Are Grocery Store Bakery Wedding Cakes Tacky?

Are grocery store bakery wedding cakes tacky?

Are Grocery Store Bakery Wedding Cakes Tacky? 1

If it's what you can do, it's what you can do. There's nothing wrong with going this route at all. It's your wedding, therefore if spending $700 on a cake is ridiculous to you, then that's how it is.

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What is the average price of a wedding cake?

Actually, we got my cake from the grocery store, not premade, of course, but it was white chocolate raspberry with cream cheese icing and raspberries on top. We just put it on a tablecloth and put flowers and rose petals all around it with the ribbon, and it looked beautiful! We only spent $250 on it for 120 people! We got it from H-E-B. I had so many compliments on both the taste and the look of my cake and people's jaws dropped when I told them where I got it and what I paid, so do not underestimate your grocery store! You might ask the bakery if they do wedding cakes and if they special make them how you want or if you have to choose a design out of their book. They really do have some nice options. I know you might be afraid it will look cheap or cheesy, but you might look into it. Anywhere that you save money on your wedding budget gives you either more room to splurge somewhere else in the wedding (like on the dress or flowers!) or more money in the savings or honeymoon account! Not to mention, no one will remember what your cake looked like, unless it's over the top, therefore, what is most important is how it tastes! No one remembers what it looked like, because it was simple and beautiful, but they all remember how DELICIOUS it was! People really only remember specific details from their own weddings. Also, I would stay away from fondant! Even though it looks It does NOT taste good (it tastes like flavored play-dough), and you usually have to eat around it! Good luck!

Are Grocery Store Bakery Wedding Cakes Tacky? 2

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Can I have recipes for wedding cakes and frostings???

Go to walmart and buy a WIlton book. I taught myself how to do everything from Wilton and actually had a successful cake business at one time because of it. They are the best $12.00 to $15.00 money can buy if you want to make cakes. Recipies, ideas, supplies and information on classes you can take to do better.

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What is an inexpensive way to get married?

There are many ways to plan an inexpensive wedding. I just got married on June 10 and we spent $6,500 with 110 guests. One of the first people to answer this question said that they were having their wedding in Canada, and it was going to be $85 a plate. Well, I do not consider that to be inexpensive. I also do not think you should skimp on the cake. People love the tradition of the bride and groom feeding each other. You can get wedding cakes for reasonable prices at grocery stores, instead of fancy bakeries. We got ours at Publix and it costs $220, including the delivery fee. It was supposed to feed 75-100 people, but we still had a good amount of cake left. Get family and friends to help you with everything. You can make a lot of things that will save you money. Do not go overboard on flowers, find them cheap at a flea market or do something different for centerpieces (like floating candles). And you could even put together your own bouquets for cheaper. For pictures, a good idea that I've seen on here is to take the bridal party to Glamour Shots before the ceremony, it's a lot cheaper. And then just have someone take pics of the ceremony and the reception with a good digital camera. You could also get a friend to videotape it and make that their gift to you. For food, go with a buffet. This will be your most costly thing. Get some quotes from caterers, tell them your budget and they will tell you what foods they can serve for that price. If it's still out of your price change, get party platters from restaurants. You could do stuff like wings, eggrolls, chicken fingers, ribs, mashed potatoes, salad, Italian, just about anything. They will supply you with huge servings of whatever food you want. You would still want to hire some servers to clean up and set up the food. You do not want to worry about that on the big day. And if you are serving alcohol, get a bartender. Letting guests serve themselves can cause a big mess. Buy your alcohol and sodas when they are on sale. You could even serve only beer and wine to save more money. For wedding favors, shop around on the internet, then check out Ebay for the same items and compare prices. I found the same exact stuff on there for cheaper than other websites. They also sell wedding invitations which is how I found mine. You could also have the ceremony and reception at someone's house or a park. We did ours at a park overlooking the water, and they had a hall that we rented for the reception. You can also check out VFW halls and places like that, they tend to be cheaper. If you do decide to do it at someone's house, you can get away with setting up a stereo for entertainment. But if you go with a bigger place, you may want to spend money on a DJ. We paid $900 for 4.5 hours, but I am in Florida and it seems like everything costs more down here. Also, David's bridal has cheap wedding dresses. I got mine at Dillard's, but we had an informal wedding. And always ask around, you never know what someone knows how to do, or if they know someone that will hook you up with a better price (like a DJ, photographer, caterer, bartender, etc.). We scored our photographer and our caterer that way and we saved a bunch of money. One more thing, we hired two high school girls that were in band to play the flute before and during the ceremony. The best $80 I ever spent. My mother-in-law knew them from her neighborhood and they were great (see - you got to ask around). I've also heard of people hiring high school bands to provide their musical entertainment at the reception for very cheap. Good luck.

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