CEVA and Gennum Work Together to Provide a Complete SAS for Embedded Storage Applications

CEVA and gennum work together to provide a complete SAS 2.0 IP solution for embedded storage applications

CEVA and gennum's snowbush IP group (snowbush) announced a partnership to provide a complete Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 2.0 IP solution optimized for embedded storage applications. This comprehensive product integrates snowbush's Silicon proven 6.0gbps PHY IP and CEVA's SAS 2.0 controller IP, forming the industry's most mature and feature rich SAS 2.0 IP solution.

Due to the growing demand of users for improving performance and reliability, the enterprise data storage industry is rapidly evolving from parallel SCSI to Serial Attached SCSI. Compared with the previous generation of products, SAS 2.0 has doubled the line rate to 6gbps, so it has become the first choice for the design of new SAS products. CEVA and snowbush cooperate to provide a complete authorized SAS 2.0 solution, which can meet the growing demand of the industry [especially in solid state drive (SSD) applications where CEVA and snowbush have rich experience] for embedded SAS 2.0 IP.

Ewald liess, general manager of snowbush IP Department of gennum, said: "Since the introduction of SATA and SAS standards, CEVA and snowbush have always been the leaders in the field of serial storage IP, providing customers with the best solutions in the market. We are happy to cooperate with CEVA to provide leading SAS 2.0 solutions. By integrating the best technologies of the two enterprises, we can provide a complete PHY plus controller SAS 2.0 IP solution to further shorten SAS 2.0 Time to market. "

Aviv malinovitch, vice president of CEVA operations, said: "The storage solution with SAS function is one of the biggest driving forces for the growth of the enterprise data storage industry. We work closely with snowbush storage IP department to ensure that customers get a fully integrated complete SAS 2.0 IP solution. Moreover, this complete SAS product has a rich feature set and high flexibility, which is suitable for deployment in embedded SSD controllers without discrete bridge chips, Thus, the performance of SSD design with SAS function is improved and the overall cost is reduced. "

Ceva-sas 2.0 controller IP provides both target and initiator functions. It is suitable for narrowband or broadband port implementations with 6.0 / 3.0 / 1.5gbps data rate. It supports a variety of enterprise features, including SCSI sbc-2 end-to-end protection (DIF) , and high-performance full duplex DMA with IEEE 1212.1 scatter / gather. In addition, it provides a comprehensive configuration, control and alarm / status monitoring interface, as well as a variety of metering counters and error injection functions, which can meet the complex requirements of SAS system. Ceva-sas 2.0 controller IP has a complete programmable vendor specific Feature control allows users to create robust SAS 2.0 products with high differences.

Snowbush SAS PHY IP is specially designed to be easily integrated into the SOC design of storage applications. The process size range is reduced from 130nm to 40nm. Snowbush SAS PHY's programmable high swing transmission driver can generate 1.8V P-P output swing, exceeding the maximum peak to peak voltage requirements of sas-2 specification. Advanced TX equalizer provides up to 12dB pre emphasis It also includes independent pre cursor and post cursor horizontal control. The built-in spread spectrum clock (SSC) generation function supports down spreading and center spreading , it can achieve maximum flexibility without external SSC clock source. Its enhanced receiver equalization function includes an automatically calibrated continuous time timer linear equalizer (CTLE) and decision feedback equalization (DFE) To meet the requirements of lossy sas-2 substrates. Snowbush SAS PHY has been verified by a large number of silicon products, and snowbush provides professional integration support to enable customers to achieve their market and product differentiation goals.

CEVA and Gennum Work Together to Provide a Complete SAS for Embedded Storage Applications 1

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