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A car painted grey. Then a few weeks after telling my wife I did not understand why anyone would buy a grey car, I bought my Mazda 3 with a 'metallic' silver finish

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1. How can I match up my outfit with my make-up help me!!!best answer 10 points!!!!?

The best way to look good is to NOT match your outfit with your makeup. By the description you gave, you probally look relatively good in green. If you wear green, you can make your eyes "pop" if you use gold or beige-y eyeshadow ( on top lids and on your lash line) then get an eyeshadow brush, wet it a little and dip it in grey to dark brown eyeshadow and put that on your bottom lash line as well. Then just a swipe of mascara and volia, cute, but not too slutty

2. What do you think is the best type of camo?

Black and grey

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Some shades of pink,lilac,black,white and maybe some shades of grey

4. PLEASE READ!! a small part of my 50 Shades style novel any good?

That is vastly superior to 50 shades of grey, the story of o or any other bdsm fiction since the marquis de sade himself. BRAVA!

5. I dyed a pair of white pants grey. I'd like to make them darker. Do I just use the same recipe again?

gray is a independent so confident you may. Neutrals like black, white and grey might properly be worn with something. The pants do not ought to have the comparable trend because of fact the jacket. they may be sturdy and nevertheless bypass

6. why are all roads grey?

They are not. Some are whitish--like off-white, like macadem. Some are grey like gravel roads. Some are brown, like dirt roads. Some are black like tarmc or asphalt. Finally, red, like cobblestones. Great question, though!

7. What hair color should i have next?

grey. you didnt do grey yet

8. What is the best way to decorate a room with black walls?

dont paint all 4 walls black paint 2 opposite walls black and the other 2 a nice shade of grey ive seen this done in a mates house and its really really nice . have 2 or 3 bright lamps to have good lighting for night time


Brown looks prettier......and so does grey, try green. You look different

10. im 12 years old and male. Im not good in matching clothing, so can u people help me.?

well umm jeans, usually will match with practically anything. as for the shoes.....i would suggest the black and grey for the: black,light blue, purple, white, grey and dark blue shirts. the black and white ones for the: black, light blue, white, orange?, dark blue and yellow maybe. and for the black and red ones: black, yellow?, red and white? okay blue jeans go well with everything, black goes with dark colors, grey goes with medium colors and dark blue goes with everything also. i hope i helped. =)

11. Looking for a spagetti sause recipe ASAP..please =)?

Not sure of the recipe but I can help you with cooking it. Chop an onion as fine as you can and do a whole pepper in diced chunks (whatever size you want, but I prefer it pretty small). Slice a load of mushrooms, you will need a lot as they shrink down to about half their size if not more once cooked. A box from the supermarket should suffice, again it depends how many mushrooms you want in it). Put some oil in the pan (a drizzle will do) heat it up until you think it's hot and throw in the onions, mushrooms and peppers and let them sweat out the moisture and go slightly golden but definitely not brown!. This should take maybe three minutes, but I am only guessing here; keep an eye on it all. You probably want to thrown the sugar in at this stage to caramalise the vegetables and give them a sweet taste when you bite into them. Make a small well in the centre of the vegetables so you have the exposed pan where all the heat is and throw the meat into that (if you precook this in bacon grease that's fine it just means it's already cooked). Stir everything as you go, as always, and wait for the meat to go slightly brown(it should go grey first and then start ot tinge brown on the edges). You should also season with salt and pepper, the salt will really get the flavours of the oil and vegetables into the meat. Throw in the wine and let that completely reduce, you do not want it liquidy and you need to get rid of the acidity of the wine as well, either white or red is fine depending on whether you wanty a deep and rich flavour(red) or a sweet and fruity flavour (white). Either way a large glass-full will do the trick. At this stage I would probably throw some tomato puree and a tin of chopped tomatoes into the mix to give it some sauce and just let it simmer for about 30 minutes, a clove or two of garlic if you like it (I usually add about 4 ^_^). Add the basil and thyme and cook for another five minutes before serving with spaghetti.

Bellum omnium contra
25 Simple Ways to Make a Grey Bedroom Cool
25 Simple Ways to Make a Grey Bedroom Cool
Grey is a popular color for rocking in bedrooms because this is a calm and neutral color, and this is what we need to relax. Grey is also a very compatible color, you may rock it with anything or go for different shades of grey all together. The only disadvantage is that a grey space can be very boring as this color is all-neutral. How to avoid a boring look? Infuse your grey bedroom with various colors of your choice easily - with accessories and furniture, or use artworks, which are a simple and budget-friendly option. Here are some examples to pull off a grey bedroom with style.Grey is a neutral color that looks great with literally any other color, from soft and pastel tones to bold and eye-catchy ones. Everything here depends on the effect you want: pair grey with white or other neutrals to achieve a fresh and inviting look. If you want a glam feel, go for grey plus some shades of pink, add a crystal chandelier and some faux fur. Combine grey with bold colors of your choice to create a contrast and add depth and drama to the space decor. How to infuse your space with colors? Go for colorful bedding, curtains, rugs, artworks and various furniture. Use various materials - knitted pieces, faux fur, silk, various types of upholstery, leather and wood to add texture to the bedroom and make it more interesting again.A gallery wall is a popular feature for modern home decor, and more and more home owners create them at home. A gallery wall is rather easy to design (look for a full tutorial here), and you may include totally different items, from signs to your own photos there to create different effects. Create a gallery wall over the headboard or in an awkward nook or wherever else you want, and you will get a bold decor feature without spending much time or money.Grey sequined dress with hot pink leggings?Everything sounds nice except for the hot pink leggingsWhat goes well with light grey leggings?Any of your soft pastels would look greatQues tion about Grey's Anatomy?The writers want you to believe that George and Izzie always had feelings for each other, but in the first and most of the second seasons George was in love with Meredith. I think they needed a new drama since the Addison/ Derek/ Meredith triangle was resolved. I am not really a fan of George/Izzie (Gizzie) because it just started showing up in the last 3 episodes and is a little rushed, especially since like 2 eps back Izzie was connected to Denny and is still not over him. Its like she forgot about Denny. As for whether or not they actually have feelings, I do not know, its all about the writers, but I hope that they were just drunk.Do the colors red, green and grey match?Using the color wheel, the colors that you've mentioned match each other. A dark green top will give a good contrast to a gray hoodie. Red is always being paired with green. I do not see any reason why these 3 colors wo not compliment each other.What is the best Vodka besides Grey Goose?Premium vodka is an invented market to separate those who wish to appear to have taste from their moneyWhat goes best with these grey skinny jeans?shoes: either black flats or tucked into ankle/knee high boots shirt: neutral colour (not brown), and a grandpa cardigan with a few long necklaces!Is Denny Duquette of Grey's Anatomy dead?They are writing that Izzie is losing her mind...she's going to be written out of the showWhat is the best Earl Grey tea brand?earl grey is a type of tea. i have mistaken this for both a brand and a person before!Will there be more episodes of D. Grey Man?I am pretty sure there's going to be new episodes because the only reason it stopped was because the anime had reached the same point as the manga and the director did not want to make a bunch of filler like Bleach and Naruto do. Also the reason the manga stopped in the first place was because the writer had to have surgery on his hand so let's pray that he will be able to finish the manga
The Most Popular Grey Soap That Can Clean Soap
The Most Popular Grey Soap That Can Clean Soap
In addition to the effects everyone else mentioned. I would like to also note going on just antiandrogen can cause your hair to start turning grey. I actually experienced this years ago. I could not afford HRT, but a friend had just had her orchiectomy, so no longer needed the spiro she had mail ordered. She gave them to me and told me how much to take based on my weight, with the intent of impeding any further effects my natural T was causing. I started to go grey by the 3rd month, but thats also when the spiro ran out. Shortly after, color could be seen growing in behind where the grey had started growing. So that was a disaster aborted. On the otherhand a worse disaster was just starting. Coming off the spiro resulted in my T rebounding hard, which ofcourse meant more DHT, my hair started thinning fast..... After a few months the thinning stopped progressing, but the damage is done... I am actually on E now, as well as P and spiro. My hair has rethickened some, but I fear I will never have the thick luscious head of hair salon stylists always expressed jealously over again....I dont recommend antiandrogens alone. But, if you do, and you need to stop. Do not stop abruptly. Reduce your dosage slowly to keep your T from rebounding1. Getting on the Grey's Anatomy bandwagon?season three was def down from one and two though i loved looking at eric dane (mcsteamy) whenever he was on! can not really stand meredith (the character not the actress) but the rest of the cast makes up for her annoyances. addison's spin off (private practice) has already had a recast and only the pilot aired. that's interesting. we will see how season 4 of grey's is without her and burke... two pretty main characters. poof gone!2. What's the difference between silver and grey?Silver is more shiny whereas grey is just one colour3. To go grey or not to go grey?Why not go multi-colored? It seems to be the fad right now. I think it looks great, you could use the wash out stuff. Try it, You might like it4. Congo African grey diet?African Grey Diet5. who do you want to be christian grey, in the upcoming movie: Fifty Shades of Grey?oh god alex pettyfer is stunning but I think I can picture ian somerhalder more6. olive or grey dress with black boots?Olive although both will look stunning7. What makeup can I wear with a dress with a color like this?If I was wearing that dress (which is beautiful by the way!) I would do a classic smoky eye look, and I know you said eye shadow names would be helpful but really you can use whatever eye shadow you think gives you the best smoky eye look. Typically I would use a shimmery black, a metallic grey and and lighter grey8. Books like Fifty Shades of Grey..?If you liked Fifty Shades, you will really like the books I've read: Sinner on Tour (1-3) by Olivia Cunning On the Island by Tracey Gravis Graves Perfection: A Neighbor from Hell Novel (1-3) by RL Mathewson Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire9. Grey Anatomy..real hospital in Seattle?I live near Seattle and I can tell you there's no Grace hospital there10. 50 Shades of Grey Advice?It's repetitive. Poorly written. If you are bored, read it11. Is 50 shades of grey a good book?I do not think it's appropriate for a 13 year old. Unless you are extremely mature for your age. It has a lot of sexual content that you might not be comfortable with.12. Video gaming room ideas?I just made a video game room in the garage out of what we already had :P My family moved about a year ago... in with my grandma. So we have a lot of extra furniture and TVs. I put 2 TVs in there, each hooked up with a different system, a love seat, a lounge chair, and two leather chairs on carpet. It's really simple... and a garage.. but I love it. It all depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for hardcore, paint the walls a darker color like red or blue or dark grey. If you have the money for a flat screen and think it would be worth it, go for it. But it is not necessary, and unless you have another reason to invest in one other than just "video game room accessory," it seems like a waste of money. Posters would be very cool. I would put a couch in the back, a sort of comfortable place for a casual game or where watchers could enjoy it. But keep some smaller, simpler chairs up nice and close when you need to concentrate on a more fast-paced game. Carpet or wood would be nice if they are an option. Maybe a mini fridge to put some soda or snacks in. Just go to the store with a budget and see what is there. Good luck, sounds like it will be a fun idea. :)
Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk
Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk
Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, 3rd Marquess of Dorset KG KB (17 January 1517 - 23 February 1554), was an English courtier and nobleman of the Tudor period. He was the father of Lady Jane Grey, known as "the Nine Days' Queen"• Other Related Knowledge ofhenry grey— — — — — —Henry Grey, 4th Earl of KentHenry Grey, 4th Earl of Kent (c. 1495 - 24 September 1562) was Earl of Kent from 1524 to his death. He was a son of George Grey, 2nd Earl of Kent and his second wife Catherine Herbert. His maternal grandparents were William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Anne Devereux. His father was previously married to Anne Woodville, a daughter of Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers and Jacquetta of Luxembourg. His only known paternal half-brother was Richard Grey, 3rd Earl of Kent. Richard succeeded their father as Earl of Kent but wound up heavily in debt, probably through gambling, and was forced to alienate most of his property. A good part ended up in the crown's hands; historians disagree regarding what this says about the relationship of Henry VII of England with the aristocracy. When Richard died childless, Henry inherited the title of Earl of Kent and what was left of the associated property. Henry tried, with little success, to reacquire the property Richard had sold, and had to live as a modest gentleman, never formally taking title as earl. He married Anne Blennerhassett daughter of John Blennerhassett and Jane Higham. They had two children: Henry Grey (1520-1545). He married Margaret St. John. They were parents to Reginald Grey, 5th Earl of Kent, Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent and Charles Grey, 7th Earl of Kent. Katherine Grey. She is mentioned to have married twice, to unnamed members of the Slayton and Spencer families. Uncertain if she had descendants.— — — — — —Henry Grey, 10th Earl of KentHenry Grey, 10th Earl of Kent (24 November 1594 - 28 May 1651), known as Lord Ruthin from 1639 to 1643, was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1640 and succeeded to the title Earl of Kent in 1643. Grey was the eldest son of Rev. Anthony Grey, 9th Earl of Kent, and his wife Magdalene Purefoy, daughter of William Purefoy of Caldecote, Warwickshire. His father was rector of Aston Flamville, Leicestershire. Grey became Lord Ruthin on 21 November 1639. In April 1640 he was elected Member of Parliament for Leicestershire for the Short Parliament but did not sit in the Long Parliament. On 4 June 1642 Grey was chosen by the parliament as first commissioner of the militia in Leicestershire. He inherited the title as Earl of Kent on the death of his father in 1643. On 16 August 1644 he became a commissioner of martial law and on 24 August be became Lord Lieutenant of Rutland. He became speaker of the House of Lords on 13 February 1645. He was resworn first commissioner of the great seal on 20 March 1645, and continued in office until 30 October 1646, when the seal was given to the speakers of the two houses. He was Custos Rotulorum of Bedfordshire and was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire by parliament on the Long Parliament on 2 July 1646 and held the position until his death. Grey became speaker of the House of Lords on 6 September 1647 and became a member of the committee of the navy and customs on 17 December 1647. He was one of the lords commissioners who took the four bills to the king at the Isle of Wight, and had to bring them back unsigned. In January 1648, he was selected to replace Earl of Essex as one of the seven peers on the Derby House Committee soon after it replaced the Committee of Both Kingdoms as Parliament's principal proto-executive body. On 17 March 1648, he was renominated chief commissioner of the great seal together with another lord and two commoners, but took no part in the trial or death of the king. He remained in office until the commons voted the abolition of the House of Lords on 6 February 1649, and two days after placed the seal in other hands. Grey married firstly Mary Courteen, daughter of Sir William Courteen and had a son Henry Grey who is believed to have died young. Mary died on 9 March 1644 and he married secondly on 1 August 1644 Annabel or Amabel Benn, daughter of Sir Anthony Benn and widow of Anthony Fane, the third surviving son of Francis Fane. They had two children: Anthony, who inherited the earldom, and Elizabeth, who married Banastre Maynard, 3rd Baron Maynard. Grey died aged 56 and a monument to his memory was erected by his widow in Flitton Church, Bedfordshire.
Police Hunt Three Men After Violent Newton Mearns Attack
Police Hunt Three Men After Violent Newton Mearns Attack
Police in East Renfrewshire are hunting a gang of three men who assaulted a man in broad daylight in a targeted attack.Police were called to Crookfur Road in Newton Mearns at about 12:30 on Thursday after a 36-year-old man was set upon by three armed men.Two arrived in a Transit van and one in a car. They made off before emergency services arrived.The victim was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where his condition is stable.Police said the first suspect was driving a grey Hyundai and described him as white, in his late 30s to early 40s, of stocky build with short dark hair. He was wearing a grey T-shirt.The second suspect, who was driving a white Ford Transit Van, is described as white, in his late 30s to early 40s, of medium build with a bald or shaved head and a short fair beard. He was wearing a grey and white T-shirt, grey jogging bottoms and spoke with a Glasgow accent.The third suspect, who was a passenger in the van, is described as white, in his mid to late 30s, of slight build, and wearing a grey hoodie with the hood up. He may have been bald and was described as being of similar appearance to the driver.Following the attack the grey Hyundai was seen driving east along Crookfur Road, while the Transit van headed west.Det Sgt Nick Gribben said: "This was a violent and targeted attack which took place in a busy residential area, near to a primary school."The conduct of these individuals is completely unacceptable and extensive enquiries are ongoing to trace them."Crookfur Road and the surrounding area was busy with cars at the time of the incident and I would urge any motorists with dashcams who were nearby to please check their footage in case they have captured anything which could be of significance."I would also ask any members of the public who saw or heard anything suspicious, and are yet to speak to police, to get in touch."
Why Does Stress Cause Grey Hair?
Not sure but would like to learn why from someone answering your interesting question1. what color curtains should i get if i have a blue bed spread and a tye dye tapestry?What colour are your walls? Just going off what you are saying I would suggest a neutral colour like black, white, brown, or grey just so there is not too much "going on." If your walls are white you could probably get away with pulling one of the colours from the tapestry - yellow, red, green, whatever you want - and using that. Since it matches a colour in the tapestry it will still match.2. Who wants to help me with a tattoo question?I would just leave it largely skin color where you want the white with some white highlights I think. Then I would add any color to the face to make it look like a colored tattoo rather than just black and grey. I am not big on black and grey. It just takes a little color to make something really stand out. Best to go to talk to your tattooer about it.3. What color shirt goes with grey shorts?waer the yellow it will just look great!4. Changing lights caused grey water?do no longer do a seventy 5 % water exchange ever! the available decision are: a million) in case you moved some thing around in the tank, the debris from below the gravel probable got here up... it is normall and could clean up interior of a pair of hours. yet once you have been in basic terms sitting there and the tank gradually became cloudy without obtrusive reason, you got a difficulty. .. 2) The clear out is clogged and is not any longer turning up water rapid sufficient - clean it out or see if its broken - dont in basic terms randomly replace it! except it doent commence, its no longer its fault. If needed, replace the clear out media. 3)you have a phosphate enhance in the water and/or the lights is in basic terms too impressive, which carry approximately surprising blooming of phyto plancton (water agae). attempt changing a million/2 of the water and diming the lights furniture somewhat. This one is not likely. Algae bloom could additionally be led to by technique of the decomposition of a ineffective fish - verify for that. 4) The clear out is not powerfull sufficient to deal with certainly one of those vast quantity and/or plenty waste. then you definately shoud evaluate procuring a greater useful one. in basic terms clean out the clear out, await a pair of day, and if it doent settle, then you definately want attempt staring at ideas 3/45. makeup tips for blue-grey eyes?I have the same color of eyes as you, and I hate eyeliner too lol! I like using black mascara (Maybelline is pretty cheap, and is great quality)! As for eyeshadow, I think brown, grey, purple, and dark blue definitely brings out blue-grey eyes. Dark blue is kind of extreme, but it's really pretty! You could do a smokey eye look with the grey. Complete this look with some blush and lipgloss! All products I would suggest are by Maybelline. That's my favorite brand of make up. Good luck, and I hope I helped! :).6. Why is the Phoenix Force obsessed with Jean Grey?The Phoenix Force considers Jean Grey to be its perfect host. So much so that it is willing to ressurect her for continued use. The Phoenix Force also seeks out members of her bloodline as well, like Rachel. The primary reason is that the Phoenix Force is most compatible with psionic entities and Jean Grey is amongst the most powerful of them: being an Omega level mutant.Recent comics have tried distinguishing her mutant powers separate from the Phoenix Force as they are often muddled. For the longest time Jean Grey's powers were considered enhanced by the Phoenix Force, often employing that imagery when in use, such as with Phoenix and fire motifs. Her younger, time displaced self has shown enough psionic power to beat Gladiator, who is a Superman analogue. And her evil future counterpart has displayed so much power that she easily overpowered Emma Frost and Stepford Cukoos. All of whom are Omega level telepaths themselves. So the Phoenix Force is obsessed with Jean Grey because she is the perfect vessel. She possesses vast psionic powers naturally, which may mean she's most capable of wielding the Phoenix Force without side effects.Lasty, Jean Grey seems to have the most history with Phoenix Force and has a symbiotic relationship, i. e. White Phoenix.
Knowledge Related to Trude
Trude (German: Trude, die Sechzehnjhrige) is a 1926 German silent film directed by Conrad Wiene and starring Olga Chekhova, Max Landa and Paul Morgan.The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert A. Dietrich.• Other Related Knowledge of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyCast and roles of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyRomy Schneider as Elsa Wiener / Lina BaumsteinMichel Piccoli as Max BaumsteinHelmut Griem as Michel WienerDominique Labourier as Charlotte MaupasGrard Klein as Maurice BouillardMathieu Carrire as Ruppert von Legaart / Federico LegoJacques Martin as Marcel, a cabaret artistWendelin Werner as young MaxMarcel Bozonnet as MercierChristiane Cohendy as Hlne NolinPierre Michal as Me JouffroyVronique Silver as presiding judgeMaria Schell as Anna HellwigRaymond AquilonBatrice AvoineMartine de BreteuilArnaud CarbonnierPatricia CartierAndr ChaumeauAlain MacMoyStephan MeldeggJacques NolotPierre PernetJean Reno as neo-NaziIsabelle Sadoyan------Cast of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyBarbara Bedford as Sunshine O'DayKenneth MacDonald as Jerry SullivanMax Davidson as Solomon LevyNigel Barrie as Stanley DouglasGayne Whitman as Glen WathershoonLucille Lee Stewart as Gladys WaldroonTui Bow as Queenie MayJ. Parks Jones as Chet HawkinsBobby Nelson as BumFrank Weed as Daddy O'DayMax AsherEvelyn ShermanLeon HolmesMonty O'Grady as Little BoyHelene Pirie as Aggie------Synopsis of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyDuring an interview, Max Baumstein (Piccoli), respected chairman of a humanitarian organisation, shoots the Paraguayan ambassador dead, in cold blood. Tried for first-degree murder, he explains himself: the ambassador was a former Nazi official, responsible for the extermination of his foster parents------Must We Get Divorced? of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyMust We Get Divorced? (German: Mu man sich gleich scheiden lassen) is a 1933 German comedy film directed by Hans Behrendt and starring Else Elster, Aribert Mog and Ivn Petrovich.The film's sets were designed by the art director Max Knaake.------Trude of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyTrude (German: Trude, die Sechzehnjhrige) is a 1926 German silent film directed by Conrad Wiene and starring Olga Chekhova, Max Landa and Paul Morgan.The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert A. Dietrich.------The Passerby of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyThe Passerby (original French title: La passante du Sans-Souci, "The Passerby of Sans-Souci") is a 1982 French-West German drama film directed by Jacques Rouffio, based on the 1936 novel on the same name by Joseph Kessel, and starring Romy Schneider and Michel Piccoli. It was the last film of Schneider.It was shot at the Spandau Studios in Berlin and on location in Berlin and Paris. The film's sets were designed by the art director Hans Jrgen Kiebach.------David Lyme of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyDavid Lyme (born Jordi Cubino Bermejo, 22 November 1966, Spain), also known as Jordi Cubino, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, and model. He is one of the pillars of the so-called "Sabadell sound" (named after the Spanish city of Sabadell), a variant of the Italo disco made in Spain, which became popular in Europe in the 1980s.Originally, he started out singing opera, but later discovered Italo disco by "accident".In 1985, he released his first single "Bambina", under Max Music and it became so successful that he soon released two more singles ("Let's Go to Sitges" and "Playboy"), followed by the release of his debut album, Like a Star. The album contains eight songs including two ballads, a new version of "Bambina", as well as the hit singles "Bye Bye Mi Amor" and "I Don't Wanna Lose You". Those singles were popular in various countries across Europe, but most popular in Japan and the Philippines.In 1988, he released his second album, Lady, which included the singles "Never Say You Love Me" and "Lady". His singles are included in the compilation series Max Mix, including Max Mix 2 ("Let's Go to Sitges"), Max Mix 3 ("Bambina"), Max Mix 4 ("Playboy"), Max Mix 5 ("Bye Bye Mi Amor" and "I Don't Wanna Lose You"), and Max Mix 6 ("Never Say You Love Me").In 1990, Lyme left Max Music and joined the label Blanco Y Negro (a competitor at the time for Max Music). He then released the single "Perestroika". However, it was less successful than his previous singles. This led to the end of Lyme's singing career.Despite the collapse of his singing career, he now owns a recording studio. He produces and writes music for other artists. He also writes songs for TV commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola and Chupa Chups. A compilation of his singles was released by Sony Music in 2004.
What Happens When Wild African Grey and Hand Reared African Grey Put Together in One Cage?
it is going to take very lots time endurance and prefer to tame the wild gray. the suited way is for occasion with the hand reared one. on no account enable them to out at comparable time till the wild is tame. Then basically once you are around. make confident the two birds are in reliable wellbeing till now placed them in comparable room. Get a reliable e book on those birds. Wild ones would properly be tamed notwithstanding all of it takes time. reliable issues come to those that wait. I accompanied a grey that became abused and that's been 2 years and he finally trusts me and is a sturdy fowl. yet nevertheless often times tries to bite1. What color of tie would women like the most?I like grey, blue and red color tie2. Hairdressers: Does anything really cover gray and stay on?Another trick is to take a cotton ball, and dip into 20 volume cream developer, then pat the spots that are heavy in grey, or your regrowth (roots), wait 15 minutes after your done applying the developer, then apply the color (dye) to your hair. You may need to buy a separate bottle of developer or may be able to use what came with your kit if you usually have some left over3. To what extent are YOUR morals black and white?Barely black & white at all - there are many shades of grey. Moral issues are opinions & therefore by definition they are open to debate. However, I admit that I have strong opinions about certain issues that I consider to be either a darker or lighter shade.4. do you like this prom dress?that dress so amazing i like it in grey but if ur more adventurous try green, but i dont really know either :P anyway i hope i helped5. Does Black And Grey Go Together?duh you idiot, there like the very 2 colors that go together very well6. Black suit or grey suit, ladies?Come out with rainbow coloured ties, it always works for me7. Why parents have grey hair?fantasticAL8. Should primer be tinted to cover a very dark burgundy wall and what color tint for a wall that will be gray?A little tint in the primer will help a lot. If your getting a special made tinted grey, buy the prime at the same time and have it tinted to help. I have heard , but not seen any for myself ,that there are slightly tinted grey primers to help cover dark going to lighter color walls. Even then you may need 2 coats of primer and a coat of grey , or one primer and two greys to go from dark to a lighter color. Quality of paint, roller nap depth play a factor in this.. GL9. My african grey not eating fruits.?Keep trying and also try a variety of fruits. Eventually he will try them and he will like some of them and wo not like others. Try giving him a variety of fruit in the morning when he's hungry. If he's a seed junkie, try sprinkling seeds all over some fruit before you put in in a dish. He will probably pick the seeds off of it but at least he will get use to the fruit smell and taste. Eventually he might decide that he likes the fruit. Also do not forget to remove the fruit or it will spoil and make him sick. I would not leave it in there more than 1 to 2 hours because it begins to spoil.10. African Grey parrot problems ?FOR BITING:::::: Greys have somewhat of a reputation for biting, but this largely relates to the socialization issue. Like other parrots they will bite, especially if they feel threatened in any way. However, the trust of an African grey must be earned through patience and respect, and pushing interaction with a grey that does not trust you fully may result in a bite. They are also perceptive to the moods of the people around them, so they should be approached with a calm and relaxed demeanor, or the bird may become agitated or excited. Also, a bored or stressed parrot is more likely to exhibit behavioral problems including biting, so making sure the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the bird are not being met will help avoid problems. The intelligence of these birds means they must have a lot of social interaction with their owners along with and mental and physical stimulation. FOR PLUCKING OF FEATHERS ::::: African greys have a reputation as feather pickers. Parrots, including greys, will sometimes resort to feather picking or worse forms of self mutilation for a variety of physical and physiological reasons, and also if their emotional needs are not being met or they are stressed. It should be noted that any bird that is plucking its feathers needs a thorough check up with an avian veterinarian to rule out a physical cause first, and if none can be found that behavioral reasons should be explored. Any increased tendency greys might have toward this problem is likely due to their intelligence and needs for attention and stimulation. There is a good discussion of feather plucking and possible causes from "Winged Wisdom." TO FIND OUT THE GENDER OF YOUR A.G.P The short answer is no. u can never find the sex of the a.g.p as there might be some instances where the majority of African greys have similar eyes depending on sex, but the variable is too great to use eyes as an indication of sex. There are other visual indicators that can be used.The indicators with many examples, being much less variable than just using the eye alone. The eye used in conjunction with the other indicators, and an experienced observer's eye, can usually indicate the sex of an African grey with about 95-percent accuracy. Although I never have any of my African greys sexed when setting them up for breeding, I always have any African greys I sell DNA-sexed if the buyer is requesting a certain sex. If one needs or wants to know the sex of their bird, DNA sexing is the way to go. ALSO the boy greys are darker then the female because i had a dna test done for my parrot and my boy one is darker then my girl one. HOPED I HELPED. :) :) :) :)
What Goes with Slim Grey Cargo Pants?
white v neck1. how do i slim down my child?Time your consuming and exercise appropriately. Never eat before you decide to work out, and wait 30 to 60 minutes after training to guarantee you catch your metabolism in its highest2. Is the PS3 Slim better?1-There both the same. The slim is eco friendly. Thats like the only thing the PS3S beats on the PS3F. #2-No like I said it is 34% more cooler than the PS3F. Does not really matter because PS3F had no problems with this. #3-Nope other then more memory. Here is the simple answer: Only beats 2 things than the PS3F. Less hot and more memory. PS3S does not even play PS2 games!!!3. 360 Slim or PS3 slim?I know what you mean. Im about to buy an xbox 360 elite and i already have a ps3 so i would recommend you buy ps3. THE graphics are great and plus you have a blu-ray system installed in it. ALso ps3 has really good single player games like Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, etc. I would centairly go for the ps3.4. Whats wrong with this PS2 Slim ?The AC adapter that connects with the plug may have blown out. I had that same problem. When I switched AC adapters my PS2 worked again. Just go to a pawn shop to find another AC adapter or take the Ps2 back with a receipt. You can also make sure the outlet on your wall works5. How much for a PSP Slim battery?around 50$. Its cheaper if u buy online6. Does swimming give you slim or bulky legs?i think it has to do with what kind of genes you have. look around your family. does your mom or dad have bulky or slim legs? your grandma or grandpa? i get bulky legs from running and swimming. thats just the way my family is. my dad use to be a body builder so i think i get it from him. my mom has slimmer legs when she was in shape, but unfortnatley i didnt inherit that...... but i like my bulky legs. no one else seems to have them around the pool. makes me look strong. :)7. Makeup help? Making face look slim?Other than foundation - here are some tricks in getting a slimmer face. ]Early morning tea time is a great way to get rid of any bloating or puffiness in the skin. Peppermint and ginger are both known to help get rid of excess bloat. No tea on hand? No problem. Heat warm water on the stove and squeeze some fresh lemon for taste. My Picks: Trader Joe's Herbal Peppermint Tea and Yogi Tea in Ginger Prime the Skin Using a brightening and tightening primer before makeup can instantly tighten skin and help decrease puffiness. Say goodbye to large pores and dehydrated complexion. My Picks: Urban Decay Brightening and Tightening Complexion Primer Potion and Make Up For Ever Toning Tightening and Refining HD Primer8. 6"2 slim very hard to gain muscle?Well, it truthfully relies what type of muscular tissues you desire to construct up. If you want you be -tremendous- fast, it is few reps, with tons of weights. Like three units, of eight repetitions. 3x8 in different phrases. And handiest have a temporary holiday on two-three mins among every set. As good as (Depending on how lengthy you've gotten been coaching) coach extra of the equal muscle class, for an illustration. three-four biceps sporting activities, and three-four bag sporting activities. Next day, the equal quantity of triceps and chest. Could upload a -lot- extra, however that is virtually a well advisor line9. how to slim thighs down quick?run, walk, swim, or dance every day do thigh toning - lunges, squats, etc. avoid all fried, fast, and junk foods drink 1/2 gallon of water a day take a good multivitamin with minerals every day eat daily, in servings: a] two to three of lean protein b] three of whole grain bread, cereal, rice, or pasta c] two of low fat milk d] three of plain [ no butter, sauce, gravy ] e] two of fruit Good luck!10. What are the best skinny/slim fit jeans for guys???steve and barrys thay are new cheap and cool.
Can Black Metal Fan Wear Grey Sneaker's Is That Normal for This Subculture
Black metal fans can wear grey sneakers but anything that is not black or gothic style is frowned upon by this subculture. The advantage of this subculture is that they are not typically mean to others that do not meet their ideas of what to wear and not wear.What are some of your favorite Black Metal albums?Amesoeurs - 'Amesoeurs' (2009) Enslaved - 'Below the Lights' (2003) Dissection - 'Storm of the Light's Bane' (1995)To anyone into black metal, death metal, etc.?Trivium,Log moronic?well at least the singers dont sound like the cookie monster.have you heard Goatwhore thats heavy as hell,maybe morbid angel,napalm death,pestilence,celtic frost have all put out discs in the last year or so and they arent changeing.hbb has its pros and cons just like it did many years ago.Is it wrong for a Christian to listen to black metal?No. It's like a pacifist listening to PanteraAny good sites for death/black metal band hoodies?You can go with and they've got a few of them. You can also try but that's more or less dedicated to cds (although they do have some band merch like hoodies).Why is Christian Rock attacked so much yet anything Death/Black Metal is allowed a pass?My problem with Christian rock is not the lyrics or subject matter, it is the quality of the music. Sorry, but with a few exceptions the genre sucks donkey ballsWhat kind of jewlery would go with a black metallic dress?Silver!!! It looks more elegant and sophisticated than brightly colored jewelry. :)R&P: In The Case Of Black Metal, Wouldn't This Make Them Less Extreme?the use of keyboards are to make it melodicIm bored) tell me your favorite metal albums from these sub genres.?Yeah good call, here goes : Traditional metal Judas Priest 'Defenders Of the Faith. Iron Maiden 'Powerslave'. Dio 'The Last In Line'. Mercyful Fate 'Do not break the Oath'. Power metal Fates Warning 'Night On Brocken' [this is before they became more progressive]. Jag Panzer 'Ample Destruction'. Thrash metal Slayer 'Hell Awaits'. Kreator 'Pleasure To Kill'. Exodus 'Bonded By Blood'. Dark Angel 'Darkness Denscends'. Razor 'Evil Invaders'. Death metal Possessed 'Seven Churches'. Death Scream 'Bloody Gore' [RIP Evil Chuck]. Morbid Angel 'Abominations Of Desolation'. Sepultura 'Bestial Devastation'. Black metal Venom 'At War With Satan'. Bathory 'The Return'. [Note - Black metal is NOT that Norwegian style metal crap. Black metal is a lyrical direction, NOT a sound]. Melodic death metal - This is NOT a true metal genre, but a TREND. Doom metal Trouble - self titled debut album. Old Black Sabbath Albums - the ORIGINATORS of doom AND heavy metal as a whole. Also THEY truly are entitled to the name Black Sabbath - Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne OFF. Folk metal - ???? Heard of it, but never listened to it. Is this a true metal genre????All black metal bands are satanist?Not sure, but I damn sure hope not> I used to be a fan of SLAYER, and other bands of that genre, but kind of lost interest as I aged, and saw **** like Columbine, and NOW, VA tech. I am still all for Judas Priest, IronMaiden, Kiss, AC/DC, etc...I find it hard to be comfortable saying "kill GOD".What is the BEST Black Metal band of all time??I love Satyricon. They are the only black metal band i will listen toWhat is the difference between the tremolo picking riffs used in death metal and black metal?Basic technique is the same, they just sound different because most Death Metal songs are played on a drop tuned guitar while most Black Metal songs are played in standard tuning.They also sound different because Death Metal guitar players don't cut down bass frequencies but do reduce the treble frequencies to some extent to cut down harsh treble frequencies. On other hand in Black Metal not only the bass frequencies are slightly cut down but also the treble frequencies are kinda boosted. Of course the overall progression is different, Death Metal employs more riff changes, even the most simplest Death Metal tends to have more variation in riffs than Black Metal. On other hand the riffs on most Black Metal songs are rather repetitive and Black Metal concentrates more on the overall atmosphere, of course there are exceptions like Deathspell Omega, Imperial Triumphant, etc.What is the difference between the tremolo picking riffs used in death metal and black metal?.
Planetary Defenses Against Interstellar Grey Goo Cloud?
I cut this up in different parts:0.9c is not possible without an external power source, nor possible to slow down from without an external power source. Thus, I presume the most logical source of energy: radiation. The nanites could be flat, riding radion to speed up and slow down. Like solar sailing, though, they could ride any energy field.*Using this means much slower deceleration, spread out over months, easily doable.At 0.9c they die before arriving. Particles cannot be wiped out of the way fast enough. Even if they shield behind a wave of a supernova. Decreasing speed makes much more sense in this regard.The point of artificial life is that it is in no hurry; it makes no sense to waste energy traveling that fast if you have eternity.As such I presume much slower speeds: 0.1c tops. Add a simple rotate ability (think a tube of 100 atoms long, 1 thick, 1 high) and most collisions can be evaded).I circumvent the storage issue by using links more like how a brain works. The order of atoms makes the data; the number of unique sequences within a 100 number is insanely high.That could be the passive coding, activating as communication as the nanites grew in number. Again nanites have time though, their brain processes need not go as fast as ours. Mortal lumps of meat need thousands of impulses per second; nanites can work fine with one one every thousand years.So now you have dust particles nearly undetectable since at best you pick up one communication impulse, and they appear dormant and have slowed down before you noticed them. Nothing you can do.At the much lower speeds the descent is much more doable. They might use the same solar sail tactic to parachute down, or just drop to the ground as given their small size the gravitational pull on them is marginal too. Likely the bodies with atmosphere and of smaller size are prioritized to land on.They have a sun nearby and energy they will start replicating but again they are in no hurry, they can use billions of years if needed to consume the solar system. As such the goo is relatively harmless. We wo not detect it for millennia, but once we do it is neither an immediate threat nor a problem to contain.But presume they can speed up their normal slow reproduction if enough energy is available. It would make little sense to do as a standard tactic. The energy of the sun over billions of years outweighs anything else, so such a short rapid burst only makes sense to counter an immediate situation.As such, best defense would be: act peaceful, let it be.1. I want to re-use my empty bottle of (was) mineral water...?If you look on the bottom of any plastic container, it has number in a triangle. If it is 6 or lower its unsafe to drink out of. If its 7 or higher its safe2. Change required reputation to edit/close a questionIt seems to me that the privileges are granted in just about the right order as they stand now. Someone with 2K reputation has probably demonstrated enough knowledge of the territory to be able to restate or clarify a question -- that may mean being able to pick out technical terms used regionally, or recognising terms that the asker has tried to use incorrectly -- in order to make it easier to answer and search. Closing a question, though, is more of a community conscience thing, and should require a bit of seniority. Sure, there are some things that are obviously and egregiously off-topic, and as in any other online community there are going to be people who are asking the same question that currently sits at number five on the hot list, but there are a lot more instances where it's a bit of a judgment call. I would hate to see this become a place where subtlety is not allowed at all -- there are things that are similar, but not similar enough to be shut down as asked and answered. We are involved in an artistic endeavor as much as a technical one, and there ought to be cooler heads tyling the door.3. For a typical n-bit symmetric key, how many keys would be considered too weak to use?This is not actually true. For good cipher there are no weak keys.This is not true for most algorithms.More specifically you fall into thinking that number can either be random or not. Is 3 random? On a 1-10 scale? We humans easily assume that "1234" or "1111" is not random. But what if it's just what came our of good RNG? Is RNG broken?No, instead we are broken. We easily consider some things "too simple", while computers can just draw random number in range that is always random (if proper algorithm is used). It does not really matter if the number is 1, 5 or 283921. Algorithm design decides if numbers generated are good, not the number itself. Algorithm does not have to check for only 0bit keys, because chance that it generates this key is just as high as all other keys.Now, why DES has "weak keys" then? Because those are keys that make algorithm perform poorly (encrypting again can undo effect for example). This should not be case with good ciphers. We hope that Enc(K1,text) can only be undone with Dec(K1,text), not Dec(K2,text), nor Enc(K3,text) and especially not with Enc(K1,text) again!Yes, random key in 128-256bit range is good. Any attempt at excluding keys like only zeros just limit how random your algorithm is.No, DES weak keys come from how DES performs with those keys, not from how they look. If we found AES weak key of 0x28357129912581823923, this would be weak key because of how it works in algorithm, not because it looks non-random.If we speak of "weak key" as in keys that are not random enough, then it only comes down to how you generate those keys, not what those keys are! (Any key you get is not random then)
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