been reborn again.

2. What is Chinese style: Chinese style does not completely copy the retro design of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but shows the Chinese style through the main characteristics of Chinese classics, and expresses the pursuit of the Oriental spiritual world of elegance, implicitly and dignified. Modern fashion elements are integrated into the current Chinese style decoration design, and the traditional Chinese elements are combined into another Chinese style decoration style through reshaped form design. Chinese style represents the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient Chinese, and it is also a reconstruction of Chinese classical elements.

3. Characteristics of Chinese decoration

(1) , solemnity and elegance. Solemnity and elegance coexist. The Chinese traditional concept stresses peace and integrity, which is reflected in symmetry and stability in home and architecture. From the material point of view, the Chinese decoration is mainly wood, showing the thick and calm spiritual temperament of the traditional Chinese style. In addition, the Chinese home environment pays attention to clear priorities and pursues symmetrical spatial layout and banquet furniture furnishings, Various reflect the solemnity and elegance precipitated by history. The square and symmetrical decoration effect can be seen in the Chinese decoration style.

(2) , wood and exquisite carving. When it comes to the characteristics of Chinese decoration, we have to talk about the use of wood products in Chinese style. The typical representative of decoration design with wood as the main material is to pay attention to the decoration style. The Chinese style cites the techniques of wood carving in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and cites wood carving and other decorations in the Chinese home environment, showing a more calm and introverted temperament. Wood products and amazing carving skills that can be seen everywhere in Chinese decoration style have become indispensable elements of Chinese decoration.

(3) A sense of spatial hierarchy. The traditional Chinese decoration style pays attention to the sense of hierarchy of space, which is inseparable from Chinese traditional ethics. In the Chinese decoration style, the space is divided by "dumb mouth", simplified "Bogu frame", Chinese screen or window lattice.

(4) , classical form decoration. Chinese style decoration characteristics classical form decoration Chinese style decoration style is an embodiment of traditional Chinese home culture. If you want to get better Chinese style decoration effect, antique decoration is indispensable. The large ones have screens and Bogu shelves, and the small ones have hanging paintings, ceramics, tea cups, etc.

4. Design principle of Chinese style: first of all, Chinese style is a contemporary design based on a full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. It is not a pile of pure elements, but a combination of modern elements and traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, so as to create things full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people and inherit the context of traditional art.

Secondly, it analyzes the spatial structure. The whole space from the entrance door to the living room, dining room, bedroom and even bathroom uses Chinese simple and strong lines. The Chinese style is introverted, solemn, elegant and simple everywhere. The use of straight-line decorative lines reflects the living atmosphere of modern people's pursuit of simple life and caters to the modern atmosphere, which makes the Chinese style more practical and full of modern color. The color of Chinese decoration pays attention to a kind of flow. Generally speaking, the color is mainly brown, which is particularly simple and natural. The Chinese style living room has an inherent style. In order to be comfortable, a set of Chinese solid wood is placed in such a Chinese space environment, but the color still reflects the simplicity of Chinese style. In the whole performance space, the tradition is modern and the modern is classical.

In this way, the rhythm controlled by an oriental aesthetic concept of "leaving blank" shows everyone's style. The number and content of calligraphy and paintings on the wall are not much, but the artistic conception it creates. It can be said that no matter how strong the west wind blows, the soothing artistic conception is always the unique feelings of Oriental people. Therefore, calligraphy is often the best means to achieve this poetic flavor. Lying on the comfortable sofa like this, the story of the Millennium flows through your fingers. Orange and orange lights are skillfully used in the space to express artistic conception. In the background wall of TV in bedroom, living room, aisle and restaurant, the brown solid wood print is lined with soft lights, which makes the Chinese elements in the whole space exude quaint and fresh charm.

Finally, the Chinese charm is presented through the lighting effect. In modern new Chinese style decoration, ceiling lamp strips, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. are often used. Different lamps create different lighting effects. Playing general warm lights at the entrance can make people feel bright and warm, while orange table lamps can activate the whole space, and the spotlights on the TV background wall play an important and prominent role, The sunlight entering from the window can be effectively integrated with the indoor light to create a different scene effect.

5. Key points of Chinese style design: Chinese style is mainly reflected in the traditional banquet furniture and decorations, with red as the main decorative color. The key points of Chinese style design are mainly reflected in the symmetrical layout, which shows elegant style and rich color composition.

There are many indoor furnishings used in Chinese style decoration design, basically including wood carvings, ornaments, calligraphy and painting, ceramics, screens, antiques, Bogu shelves, etc. the display of decorations can better show the Chinese classical charm. The strong color matching makes the interior decoration and banquet furniture modern, dignified and elegant, so the harmonious matching between color and banquet furniture cannot be lacked in Chinese style decoration design.

6. Chinese style decoration materials: Chinese style decoration is mainly made of wood and decorated by means of carving and painting. Even decoration materials and banquet furniture usually use high-grade mahogany such as sour branch wood or rosewood. After careful carving by craft masters, it has become an elegant art.

7. Chinese style decoration color: Chinese style mostly adopts dark and steady color or log color. Generally speaking, high-end decoration likes to use deep mahogany with a sense of historical precipitation. Red, yellow and other Chinese classic colors are used for decoration to better show the connotation of Chinese style decoration.

8. Chinese style decoration space: Chinese style attaches great importance to the sense of hierarchy of space. It likes to be divided by partition windows and screens. Solid wood is used to make a solid frame to fix the support, and lattice is used to carve flowers in the middle to make primitive patterns. Chinese style decoration banquet furniture. Banquet furniture is mostly made of deep wood, which attaches great importance to cultural connotation. Mahogany is a very good material, of course, it is also more expensive. Many other wood can also be used instead.

9. Characteristics of Chinese classical decoration style banquet furniture

(1) Tables: tables in Chinese classical decoration style include square table, long table, desk and Kang Table. Without exception, these tables are made of solid wood. Square table is the characteristic of Chinese classical decoration. It is usually made of good hardwood with very fine workmanship.

(2) Chair: senior teacher chair, official hat chair, ring chair, etc., with high requirements for wood.

(3) Couch: that is, bed, because in ancient times, bed was a kind of seat. At present, what we call bed is regarded as couch. At present, the Chinese bed that can also be seen in daily life is a four column or six column shelf bed. The shelf can be surrounded by curtains, and there is a top cover on the top of the bed. There is also a kind of bedding such as imperial concubine's couch and arhat bed, which is mainly used for lunch break.

(4) Case: that is, the case of book case we often hear. In addition, there are offering cases and painting cases. The carved decoration on them is very fine and vivid. In fact, offering cases first appeared. Offering cases are mainly suitable for sacrifice. Later, painting cases and painting cases are used as banquet furniture and close to life.

(5) Screen: screen is the most representative decorative element in Chinese style, and it is also one of the most widely used elements in modern families. Chinese screens are made in a variety of styles, including screen blocking, solid wood carving, puzzle board and so on. There are also some black painted gold screens, and hand painted flowers, characters or mascots on their surfaces. The painted patterns are strongly colored and clearly matched. In today's living room and Chinese restaurant, such screens will be placed, which can not only be used as partitions, but also add indoor Chinese classical flavor.

(6) Ceiling: the classic of Chinese style decoration is lattice, and the ceiling is no exception. Wooden strips are used to intersect into a square shape, covered with wood. The same is true for conditional panes. Of course, if conditions are limited, it can also be used as a simple annular lamp pool ceiling, with solid wood as a frame, with clear layers and painted in rosewood color.

The indoor environment of Chinese style decoration design gives people a solemn and elegant feeling. At the same time, Chinese style decoration also has a strong classical flavor, which makes people feel the strong historical flavor of Chinese style, and brings us a visual feast and spiritual feeling, which can not be replaced by other decoration styles. This is also the reason why many people like Chinese style decoration.

10. Chinese style is suitable for people: people who are calm and like Chinese traditional culture.

Hotel Banquet Furniture - What Are the Characteristics of Chinese Style Hotel Banquet Furniture? 1

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