Application of Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation Technology in Cotton Textile Equipment

1. Foreword

In recent years, domestic and foreign textile machinery manufacturers have adopted PLC control, frequency conversion speed regulation, mechatronics and other electronic technologies to replace the traditional mechanical structure, improve the reliability of the whole textile machinery, improve the spinning quality and automation, expand the adaptability of varieties, and make it easy to use and operate. Textile manufacturers have also invested in the transformation of old machinery and equipment. There is a technology that uses more - AC variable frequency speed regulation technology.

2. Advantages of AC variable frequency speed regulation technology

In recent 20 years, AC variable frequency speed regulation technology has been rapidly popularized in some technologically advanced countries, and gradually occupies a leading position in electronic drive, forming the theory of power electronics. Power electronics is the technology of power frequency conversion and control using electronic semiconductor components. In 1973, the American electrical society defined power electronics as a technical discipline that studies the marginal fields of electrical electronics and control at its power electronics conference. Power electronics is an AC asynchronous motor that is not suitable for speed regulation. It has the same speed regulation performance as DC motor.

AC variable frequency speed regulation drive has the following characteristics:

2.1 it can realize stepless speed regulation of ordinary asynchronous motor.

2.2 the starting current is small and the capacity of power supply equipment is reduced.

2.3 start smoothly, eliminate the impact force of machinery and protect mechanical equipment.

2.4 it can protect the motor and reduce the maintenance cost of the motor.

2.5 it has significant power saving effect.

Due to the above characteristics of AC variable frequency speed regulation technology, it has begun to replace DC speed regulation device and become the development direction of modern electrical transmission.

3. Necessity of popularization and application of AC frequency conversion technology in cotton textile equipment

In the spinning process, the electrical transmission of the processing equipment is required to be stable, and the inching, starting and lifting speed should be realized smoothly, so as to achieve uniform fiber drafting and reduce the weight unevenness and evenness CV value. In the transmission system of cotton spinning equipment, it is borne by belt and gear. Due to the starting hardness of motor, belt slip and gear impact will inevitably occur in the process of inching and starting. In the mechanical transmission gear train, the more gears, the greater the probability of gear damage. The application of AC frequency conversion technology can well solve the smooth start, eliminate the impact force during mechanical start, realize stepless speed regulation, meet the production process requirements and improve the yarn quality. When using this technology to change the yarn variety, there is no need to change the teeth or pulley, and the change of equipment process speed can be completed only through frequency conversion setting.

4. Application of AC frequency conversion technology in textile equipment

4.1 AC variable frequency speed regulation is widely used in new domestic cotton spinning equipment

In the 7th China International Textile Machinery Exhibition in 2000, frequency conversion speed regulation was adopted for FA201B carding machine, FA326 drawing frame, fa423 roving frame, fa710 high-speed drawing frame and fa231 double twister. The new domestic spinning frames f1513 series and f0128 series adopt PLC, programmable control, variable frequency speed regulation, and the whole spinning process can be regulated and spun according to the set program. Especially for 1008 spindles of EJM128JL spinning frame, the spindle speed can be controlled according to 10 sections of frequency conversion speed regulation. Fa716 combined yarn foundation collective frequency conversion speed regulation can also be used to meet the needs of different varieties after use. Single spindle, grouping or segmented frequency conversion speed regulation can be implemented to meet the requirements of combined yarn winding of cotton, wool and other varieties.

4.2 application of AC frequency conversion speed regulation in carding machine.

4.2.1 the old carding machine inevitably has some defects in its design due to the limitations of technical conditions, equipment manufacturing cost, market needs and other factors at that time.

For example, the electromagnetic clutch in the drive system of a186d carding machine often stops and fires from time to time due to high fault, resulting in certain losses to production efficiency and product quality. To maintain and maintain, a lot of human and material resources need to be invested. Some enterprises have abandoned the electromagnetic clutch of inertia wheel. In this way, the sliver will be produced in the process of doffer turning slowly and fast. In serious cases, the edge will be broken and the cotton net will be broken, which will affect the sliver quality. In order to avoid this phenomenon, some enterprises use improper operation methods to make up for the above equipment defects, but it is also undesirable to cause a large number of waste strips.

4.2.2 process of improving the operation state of carding machine

In order to make doffer speed up and down smoothly, a186d carding machine designs two speed motor, inertia wheel and electromagnetic clutch in mechanical transmission, which is realized by means of electrical and mechanical means. The control link of star delta conversion of motor is added in the design of A186E, A186F and FA201 carding machines, so as to further improve the speed rise and fall slope. FA201B and FA212 carding machines adopt AC variable speed regulation, so as to realize the arbitrary adjustment of doffer speed rise slope and the arbitrary variable function of doffer process speed. It provides a good example for the transformation of old machines.

The transformation of AC frequency conversion speed regulation for the old a186d machine can not only improve the equipment performance and reduce the fault shutdown. It can also improve production efficiency and sliver quality.

4.3 the application of variable frequency speed regulation on roving frame replaces the anti detail device.

The rotation speed of bobbin winding and front roller of roving frame is easy to be different when starting and stopping, resulting in too large and too small roving tension, so it is easy to form roving coarse and fine sections. In order to reduce the generation of coarse details, the transmission of roving frame is designed with reactor, time relay and electro-magnetic clutch, collectively referred to as anti detail device. The function of the reactor is to make the main motor in the three-phase unbalanced state when the roving frame is started, so as to reduce the starting torque of the motor and achieve the purpose of soft start. The time relay and electromagnetic clutch separate the iron gun from the bobbin winding when the roving frame is stopped, the bobbin stops winding, and the front roller continues to output the roving with inertia, The roving between the roller and the spindle wing has a certain degree of relaxation to prevent excessive tension when the roving is driven again.

The anti detail device has serious defects in the actual use. First, the reactor is connected in series with one phase in the three-phase circuit. The three-phase imbalance principle is used to reduce the starting torque of the motor. When the roving frame is started, the reactor is short circuited through the time relay to restore the three-phase balance state of the motor and put into normal operation. If there is a problem with the time relay, the motor will be in three-phase unbalanced operation for a long time, causing the motor to overheat and burn out. Second, the clutch time of the electromagnetic clutch for parking is adjusted by two time relays, which makes it difficult to master the relaxation degree of roving, and the fault of the electromagnetic clutch is also high; Therefore, this anti detail device can be maintained very little in actual production, and the anti detail problem of roving has not been well solved. At present, AC frequency conversion technology is adopted in the transformation of new roving frame and old frame. So that this technological problem can be solved. Through the yarn quality test before and after the transformation of fa413 roving frame, the roving evenness CV% in the starting section is reduced by 2-3%, and the roving coarse details are reduced by more than 90%.

Application of Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation Technology in Cotton Textile Equipment 1

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Have You Ever Used Tape Storage
Have You Ever Used Tape Storage
As long as it is related to technology, "never say impossible" to technologies that seem to be outdated. When one day there is a "change of Dynasty", it may "make a comeback", or even become more usable or attractive, and become a good way to solve new problems.It can't be true? Are we stepping into the time machine now? Everyone knows that "tape" is... "Antique" technology! Don't all storage applications now use solid state disk (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) memory?The answer is not exactly right. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal - "companies look to an old technology to protect against new threats", it is mentioned that many companies store data on tape again in case. This is not just an anecdote: there are some powerful data certificates in the market, the unit shipment of tape has increased, and more and more data is stored on tape.Although tape is not as easy to access as SSD or HDD memory, this attribute is also an advantage, especially when the "worst" situation occurs, it can show its strong and slow recovery mechanism. In addition, because tapes cannot be "online", hackers are unlikely to access them. The Wall Street Journal article pointed out that "the government, financial services companies, medical insurance companies and other regulated industries still use tape as a backup system for digital records. Now, some companies are turning back to tape technology because hackers are becoming more and more powerful in penetrating their preventive measures."If you still stick to the old idea that tape is a large volume of disk, it is really out of date; In fact, there are only some archive disks left, and we are lucky to find the playback device. At present, the tape industry has standardized on the easy-to-use tape cartridge, so that it can play and rewind through the manipulator under the large array configuration of the tape drive "field", as shown in the table. Even with the assistance of the international tape storage Council, some standards began to appear, focusing on defining overall dimensions and formats, etc. Tape storage Council is an industry organization established in 2012 to promote the technological innovation and application of tape storage industry.Modern tape drives (lto-7) can be equipped with backup and restore performance up to 750mb / S (2.7tb / HR), and each cartridge can support 15tb of data (source: quantum Corp.)Two key criteria: ltfs and LTOThe two key standards of tape technology are linear tape file system (ltfs) - which can make tape "almost" like HDD; And the linear tape open (LTO) standard developed in the late 1990s as an alternative to the then proprietary tape format. In the "technology advances promote tape to new markets" report recently published by the tape storage Council, it briefly describes the latest progress and application of tape technology.The comparison of tape with SDD or HDD is not limited to security; The tape storage Council believes that reliability and bit error rate (BER) also deserve attention. As shown in the figure below, the quantum lto-7 has an error every 1019 bits, while the HDD of the top gauge has an average error of 1016 bits. The difference of up to three orders of magnitude is really impressive. Other performance comparisons between tape and HDD are also noteworthy, and may even break the traditional myth.Comparing different data storage media shows that high-performance tape provides the lowest bit error rate, even 1000 times better than other technologies (source: tape storage Council)The tape system is also a miniature analog signal and wireless transmission link, even if the stored data is digital. In many ways, it is similar to RF channel, except that RF is replaced by magnetic field for energy transmission. In addition, it also has all the problems that affect the RF "wireless" link, such as jitter, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), inter symbol interference, signal strength change and so on.Of course, the reading channel starts with the analog preamplifier (installed as close to the reading head itself as possible) and the variable gain amplifier (VGA). But that is only the beginning of analog signal processing, because advanced tape systems use read channels with partial response, maximum likelihood (PRML) signal detection circuits to maximize the chance of successful and zero error data restoration (although the channel is irregular). Although the physical scale may be much smaller than the RF link, the signal path blocks are similar.There seems to be a development element contrary to "going back to the future". Tape is not only the first high-density data storage mechanism (much earlier than HDD), but also an early "amateur" - personal computers (PCS) use Philips Consumer audio tape cartridges as low-cost storage media (of course, low-speed and low-capacity), load the operating system and store programs and data through the "boot loader". Today, tape is not cost-effective for hobbies and business applications, especially high-density HDDs, which are more affordable and random access, but potential tape technology still plays a vital role - and even the trend of "comeback".As usual, I would like to reiterate once again: as long as it is related to technology, it is "never impossible" to say what seems to be outdated technology. When one day the "dynasty changes", it may "reappear in the Jianghu", or even become more usable or attractive, and become a good way to solve new problems.Have you used advanced LTO / ltfs tape technology? Or have you ever used tape storage before?
What Can Smart Parking Cloud Platform Bring Us
What Can Smart Parking Cloud Platform Bring Us
From the perspective of competent government departments, the problem of difficult parking focuses on many management departments, diverse property ownership, concentrated travel of citizens, normal traffic congestion and serious environmental pollution. From the perspective of citizens and car owners, parking resources are difficult to find and seriously parked. From the perspective of owners and suppliers, it is difficult for them to survive alone.Where is the way out? Administrative support will guide the market to form a multi-party joint, coordinated development and problem-solving model. Parking has the attribute of public welfare, but most of the parking resources belong to various market subjects. It is social resources rather than administrative resources, which is difficult to monopolize. Therefore, co construction, sharing and win-win are not only our slogan, but also our code of conduct. Under the guidance of the competent department of the industry, work together with various market subjects to provide good services to the citizens and open up development space for the urban parking industry.Policy guidance to promote the construction of smart parking cloud platformIn order to solve the parking problem in Shenzhen, the government issued a series of documents, including the 2017 government investment project plan of Shenzhen issued in 2017, the notice of the national development and Reform Commission on carrying out the pilot demonstration of urban parking lot issued in March 2017, the implementation opinions of Shenzhen on strengthening the construction of parking facilities issued in September 2017, and January 2018 The 201 year implementation plan for the construction of Shenzhen smart city, the special plan for the construction of parking facilities in Shenzhen was issued in June 2018, and the "six ones" implementation plan for the new smart city in Shenzhen was issued in September 2018.According to the above requirements, the smart parking cloud platform has four tasks as a whole: the first is the construction project of smart parking cloud platform (phase I); the second is the construction of relevant standards; the third is supporting the operation transformation of three parking lots (influential in Shenzhen: North railway station, Shenzhen Airport and laboratory building); the fourth is the construction of cloud platform management center.The construction of cloud platform involves a wide range of aspects, and basically mobilized the strength of the whole industry in Shenzhen. From government departments to relevant market subjects, including parking technology enterprises and industry associations, they are deeply involved in the construction process of cloud platform and played a positive role. Through joint efforts and multi-party cooperation, the goal is to serve the citizens, relevant government departments and participants Provide high-quality service.All-round intelligent service platformSmart service platform includes large screen display system, mobile app, management background and website.In the large screen display system, at present, the data displayed in the whole system includes the static data of 11224 parking lots in the city. In addition, with the support of the traffic police and Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, the dynamic data of 4621 parking lots and 476 on-road parking sections have been obtained. Through sharing and cooperation with social market subjects, the transfer payment of more than 800 parking lots has been obtained, and the total amount of data per day exceeds 8 million Article.In mobile phone mobile phone official account (APP) and public address, the main functions of mobile APP include search of destination, intelligent car park and navigation. It can be achieved through our APP, and the perfect service is our goal.In the management background, it provides a more comprehensive system management function. The management background opens some applications, provides special services for relevant government departments through the management background, and some external services.Relying on new technology to create a new world of intelligent parkingThe orientation and thinking of developing parking industry has a core goal, to create a service window for Shenzhen parking industry, to provide an open and shared platform through co construction, sharing and win-win, to directly control resources, make good use of government funds and strengthen their own capabilities. The medium-term meeting will coordinate the use of government resources, join the platform, attract external funds and introduce advanced technology. Far away We should attract social resources, leverage social capital, intervene in this work in various ways and incubate the power of innovation. This is a phased planning.Advantages of service cooperation mode: less damage to the current situation, fast construction speed, more resources, high service standards, wide user selection, strong collaboration ability, more flexible cooperation and less market competition.Recently, under the leadership of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Children's hospital has been taken as a pilot to build an appointment parking service platform for the hospital. This platform has also mobilized the strength of health and Family Planning Commission, special zone construction and development group, children's Hospital, health 160 and Jieshun technology. Coupled with the leadership of Traffic Police Bureau, the six parties have jointly promoted it and made progress smoothly. Contact the second municipal hospital and Peking University Hospital, We are ready to start their hospital appointment, welcome enterprises in the industry to join us, and sincerely invite them to join us to participate in this work.In the medium term, we plan to promote the reserved parking service on the basis of hospital reservation, and carry out parking space sharing and peak shifting parking. We also have some other ideas, including senseless payment, electronic coupons, government entrusted project work, government consultation and the management of some resources, which are gradually being realized.As a vision, we hope to grasp the general trend of technology development, rely on blockchain technology and 5g technology, provide a pilot platform for the implementation of new technologies in the parking industry, and create a new world for the cause of intelligent parking.
Which Is a Good Collar Bluetooth Headset? Easy to Use Collar Bluetooth Headset Recommended
Which Is a Good Collar Bluetooth Headset? Easy to Use Collar Bluetooth Headset Recommended
Which is a good collar Bluetooth headset? Easy to use collar Bluetooth headset recommendedAt this stage, earphones have become a must-have for everyone. With more and more earphone styles and brands, there must be many friends who want to start earphones but are troubled by many earphones,According to different wearing methods, there are different types of headphones: split type (which can be divided into flat head and in ear type), neck hanging type (which can also be divided into flat head and in ear type) and head wearing type. Today, I recommend several neck hanging Bluetooth headphonesRecommendation 1: Nank Nanka S2 game Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 249 yuanBluetooth protocol: aptx ll, aptx HD, aptx, AAC, SBCWaterproof grade: IP55Endurance: 12hOne sentence comment: Nank Nanka S2 Bluetooth headset not only pursues the ultimate cost performance, but also takes into account the comfort and appearance. It is a high-quality and high-performance sports Bluetooth headset that is "easy-to-use, practical and durable". It is produced in full accordance with military standards, which will be loved by a group of sports enthusiasts. With the increase of brand exposure and the spread of users' word-of-mouth, now many ordinary donkey users begin to choose Nank Nanka S2 Bluetooth headset. Nanka S2 is the first Bluetooth headset supporting aptx ll protocol in the industry. The official delay is as low as 0.04s, while Apple's airpods score is 0.2S, and the hanging neck headset of a meter is about 0.3s. In the professional game Bluetooth headset, Nank Nanka S2 not only has built-in Qualcomm qcc3034 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, but also is the first in the industry to support aptx-ll low delay mode, combined with aptx-hd decoding and AAC high-speed transmission. By shortening the data cache time, it speeds up the data transmission speed, and the full link delay of the mobile phone from sound generation to sound reception is as low as 0.04 seconds, Compared with ordinary Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the delay rate is reduced by 42.9%, and compared with ordinary Bluetooth 4.2 chip, the delay rate is reduced by 81.8%, which further improves the connection stability and absolutely reaches the leading level in the game Bluetooth headset industry. After all, the cost performance is the strongest below 1000 yuan.Recommendation 2: B & oearset Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 780 yuanBluetooth protocol: AAC, SBC, LDACWaterproof grade: unknownEndurance: 5hOne sentence comment: just for wearing, the weight of the headset does not cause a bad experience. The ear hook with adjustable angle is very convenient to wear, and the headset is very stylish. And it's not like watching movies with in ear headphones. After wearing them for 1-2 hours, the ears often feel hot and painful in the ear canal. From this point of view, earphones are very suitable for medium and long distance travel.Interface: the charging port of earset is a type-C interface, and the use time of one charge is about 5 hours. This endurance time is not long, but it is enough for a long trip. Bluetooth version is 4.2, which is relatively stable and is not easy to cut off. The wire control and microphone of the earphone wire part, and the shape of the wire controller are also very implicit and elegant. The shell is anodized aluminum, and there is no printed logo on the keys, which also presents a simple aesthetic feeling.Recommendation 3: ath-ckr35bt iron triangle Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 348 yuanBluetooth protocol: AAC, SBC, LDACWaterproof grade: unknownEndurance: 7hIn a word: the earphone cavity flashes under the light, which feels like bulingbuling, but the material here is not metal, but plastic treated by high gloss electroplating process. Compared with black and white traditional colors, blue is undoubtedly more eye-catching. Although it is not as popular as some fashionable headphones, it is very suitable for some people who are a little sulky.Recommendation 4: libratone (Bird headset) track wireless Bluetooth headsetSelling price: 498 yuanBluetooth protocol: AAC, SBC, LDACWaterproof grade: IPx4Endurance time: 16hOne sentence comment: it is comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off. Other features: it can only be paired by downloading the app. The manual has an electronic graphic version in the app, and there is no paper manual in the package. Sound effect: noise reduction is very good. Appearance material: the material is indistinguishable, and the weight is really light. Satisfied with the appearance. The appearance is explosive and light. Compared with similar products, it feels very comfortable to wear. The material in contact with the skin can fit the outer ear well.
How to Eliminate the Fault of Electronic Connecting Wire
How to Eliminate the Fault of Electronic Connecting Wire
The failure of the electronic connecting wire may be caused by the short circuit between the electronic harness and the terminal or the internal short circuit of the switch. Because the fault of breaking through the electronic wire in the middle is very rare, most of them are disconnected at the electronic connector.From the above conclusion, if there is a fault, the staff should focus on checking whether the sensor and the connecting wire are loose and poor contact. Before inspection, first check whether the external terminal is firmly fixed, and then test according to the following steps. It should also be noted that for most wire connectors, the back-end should adhere to the connector insertion, but it is impossible to insert the back-end for the waterproof connector column, because it will be modified when you make a mistake accidentally.The joint fracture fault caused by poor contact of terminal connector is often caused by the corrosion of connector end. External dirt enters the terminal or connecting socket, resulting in the reduction of contact pressure. The open circuit fault of wires and connectors may be caused by the use of broken wires and loose connector terminals.First remove the wiring terminals on both sides of the control computer ECU and the sensor, and then measure the resistance between the corresponding terminals. If the resistance value is not more than 1 ohm, the wire is normal for the next inspection. At this time, just remove the connector and re insert it to change its connection status and restore its normal contact. It should be noted that when measuring the conductor resistance, it is best to gently shake the conductor in both vertical and horizontal directions to improve the accuracy of measurement.Remove the wiring terminals on both sides of the controller and sensor, and then measure the resistance between each terminal block of connectors on both sides and the body. During measurement, one end of the gauge rod is connected to the body with iron, and the other end is measured on both sides of the conductor joint. If the resistance is greater than 0.5 ohm, there is no short circuit between the wire and the body.
My School Got Rid of Our Gay Club and Added a Bible Club...?
My School Got Rid of Our Gay Club and Added a Bible Club...?
That's really ignorant of your school. That's the only reason? WHAT AN EXCUSE..1. Club soda and vodka... hydration?Yes club soda is essentially SALTY carbonated water. It is a mixer used to add flavor/carbonation to your drink. If you want to stay hydrated, while you drink, you need to drink a glass of plain water after every drink. That's the only way to counter the dehydration effect of alcohol2. Cheap drinks to buy at a club?Your best bet would probably be to drink more beer than mixed drinks when you are out at a bar of club because beer is always cheaper than liquor. Also draft beer is cheaper than bottled beer and often bars and clubs will have special prices on draft beers at various times during the evening or maybe even for the entire evening. If you must drink liquor then obviously lower quality or "rail liquor" will be much cheaper than top shelf. And the less ingredients a drink has the cheaper it will be. For example a vodka and orange juice or a rum and coke will be cheaper than a long island iced tea. Hope this helps you out3. The Bad Girls Club Question?Did not see last episode....but I do know that Ty beat Aimee up fair and square. Did not see anyone holding her. OH Well never liked her anyway....Am I the only one who is sad that Ty and Ripsi left? The show wo not be the same4. Are Celtic a bigger club than Newcastle?Celtic is the bigger club5. United club or Amex Platinum?I am a million miler on American, so fly that almost exclusively (or did... can not stay US Airways, we are going to have to see how this works out). I upgraded to the AMEX Platinum for the club lounges when American joined. - I know I've used Continental lounges with the card, but you are correct, looks like they have removed that features with the United change... BUMMER. = on the platinum benefits airline lounges page there is a link to all the lounges they serve I am use AMEX for almost everything - Platinum card, business card, & hilton honors. - if you are looking at the the personal AMEX card = I do not think the companion ticket is included. I do not see it on their site and got a call the other day about that being a business card benefit - I've used the concierge service but have never been overly pleased with the results - $200 credit towards airline fees = I believe this is only when the ticket is purchased then AMEX. I do not purchase tickets there and have never used this benefit. - I've gotten LOTS of great event seats and other things from the card When I had the AA lounge pass, it was only a pass to the lounges and did not include any extras I know this do not really answer your questions, but thought knowing how other people use the car might help.6. What should a guy wear to the club?Okay here is what I would sugget you to wear: Jeans White or Gray tee White sneakers and a black hat That would look really HOT7. Are Barcelona the best football club in the world?Real Madrid is! also the richest8. Who else is in the 27 club?Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Brian Jones Those are the only ones i can think of right now9. Is a Greatclub a club in regards to the Shillelagh spell?After all, like with the quarterstaff the spell does not actually boost a greatclub statswise so using one would only be flavor, so excluding greatclubs does not really make sense. Yes, exactly.Since the Shileligh spell only increases a club to 1d8, and a greatclub already has that damage die, there is literally no risk of imbalance if a multiclass druid, who is proficient in the greatclub, wishes to use it as the target of said spell in lieu of a common club or quarterstaff.The only benefit you gain is a few extra lbs of encumberance, from not having to lug around a club just in case you want to fight something magical. (On the other hand, since shileligh is a canptrip you also do not gain any real benefit from lugging around a greatclub when a club or staff would do just as much damage.)
Smart Lighting Has Undoubtedly Become the most Important Development Trend of LED Lighting Industry
Smart Lighting Has Undoubtedly Become the most Important Development Trend of LED Lighting Industry
The rise of the Internet of things has pushed the development of science and technology industry to another new level. The intelligent system that collects user, environment and other information through various sensors, analyzes data and adjusts equipment brings new development opportunities for the traditional LED lighting industry.After low-cost competition and industrial integration in recent years, the LED lighting industry has gradually moved to a mature stage. In order to get rid of bargain competition and improve added value, many large LED lighting manufacturers have actively arranged "smart", which will not only be practiced in industrial, government led urban lighting, but also be integrated with personalization, With people-oriented as the development axis, smart lighting has undoubtedly become the most important development trend of LED lighting industry in 2018.This year, the theme of the biennial important lighting exhibition - Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition (light building 2018) has also selected the safe, convenient and networked smart lighting as its exhibition theme. Ledinside will not only bring readers the first-hand exhibition and report of this important exhibition, but also take the lead in launching it this month For the topic of "full analysis of new led business opportunities and smart lighting", we will start from the smart lighting market, and deeply analyze the development of LED smart lighting technology, application cases, potential market analysis, as well as the development of competitor OLED lighting.First of all, let's start with the smart lighting market. With the development of technology, the maturity of products, the active promotion of manufacturers and the popularization of smart lighting related concepts, the global smart lighting market has entered a stage of rapid development. According to ledinside's estimation, the market size will be close to US $4.6 billion in 2017, with an annual growth rate of 95%. It is expected that the market will continue to grow in the next few years, and the global smart lighting market will reach the standard by 2020 It can reach $13.4 billion.In addition to the LED component technology, the development of communication technology plays a key role in the mature development of intelligent lighting. At the present stage of the development of the Internet of things and intelligent lighting, a variety of communication technologies such as Dali, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi Fi, Lora, Nb IOT, sigfox, Z-Wave and enocean have emerged in the market. What is the current development of these technology camps, and we can't help it Relevant chapters are also added to this topic. Please refer to ledinside: development of LED intelligent lighting market and transformation trend of communication technology from 2017 to 2020.After reading the technological development, what fields does smart lighting develop fastest? Which markets have the most potential for smart lighting? We also bring readers an introduction and analysis of the application market - smart lighting application scenarios - Industry and commerce are the largest applications, and the residential field is the fastest growing.It is undeniable that smart lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, work efficiency and management level. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart home lighting will become more and more common and will become a new outlet for the development of lighting industry. In addition, with apple and Amazon also cutting into the smart home market, it will undoubtedly drive the overall market to have a faster development For the development of smart lighting, we also discuss the business opportunities brought by smart home for smart lighting in an independent article. For more, see: upgrading the demand of smart home and leading the accelerated development of smart lighting.In addition, the dynamic layout of large factories leading the lighting industry is also a message you should not know. The factors behind the strategy of large factories include making lighting intelligent and creating an energy-saving living environment, and planning to develop smart lighting as the basis for the networking of all things in the future. How do these large factories layout and what important partners do they work with? We are developing in networked lighting and smart city The key manufacturers under the wave have a detailed analysis.In addition to LED lighting, the competitive relationship between OLED and led in the past few years is also an important message of concern in the industry. Does OLED still have opportunities in the lighting industry? What is the development of OLED lighting? What impact will its development bring to the LED industry? We also bring a special article Analysis: opportunities and challenges in the OLED lighting market.
Is a 1/5 Ft X 1 Ft Rubbermade Container with Many Very Small Holes Poked in It Good for Two Mice.?
Is a 1/5 Ft X 1 Ft Rubbermade Container with Many Very Small Holes Poked in It Good for Two Mice.?
why do not you just buy a cagesome are only about 20.00 if you can afford internet why can not you get a cage you wont have to buy 1 again no the water wo not be ok lying down they mihght chew it and it then will leak and they might not drink from it because it will come out to fast and the wont like it, why do not you put a hole in the box, put the teet in the and then put wire through another 2 holes to hold the water on or do the same in a large storage box with lots of loes in1. Is there any possible downside to adding a single 120v recpt to a 240v circuit?(My answer is based on your wording that implies you have a 4 wire outlet, with two hots, a white and a legal equipment grounding wire or method.) I think the determining factor is if your compressor hard wired, or cord connected? If it is cord connected then wire size, breaker size and receptacle size should all match, and adding a 120v outlet would be unusual, but I think it would just qualify as extending a multiwre branch circuit. I can not think of any NEC section that would prohibit it, but if somebody could quote one I would certainly vote for them as best answer, it's a big book, little hard to read sometimes. I do think you would have to leave it on a 2 pole breaker, two pole breakers are "common trip" so if one leg is cut and goes to ground it will open the whole circuit. and a GFCI would probably be required depending on location. Back when I was an apprentice I was told you could not use one leg of a two pole breaker, but the recent requirement to use handle ties or multiple pole breakers on multiwire branch circuits seems to contradict that. And it is normal to install multiple receptacles on a branch circuit that the use of all at once would overload and trip the circuit. If it is hard wired, then you have to treat the circuit as a motor circuit, it becomes fixed in place, the wire size may not match the breaker size. (For motors you are required to use wire sized only 125%, and allowed breakers 250-400% under certain conditions, which means you may have #14 wire, and a 50 amp breaker.) It would not longer provide legal overcurrent protection in case of overload on an added receptacle. Whole host of problems.2. Is it safe to deposit money in your account by someone and use western union to send it to someone?No - if this is someone that you have never met and they are asking you to deposit a check in your personal bank account then keep a portion and wire to another person, that is considered money laundering and can potentially land you in prison for up to 10 years.. it does not matter if this is payment for something you are selling online, an online job offer, a "mystery shopping" job, etc - it's ALL a criminal offense There is NO legitimate reason for anyone to ask you to do this - criminals do this to launder illegal money through innocent people's accounts and evade taxes and federal income reporting requirements - and the person who actually deposited the check and wired the money is the one committing the crime NEVER wire money to anyone you do not know (family member or close friend you know in person) for any reason. And NEVER deposit a check in your account from anyone you have never met in person. if it's an online job offer it's a very common scam - there is NO company or employer in the world that would ever ask a person they have never met to use their personal bank account to handle corporate money - that would add tax evasion and bank fraud to the charges of money laundering when you get caught, and you will get caught If you already got the check, turn it over to your local police with copies of all emails you received printed with full headers visible. And ignore all future emails from these people DO NOT believe any threats against you - let the police deal with it3. corkscrew wire or worm ?I had a roommate in college who had grown up in France. He insisted that the auger type of corkscrew ruined the cork so you could not put it back in the bottle. In France, he said, people insist on the helix type, with no center. But, like you, I always found the helix type a lot more difficult to use. He had grown up with it--apparently kids in France start opening wine bottles at a young age. 8^) He never had trouble with corks falling apart, or just pulling out the top half of the cork, which happened to me. My favorite type is not either of those. It a T-shaped gizmo with two flat 'tongues' of thin spring steel that go down on either side of the cork, between the cork and the bottle. You stick it in, twist it a bit to break the cork loose, and then just pull out the cork. The cork comes out whole with no damage at all. Strangely, this gizmo is made in France, but I've never seen a French person use one.
The Myth of the Ice Cream
The Myth of the Ice Cream
Instructions: Arrange the ice cream sticks on a solid base and see that they are aligned properly and are along the same horizontal axis. Now tape them together. Now paint this coaster. You can even draw a figurine and paint using fabric colors as these are waterproof. Your coasters are ready.whats your favorite ice cream?Vannilla flavour is goodWhat is your favorite flavored ice-cream?Mint Chocolate at the moment. Some kind of alcohol-infused ice cream would be good...What kind of ice cream is Ben and Jerry's "Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road"?I think it's called "the hershey highway" if it has anything to do with Elton John. Hope this helpsWhat is your favorite ice cream that you like to get from coldstone?I like my ice cream the same way I like my women... chocolate. Actually, I hate chocolate ice cream, I like cookies and cream.What in the name of jumpin Jesus was i at buying a tub of ice cream?Wrap your own damn presents...I've been wrapping all evening and I have no Christmas spirit left! How do I wrap a 50" plasma?Where can I find really good ice cream in Jakarta?You know what? You need to go to Singapore and try their "Turkish" Ice Cream. SO GOOD!most popular ice cream question?not if its cheapWhat is the oddest ice cream flavour that exists?There was this one flavor I saw on t.v. once where this resturant took avacados and blended it with something else. So think about that. Avacado Icecream. Sounds GrossIce cream containers for a water dish for a dog?Just use the your own cereal bowls. :) Put a bit of duct tape on them that says "DOG" in big letters so you accidentally do not use it. If you are really repulsed by letting the dogs use it, just wash it in the dishwasher 2 times or just let him keep them.Which is your favorite ice cream, junk food and dessert?Favorite Ice cream...Breyer's Chocolate Chip Junk Food...Nachos Dessert...Homemade Apple PieIn the movie Cars, when Mater ate that pistachio ice cream why didnt he like it?Yes it was pistachio ice cream. The reason Mater threw up was because he is allergic to nuts. If you pay very close attention to the first scene in the movie it shows Mater and Lightning McQueen falling off a bridge and Mater whispers "McQueen i have to tell you a secret. I am a psychic and I am allergic to nuts. " McQueen says "What!?" and Mater says "I am allergic to nuts!" 10 points pleaseWhat can my daughter have for a dessert for her 13th b-day party? She hates cake or ice cream or chocolate.?Twinkies w/ strawberry sauceWhat type of water is best to use for homemade ice cream?Usually, water is used in sorbets, not ice creams. ice creams are generally dairy based. as for the water, i personally would suggest fresh water because you can control the sodium levels more accurately, where as with salt water, the flavor of the salt would be strong. i responded earlier, and have been thinking about your question for a few hours. if you are not going for flavor, or quality, im wondering if salt water would not be better. salt brings the temperature lower, and at a fairly rapid pace. for example, the 2nd fastest way to chill beer thoroughly is to put it in ice that has salt sprinkled on it.(the fastest is a fire extinguisher). and when making pasta, you put salt in the water when it is boiling, and it brings it down to a simmer.Do any ice cream parlors in the greater los angeles area serve non-dairy or soy ice cream? Valley preferred.?There's Scoops ice cream parlor, but it's not in the Valley. It's on Heliotrope Dr in L.A., just north of Melrose and between Vermont and the 101. Mashti Malone's makes traditional American ice creams, as well as Persian ice creams. They make a non-dairy rosewater ice cream. I have not tasted theirs, but I've had Persian rosewater ice cream before, and it's heavenly. Mashti Malone's is on La Brea, just north of Sunset Bl. Again, not in the Valley, but this is what I did find. There are two stores on Foothill in Tujunga... a Von's and an Albertson's. Both sell Turtle Mountain non-dairy ice cream. I just now read that my own grocery store carries it. OMG, I WANT IT! Hope this helps.
How Can I Switch My Ps3 From Hdmi to Rca (red/yellow/white) Cables?
How Can I Switch My Ps3 From Hdmi to Rca (red/yellow/white) Cables?
Try holding down the power button untill it beeps twice that should reset the settings You need to make sure that the PS3 is off when you do this. Turn the PS3 off, then hold down the power button. The PS3 will turn on, keep the power button pressed down and it should change.1. I have a car dvd which has 3 power wires, red yellow and black, how do i get to a battery wire(yellow) tie in?black is ground. red makes it turn on when you turn on the key. yellow is constant power supply.2. is there a meaning behind a dream that involves a red and yellow snake?Sounds like the person the snake was has alot of issues that you may be unconciously aware of. If the person showed up in the bathroom...while you were cleaning yourself... there may be some privacy issues. Has the person forced his way into your life or something? He may in the future. Red means Anger Yellow means caution Black means change is soon to come Snake means dishonesty Shower means cleaning up own problems Hope this helps. This is according to my dream book.3. What's orange, red, yellow, purple, black and white? (read on)?i do not know! give us another hint!4. What do you think is more nutritious a red or yellow crayon?green is the most nutritious but after that yellow, however red tastes the best.... so you decide5. Why is the sky blue? Why not red or yellow or anything else?Because blue light from the sun strikes the air molecules and scatters and our eyes see it as blue6. I'm planning a wedding that i think the colors are going to be red and yellow?Red and yellow is the worst color combination ever. Just think of all the yucky red and yellow tulip gardens you've seen. They do not go at all. How about mint and brown or pink and brown?7. Why the huge spread in the cost of green, red and yellow bell peppers?.?I've wondered too. I think it's a rip off. I buy the .99c only. If I am looking to color my salad I use other vegetables of various colors.8. I'm trying to get organized with red, yellow, blue and green folders...what stuff should go in which color?Edit! Green=Something that has to be done,but not for a while.. This is the things you finish last. Red=Something that has to be done,right away.. This is the things you finish first. Yellow=Something that has to be done,not in a while,but not right away.Should be done second. Blue=Finished work. I THINK YOU NEED ANOTHER FOLDER. SAY PURPLE. Purple=fUN THINGS Examples; Red=Bills do soon, (for shool)-Reports needing to be finish. (for work)-Reports needed to be finish. checkbook. Yellow=Bills that came in after the red. for school-reports or hw not needed to soon.. for work-reports not needed to soon.. Green- Bills that just came in. For school-ideas for reports(same as work i geuss ideas for ur job) Blue- Finished work,you could bring this one to scho0ol/work. when you finished your report you put it in this then leave it somewhere u will see it,so you know you need to bring ur work to work or school. Purple- Mail.magazines,letters,poems or something you done in free time... PURPLE ISNT REQUIRED IT JUST HELPS ORGANIZE STUFF so things arnt all ova ur desk9. What is that game with Red, Yellow, And Green Dice?Toss Up Dice Game10. Poll-Red, yellow or green apples?Love green Granny Smith apples11. What does a round red and yellow TSA Cleared sticker on my luggage tag mean? ?It means they opened your suitcase and went through it. either it was chosen randomely or something looked funny on the x-ray12. Dont you think that red, yellow and black are ugly wedding colors? Red bridesmaid dresses and yellow flowers!?Why not try white instead of yellow?13. do red and yellow go good together?no. try red tank under white shirt14. Red and yellow checkered slip on vans?just get some red and white ones and then color them in15. Green, Red, and Yellow Bell Peppers?im not much of a pepper person but green
Do Your Family Or Friends Knows?
Do Your Family Or Friends Knows?
Do your family or friends knows?hhmm getting the word out that you do have a blog is good letting every one know usually on your blog you blog about how your day was you post pics of what you saw and how you felt about it or what you made or sentimental moments and all that :) or share some music you like and add some feedback on it or show us what you bought today when you went shopping or maybe you saw a girl today wearing a fashion dont and tell people about it or you ate ate a new restaurant, would you recamend it ? tell us something funny that happened in your day i joke someone told you how you felt that day if you watched the clouds pass by to pass time you kno little things you love or hate about life :) my favorite blog happens to be its an art blog :) other examples of blogs are celeberty gossip blogs like i think magazines are a type of blogging to ust not online have fun :) be creative— — — — — —What can I make on the internet??? HELP?Get a new domain or start a blog. Blog is great and easy way to write updates and people can comment on those posts. Flickr is photo sharing site by Yahoo and yes it allows commenting as well . Though Flickr is loosing appeal due to popularity of Facebook. Lately Pinterest is making inroads into photosharing sites and very likely to stay there till long. You may start a new faebook 'page' as well— — — — — —Why does Planet Yahoo! Blog always sort the Y! Widgets Blog entries to the top of the Planet Yahoo Blog?I most certainly can fix this bug! Thank you so much for letting me know about it. I will attend to this matter promptly!— — — — — —Creative names for a makeup blog?The Daily Smudge Oh, that's already the name of a blog...dang. it was a good one. Hmm. Haha you could do something fun, like Saralicious. I like Saralicious, too. You could do "A Fashionista's Life." Or you could use that and make it your own. I am sorry, that's all I've got! Good luck with your blog! Tell me what you end up calling it and I will check it out.— — — — — —Suggestions for this a Blog Name?It is really unfortunate that the name not sound good....two negative words at a time....Moreover, the name should be based on the matters that you are going to post it....In case there is nothing particular in your mind. ...just use your name itself. ...that is what i have done. ...see my blog. ...— — — — — —How can I improve my writing?STart a blog— — — — — —If you could only read one digital marketing blog for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?More listening and watching than reading for me.However if I was to read a blog it would be Quora because of the varied content creators and the scattered nuggets of knowledge in one place— — — — — —Is starting a BLOG worth it?It's probably too much of a hodgepodge of concepts, perhaps better served by 2 different blogs, think of it as a magazine that requires a theme. Building traffic to a blog can be a slow tedious process, you would probably reach more people more quickly participating in forums or groups wit ready made traffic.— — — — — —Names for a photography blog?Crapolicious .— — — — — —How can I maintain a blog?Ways to maintain a blog:Know our audienceLove what to do and it showsConsistent about bloggingProvide content that is useful to our audienceUse different methods to tell our storyComment when readers comment but not alwaysLink whenever we can inform our readers better— — — — — —Is it possible to start a blog for free?Google's Blogger.comWordpress.orgThese two webhosting services provides free space along with readymade blog templates, for long time .If you have Google account, you can just visit , login with your Google account, click the option ,"Start your blog". Give a unique url for your website. Just like creating an email-id. Give a short description. Choose a suitable template for your blog. You can change it anytime you wish. Start writing the posts and publish it. WordPress works similar to blogger. Blogger has very minimum built-in templates compared to WordPress.WordPress displays advertisment if you are a free member. But blogger wo not display ads for its own benefit. You can learn about monetising your blog, more in the internet
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