Do I Have a Baby Shower Or Don't I???

Do I have a baby shower or don't I???

Do I Have a Baby Shower Or Don't I??? 1

Well first of all congrats.and yes have the baby shower. You get one for every child lol

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When's the best time to plan baby shower? and when should i start buying thingS?

You should plan to have the baby shower about a month before your due just incase you have it early. I started buying things when i was 2 1/2 months along so i dont think you can ever be too early, maybe just leave the little things that you want ppl to give you at the baby shower! Congrats!

Do I Have a Baby Shower Or Don't I??? 2

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Question for Moms who did NOT find out their baby's sex?

have the baby shower after the baby is born

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I have a baby shower to attend this weekend, what do you recommend for a gift?

A gift card so she can get what she needs. I was thankful for all the gift cards i got because there were somethings that i wanted for the baby and did not get at the baby shower. My recomendation is a gift card.

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Is baby yarn really necessary?

Baby Shower Bingo -This is the most popular of baby shower games. I like it because it keeps your guests involved and entertained while the mom-to-be opens her gifts. Sometimes it can take up to an hour or more so having a game to keep guests busy is ideal. Rules: Each guest gets a blank baby shower BINGO card. Have them fill in each square with gifts that they think the mom-to-be will receive. The winner is the first person to get 5 across, down, or diagonal. Plan on 6-8 winners depending on the number of people at the baby shower. Small prizes like sample body lotions, lip gloss, candles, etc. make nice prizes. First to Deliver - This is the most hilarious of baby shower games. Buy some small plastic babies that are tiny enough to fit in an ice cube tray. Put the babies in the tray and cover with juice or soda to freeze the babies into the ice cubes. The babies will float so you might have to freeze them in layers. Pour a small amount of liquid in the tray, let it freeze, and then fill the tray to the top to make a full size ice cube. The baby will then be secure inside of the frozen cube. Rules: When all of the guests have arrived, give them each a glass of punch with one ice cube baby in the glass. The first person who "gives birth" (ice cube melts and baby pops out) gets a prize. Do not Say Baby - Each guest is given a safety pin or clothespin when they arrive at the baby shower. The person with most pins at the end wins. Uh-oh Dirty Diaper - Make some small diapers out of white felt. Use pinking sheers to cut the felt for a nice effect. Pin a colored ribbon (blue or pink) to the outside to dress it up and hold it all together. Before pinning them all together, choose one to be a dirty diaper. Use melted chocolate or Dijon mustard for the perfect effect. When guests arrive at the shower, give them each a diaper corsage. Announce near the end of the shower for everyone to check their diaper. The one with the dirty diaper wins. The prize for this baby shower game can be a larger door prize like a gift basket or nice plant. Birthday Closest to Due Date - This is a great way for the guests to introduce themselves. Go around the room and have each person say their name, how they know the mom-to-be and their birthday. The person with their birthday closest to the baby's due date wins. Be sure to have a few prizes on hand in case there is more than one guest on or near the due date. How Big is Mommy's Tummy? This game is great if the mom-to-be is a good sport and not too sensitive about her growing belly. Give each person a long piece of string with a sticker label on the end so they can write their name on it. Have them cut the string to the size that they think the mom-to-be's tummy is around. The person with the closest length wins.

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