Are There Any Eye Drops That Get the Red Out for Contact Lens Wearers?

Are there any eye drops that get the red out for contact lens wearers?

Are There Any Eye Drops That Get the Red Out for Contact Lens Wearers? 1

gets the red out. " Long term use of the 'red out" drops can cause the problem to get worse, the pupils to constrict, and even a dangerous increase in eye pressure.That redness is a function of irritation. You shouldn't have unusual redness with your contacts, unless there is something else going on. This should be addressed with your original fitter. It might be a simple fix, like reducing your wearing time, or changing solutions. It might mean changing the lens parameters. Your fitter will advise you regarding the best treatment

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I'm looking for an enhancing mascara thats extremely light and easy to remove, safe for contact lens wearers

Clenique natrually glossy-sephora or macys neutrogena clean lash tint-CVS, Walgreesn, Target, Wal-mart

Are There Any Eye Drops That Get the Red Out for Contact Lens Wearers? 2

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can i use contact solution to re wet my eyes?

These solutions are not really made for that.

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What are the most effective eye drops for contact lens wearers?

hmm, ive always used Visine.

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CONTACT LENS WEARERS: What brand, and how do they feel?

They are very convenient, and are comfortable after the adjustment to them. They have never fogged up that I remember, and are very comfortable to sleep in. Because they breathe better, they stay very moist.

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contact lens wearers, how much money per month do you spend on what you need, lenses and solution and stuff?

40 for 30 pairs of lenses and I get free solution

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Can some contact lens wearers help me please?

If that makes sense, but all in all, it takes two hands to do. Also, you do not have to put the lens directly on your pupil, I look inwards (towards my nose) and put the lens on the white part and then look to the outer corner of my eye and the lens will slide into place by itself. After you are used to putting your fingers on your eye, you will be more comfortable to put it directly on your pupil. Good luck!

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actually how contact lense is made?

PMMA is used in Plexiglas and Lucite and for things like aquariums and hockey rink barriers. It's even found in latex paints. PMMA lenses are hard, rigid, and not very comfortable. These lenses do not allow oxygen to pass directly to the cornea, which can be detrimental to the eye. Hard lenses are not very popular anymore. These were also made of a polymer, but this time it was a polyacrylamide, which contains nitrogen. This polymer dissolves in water, and it's similar to polymers used to make acrylic fibers for fabric.S. use soft lenses. In 1979, the first rigid gas-permeable lenses (also known as RGPs) hit the market. These lenses combine PMMA with silicone and fluoropolymers so oxygen can pass directly through the lens to the eye. This makes the lens more comfortable for the wearer. Plus, the rigidity of RGPs can make vision crisper, and RGPs are better suited to correcting astigmatism and bifocal needs. Hope this provides some insight for you.

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What are some pro tips for contact-lens wearers?

hygeine!!!!is no#1 always!!!! Wash hands always prior to touching your eyes and lenses.My tip(used for years!!!) I wear nitrile gloves while handling and cleaning my rgp lenses always to prevent them from developing scratches. My hands are always dry and the dry skin around my fingers have scratched and damaged my rgp lenses in the past so here is my pro tip and have never had issues with lens scratches EVER!!! They are like new even after 2yrs use. Rgp lenses once they develop surface scratches may not wet properly. Nitrile gloves are the special gloves they use in hospitals. They are smooth surfaced and actually help keeps lenses cleaner because they are are also a bit grippy. This tactile effect aids the lens cleaner in really getting the surface of rgp lenses clean. RGP lenses are yearly lenses and this is one way how I keep them in pristine condition. The newer ultra permeable materials cannot be re-polished as this causes them to warp.

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Contact lens wearers, I need your help! I need hints for putting in and removing my lenses.?

See you need one hour if you are a new user-its perfectly normal. You can try wetting the lens well in the solution and try putting it on your eyeballs and then looking up.This sort of helps the lens take its proper position.For removing you need to slightly press the lens on both sides with"clean" fingers or you will end up with red eyes. Anyways practice will make you perfect.Just relax

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